I’ve seen so many posts about how Nash Grier has more subscribers than Phil Lester(1.9M), and while I love Phil and am extremely upset about it, here are some other youtubers who have less subscribers than Nash (3.1M).

Alfie Deyes (2.5M, 184 videos)

Caspar Lee (2.5M, 119 videos)

Charlie McDonnell (2.4M, 188 videos)

Connor Franta (2.8M, 147 videos)

Emma Blackery (682.5K, 136 videos)

Grace Helbig (1.8M, 221 videos, not including DailyGrace)

Hannah Hart (1.3M, 261 videos)

Joe Sugg (2.3M, 76 videos)

Luke Cutforth (344.3K, 78 videos)

Mamrie Hart (559.3K, 120 videos)

Marcus Butler (2.6M, 155 videos)

Troye Sivan (2.3M, 95 videos)

And this is only how many videos they have on their main channels.

I’m not going to get into my thoughts on Nash as a person, because that would take far too long, but he only has 11 videos. Yes, he has his vines, but a six second video is not the equivalent to a full length video on youtube.He does not deserve it as much as these people do. 

(Note: All subscriber counts are rounded)