get to know me meme: [1/10] relationships: Charlie & Monroe (Revolution)
“Monroe’s deluded. I don’t care how many men he’s got, he’s not getting the Republic back. None of us are gonna be alive that long anyway. But until then, we stay standing, we keep fighting, and we do whatever it takes to win. I didn’t go for Monroe. I went for myself.” 

I’m working on a really cool picture at the moment, which is proving to be a little challenging due to the lack of proper image references. Luckily, I just ordered my two seasons of Revolution on DVD from Amazon, and I’ll get them in the weekend (oh yeah, re-watch marathon!). Then I’ll be able to handle screen shots in high resolution, which is essential in making good image manipulations.

However, I want to share with you this picture which I composited last week. Unfortunately it is not bigger, since I couldn’t find high resolution photos of scene that I used for this one. Anyways, I hope it makes you all feel warm or fluffy or something like that inside. :D