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Mistle-told You So

tags: Cas/Dean, mistletoe, Christmas decorating, canonverse, bunker life, first kiss


All it took was one nice, family dinner and an evening of them gathered in the library for Charlie to turn to Kevin and tell him, “I think Alex has a crush on Claire.”

Jody Mills had dropped the girls off earlier that day and from what Kevin could tell, they were going to be staying for a while. A storm system was coming through the Sioux Falls area and Jody said she would be too busy with sheriffing duties and being on call to worry about the teens in her care.
Later, Kevin had overheard her tell Sam, “I caught wind of some pagan deities around our neck of the woods. With the snowstorm coming, I don’t want to risk the girls wandering off looking for trouble. They’ve done it before.”

Kevin had stifled a sigh;  great . More hunters. Just what he’d asked for from Santa.

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