Bill Cosby vs. Charlie Sheen

Bill Cosby spent the past twenty years telling Black America we ain’t shit, basically. He was America’s Dad for half the 80s and the entire industry held him up as a role model.  White America particularly loved Bill Cosby because he kept telling us all the things they secretly thought but couldn’t say:  Pull your pants up, don’t put apostrophes in your children’s names, etc.  All the while, he was assaulting women.  Charlie Sheen ain’t ever been shit. If anything, we expect him to continue to not be shit.  White America is disappointed with Bill Cosby in a way that they could never be disappointed with (or surprised by) Charlie Sheen.

If your cousin with straight As and a scholarship to Harvard got arrested for selling heroin you’d be a lot more disappointed than if your crackhead cousin who steals TVs was doing the same thing.

That’s why the public/entertainment industry is more upset with Bill Cosby assaulting 50 women over the course of three decades than they are with Charlie Sheen having sex while not disclosing his HIV status the past four years.

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Two and  Half Men

Two and a Half Men catered to virtually every MRA/anti-feminist fantasy in existence:

- the nagging, Man-Hating ™ ex-wife who is just after alimony from poor, innocent dude

- the creepy, needy and eccentric stalker/ex-girlfriend who preys on poor, innocent dude

- the nagging, cold hearted, God-awful mother

- the obsessive ex-girlfriend/ex-secretary who becomes “hysteric” and almost kills poor, innocent dude because hormones and stuff

- the dumb-as-fuck “b*mbo”, useful only for that one thing and spending poor, innocent dude’s money, a.k.a. The Gold Digger

- marriage as The Trap ™ for poor, innocent dude

But most importantly:

- the constant jokes at women’s expense

- the Nice Guy ™ with a profound woe-is-me attitude and

- the egocentric dude with too much money and spare time who changes the women in his life more often than he changes his underwear, who manipulates women at every opportunity he gets and then acts as though some profound injustice, personally orchestrated by God, has befallen him when women somehow get angry at him. (Charlie Sheen didn’t even have to act for this one)