get to know me meme: [1/10] relationships: Charlie & Monroe (Revolution)
“Monroe’s deluded. I don’t care how many men he’s got, he’s not getting the Republic back. None of us are gonna be alive that long anyway. But until then, we stay standing, we keep fighting, and we do whatever it takes to win. I didn’t go for Monroe. I went for myself.” 


Revolution & The 100 - Charlie and Bellamy parallels

thestateofardadreaming  asked:

Charlie Matheson :)

thank you and thank @elbatmun who also sent Charlie ❤︎

Why I like them

Charlie is such a kind and hopeful character at the beginning of her journey, she’s grown up pretty sheltered from the threat of the militia and yet, she is still aware of the dangers that come with it but when Danny is kidnapped she doesn’t hesitate for one second. She is determined to keep her promise and get Danny back, she would do anything for her family, even slowly let go of her hopes and dreams and that’s the very first reason i felt so much for this character. 

Why I don’t

??? me not loving Charlie Matheson with all my heart??? nice joke

Favorite episode (scene if movie)

hmm, one of my favorite episode is the children’s crusade, it’s a really good episode if i remember right, Charlie pulls out the puppy eyes on Miles to save these kids that she doesn’t know, she actually stops on her way to find Danny to help these kids, because they remind her of her and Danny and how this could have been them if they hadn’t been so lucky. 

Favorite season/movie

Season 1 since it’s the one where she is the main character (me, still bitter of season 2 sidelining her? you bet i am) 

Favorite line

“I stopped yelling at old people it wasn’t getting a damn thing done.”

Favorite outfit

the tank top + leather jacket combo will always be my fav but i kinda liked the dress from Sex and Drugs, it was a nice change 


In season one i would have answered without a blink charloe, as many of you know, i even had a sideblog just for them, and the beginning of season two still had me shipping them, but Connor showed up, and those two sillies goofing together melted my heart, so yeah Charlett


Charlie & Nora definitely, although this brotp would have had some competition if some annoying writers hadn’t killed off Danny so early in the show, we could have had a wonderful siblings duo that would have kicked ass while sassing at each other. 

Head Canon

which one? ;) ok one of my no blackout recurrent headcanon is that Charlie would have totally been a girl who loves books and/or studying. in the beginning she is dreaming of visiting far away places and such but in the modern world i think she would have been the kind of person with her head in the clouds, reading all genres, especially history books.

Unpopular opinion

I prefer s1 Charlie to s2 Charlie, i know a lot of people love her S2 self because she is more badass and ruthless, but as i said, i fell in love with a kind girl who tried to stay kind in such a terrible world. 

A wish

to see her on my screen again

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

well, the comics never happened so i don’t have to wish for anything because Miles isn’t her dad

5 words to best describe them

kind, snarky, loving, fighter, stubborn

My nickname for them

Love of my life (sometimes phoenix) 

(send me a character)


“I could drag you from the ocean,

I could pull you from the fire

And when you’re standing in the shadows

I could open up the sky

And I could give you my devotion

Until the end of time

And you will never be forgotten

With me by your side

And I don’t need this life

I just need

Somebody to die for

Somebody to cry for

When I’m lonely”

You Don’t Know Me, Charlotte [6/12]