get to know me meme: [1/10] relationships: Charlie & Monroe (Revolution)
“Monroe’s deluded. I don’t care how many men he’s got, he’s not getting the Republic back. None of us are gonna be alive that long anyway. But until then, we stay standing, we keep fighting, and we do whatever it takes to win. I didn’t go for Monroe. I went for myself.” 


Revolution & The 100 - Charlie and Bellamy parallels

Charlie Matheson/Sebastian Monroe + “YOU DID WHAT?!”

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The cheap motel room that had been booked for them resonated with the sounds of a couple two rooms over copulating, loudly. The woman’s moans were so loud, Charlie knew they were fakes, she hoped the woman was paid enough to deal with a lousy lay, god knew she wasn’t paid enough to deal with Sebastian Monroe at his angriest. She exited the yellow tiled bathroom, her hair tie in her mouth as her hands brushed her hair in a high ponytail, which was the moment Monroe chose to start discussing their mission, how typical.

“We need to abort this mission, the target is always surrounded, there’s no way to get a clear shot without attracting bad attention.”

He sat at the small desk provided with the room, looking at the folder of intel they had on their targets, pictures of him and his usual entourage, places he frequented, bad habits and health records. Everything they needed to take him down efficiently, as was their habits. Except for this particular target, the corrupt politician seemed to have been tipped off of the contract on his head and kept himself busy in social gatherings or locked himself inside his apartment where he was watched 24/7 by FBI agents. The sniper that he was couldn’t see beyond a clean kill from afar, but that was why she was there. Charlie Matheson, Jack of all trades when it came to murder.

“Don’t worry about it, I already called off this plan and briefed HQ, we’re getting him another way.”

Charlie finished tying up her hair and went to search in her shopping bag for the waitress outfit she had bought earlier. She was too busy trying to decide whether the tie would draw more or less attention to watch Monroe’s face turn a darker shade of angry, though if she were honest, she had already been expecting it.
You did what?!”

The sound of palm hitting wood was a better punctuation than Monroe’s speech pattern had been. She briefly rolled her eyes, knowing she would have to either confront Monroe and walk him through her thoughts and her plan twenty times before he would let it go, or, and she already knew which one she would choose, soothe Monroe’s ego by fucking him into stupidity.

If her uncle knew how she managed to get along so well with Monroe on missions, she knew he would not be so eager to just dump him and his terrible personality on her team as was his habit right now. She allowed herself a pleased smile after checking her watch, she had three hours before she had to present herself to the restaurant as a replacement for a sick employee – plenty of time to soothe all parties involved.

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Charloe + i know a place

Being around the Mathesons all day every day is a lot to deal with. That’s why Monroe has his secret hideout where he goes to get away from them when they become too much. That works out perfectly until he makes the mistake of inviting Charlie into his Matheson free sanctuary one day. It was supposed to be a one time thing, but she starts showing up there more and more to get away from her family and their fighting.

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Charlett + i kissed the poison on your lips

Charlie Matheson is an assassin for hire who has never missed a single kill. No two descriptions of her are the same and nobody knows her name, but she has become something of a legend. She disguises herself, shows up at an event, and then delivers the kiss of death to her target before slipping away.

Her method of killing is also her insurance policy if she ever gets captured. The slow acting poison allows her to poison her target without her or them showing any signs of being poisoned until she has already disappeared. But if she does get captured before she can get back to the antidote, then she goes down with her final victim before anyone can get any information out of her.

Charlie’s latest job is going smoothly until someone recognizes her on her way out and she is captured. Still, she knows that there is no way she is making it out alive even with the antidote. It is just a matter of time before she dies alongside her target, but at least she won’t be giving up that perfect record.

Connor Bennett has mere hours to convince her that it would be worthwhile for her to take him to the antidote.