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The Defenders Ending Theory


Jessica Jones Season 2: Ladies first, but also, her series literally will be the next one after The Punisher’s solo debut. We know that Kilgrave will be making a return (most likely psychologically tearing at her still) but based on her end scene in The Defenders it would seem like she will go full on into her “H-Word” mode with Alias Investigations and may possibly face some more powered foes. Her series was brilliant because it lacked the big action set pieces and focused on the mental war zone where even the physically strongest of heroes can get their asses handed too. Personally, I’d like to see a two-fold villain act with a strategist who seeks to ruin her life and all those within its lives and then a #2 that brings the fight to her head on. Two villains would also invoke the need for some help of her own which would be a great opportunity to bring in Trish Walker as Hellcat. We still have Will Simpson out there and the IGH Corporation that supplies his adrenaline pills and gave her her powers. It would seem right that Simpson be that lackey that goes rogue on a personal vendetta against Jess and Trish while his handlers would seek to destroy her for digging too close their operations.

Luke Cage Season 2: This easier assumption knows that he will be heading back home to Harlem to finish what he started with Mariah Dillard and Shades. However, we do know that two new antagonists have joined the fight in Gabrielle Dennis as Tilda Johnson aka Nightshade and Mustafa Shakir as Bushmaster. I’d like to think they follow the previous ‘Biggie’ theme and culture that “Everybody wants to be king” where since most of Harlem’s gangs and their leaders are gone including Cottonmouth and Diamondback that these two would challenge Mariah and Shades for the throne. The show was also very indulged in matters of the heart, family and community. We know Misty Knight is set to show up in Iron Fist s2 but not Colleen Wing in Luke Cage. Perhaps after The Defenders she feels that while the badge is still the law of the land she may be more effective alongside this family of vigilantes and may not be in season 2 as much as before, especially since Luke Cage is back in town. But maybe he too will still need help and might find it in his newly trained, scrappy, hot cup of Columbian coffee, Claire Temple…possibly as White Tiger?

Iron Fist Season 2: Danny finally got the tracksuit! Appropriate for the street level look in comparison to DD’s all black get up back in his season debut. No sign of the headpiece yet but maybe he will after someone he loves gets effected, though ultimately I even see him meeting up at Melvin Potter’s to get a more padded armor look like some concept art we’ve seen before. But as for his storyline I see him actually attempting to pick up the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen mantle to kinda steer the whiff away from DD and the lawyer Matt Murdock disappearing at the same time for the people trying to connect the dots, like say, Kingpin. It would not surprise me if Wilson Fisk and this new devil crossed paths in the fight for Hell’s Kitchen (would be amazing!). I’m looking for Danny to finally lose his “taking himself, ‘The Immortal Iron Fist’ too seriously” mentality and being that laid back, chi-ed out, cool Danny Rand everyone loves who kicks ass. Hopefully we get some more Daughters of the Dragon team up and that metal arm we were promised by Rand Enterprises. I’m not expecting any Heroes for Hire but I would bank on a little bit of Danny asking Ward Meachum to work out offshore accounts that will essentially fund them so Luke doesn’t have to go out and find a job. Following last season, don’t lose me here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Gao is still alive and Davos is now in her corner. Touching back with the mystical aspect of the show, I think something many fans suspected would arise in that that Madame Gao would reveal that she went by the name Crane Mother and that in her death, Davos would be enhanced by her life-force and would become The Steel Serpent hellbent on revenge against Danny. In the real world, I’m looking for Joy Meachum to try and take full control over Rand Enterprises (which would be easy considering her brother’s old drug problems and her keen talent for blackmail). Joy is set to become this next big city baddie in the Marvel Netflix Universe and could turn this into a much bigger public battle that powers simply can’t solve.

Daredevil Season 3: Matthew Murdock will be missed…

But seriously I see them following and adapting the Born Again comic storyline as teased by the end of scene on The Defenders. Matt meets his mom and I would use her as a plot point to try to convince him off of being a vigilante as this is like some second chance at life. Somehow the Kingpin learns his secret identity and plots a wide range of ways to collapse his world and draw him out to die. Threats on Matt, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson become ever so frequent as their world seemingly does seem to be falling apart around them. One such hit man that I think will finally hit the stage would be Bullseye, which would instantly suggest that someone has to die. My guess being Mr. Potter and his Betsy, while not being a main character he’s definitely a heart character in the show which would also go back and reinforce the promise Matt made to Potter that he could protect them from Fisk and more so proving that Fisk is more than he can handle alone. Sounds like a very morbid season but I intend for it as such to go back to the s1 aspect of following Fisk’s narrative as protagonist in his own story.

Defenders Season 2: DD s3 will act somewhat of a set up season for The Defenders s2 where Wilson Fisk will truly be the Kingpin of the city working with other leaders like Mariah, Shades, and Joy to take over the New York underground and destroy their enemies. With ponds like Bullseye, The Steel Serpent, and Simpson in play, the Defenders will surely have a Hand full (bad pun) of terrors to face this time around. Look for the big beautiful team up of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, the Heroes for Hire: Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Frank Castle aka The Punisher, the Daughters of the Dragon: Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, Hellcat, and possibly White Tiger (but Claire Temple none the less) to bring about the end of Kingpin’s reign and the kingdom of followers he’s built. From here I honestly see the Marvel Netflix Phase 3 passing the torch to a new group of street level heroes or else otherwise more power to the writers. I love these shows, these characters, and even more so the cast that portrays them, but just the magnitude at which they fight at is much more climatic that we’ve already lost the Chaste, the Hand, and K’un-Lun in the MCU. I sure hope the writers still got more up their sleeve, but if not, then hopefully these characters can bookend with a bang and one day be seen on the silver screen with the big guns.