“Yes [the beard] was a very, very distinct choice that I made and it was a topic of conversation and discussion between me and the network and the executive producer and they ultimately did let me keep it and I know it sounds crazy but it’s a very big part of the character and it kind of hold the keys to several things. He’s a street guy and tries to cling to that in some level and likes to remind himself of where he’s from. And he also in some way, is hiding from some things and doesn’t like to show his vulnerability. – I know it sounds crazy but that’s really the root of it and there’s a lack of trust.” - Charlie Weber (x)


“The waistcoat thing was very specific to Frank. I wanted him to be exceptionally put together [and] exceptionally well-groomed, almost to the point of being too much; like, why does he care so much about how he’s presenting himself? And it’s sort of because it’s the world where he came from. He still has one foot on the other side of the tracks, and it’s all sort of symbolic of his personality.” - Charlie Weber


HTGAWM MEME:     1/3 brotps 
↳ bonnie winterbottom and frank delfino

                  me and frank, we got a fight club. and the first rule is we 
                        won’t tell you knuckleheads crap about each other.