Spending a good part of my time planning.

I’ve got up to Chapter 40 planned for Now or Forever.

Got the rest of Confusing Two Sparrows planned. Then got all of Chasing Two Sparrows (DMC), Reuniting Two Sparrows (AWE) and Alienating Two Sparrows (OST) chapters planned. 

I also have all my chapters planned for Safe From Harm, which is all the Sherlock episodes, except with a Genderbent John. 

Currently working on planning 10 chapters for all my future long stories, so that’s Farewell to Sorrow (NCIS), Jealousy (PotC), Thinking of You (Twilight), Affirmation (NCIS) and Echoes Down the Stream (Harry Potter), that I have to write 10 chapters each for. Then I’ll add more as ideas hit me.

I’m also planning up to Chapter 10 for Without You By My Side (Twilight).

Haven’t a clue when I’ll get round to typing them up though, probably not next week but the week after that. I have prelims then, but I get two weeks off for 3 subjects and they all happen in the first week, so I’ll probably do some writing in between studying.

But I am on a roll. This is going well!


You know today was pretty good.

Considering my recent rotting and tormenting moods, I had a good day today. 

It always helps me to go away somewhere where no one knows me. But I managed to do that with a friend, and go to a Sherlock meetup and meet some wonderful people. I managed to not be a complete failure at life! This is a big thing.

But yeah, despite the fact I know this good mood isn’t going to last, and I’m tired and kinda sore, I’m going to embrace it anyway. 

Though I should thank all those that came to the meetup, so have their blogs. You should go check them out: