Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, Charlie Farrell at Palm Springs Racquet Club (by Bruno Bernard)

This is only one of two photos I’ve seen of Cary and Spencer together. Knowing that Cary, Spencer and Kate Hepburn were friends, I’m hoping to see more photos of them together. Of course we all know those three were very private people. But still it would be wonderful to see them.


To The Victors!


The Saracens Came To Twickenham…

They Saw The Premiership Trophy…

And They Conquered Bath For It!

Way To Go, Bros!

(Dedicated To My Maple Leaf Mate!)

On December 7, 1952, Gale Storm and Charlie Farrell brought My Little Margie from television to radio. The sitcom premiered on CBS television earlier that year and became a hit as the summer replacement for I Love Lucy, and a radio version soon followed. Storm and Farrell played Margie Albright and her widowed father Vern. The two shared an apartment, which usually meant Vern wound up entangled in Margie’s crazy schemes. The radio version of My Little Margie aired until June 26, 1955, two months before the television series signed off.