I was just watching vlogs like I do at times, and I was watching  < her latest vlogs and she said how nice Koreans are to her, and this vlog I’m watching right now, (video above @ 4:50) she said a Korean woman went up to her saying how pretty she is over and over and the woman offered to take her out to eat, and saying how she’s happy (to meet her). [and as you can see Charly has darker skin ],

so no not all Koreans are racist. I just don’t like it when people say “They don’t like us” , “They never will like us” and talk about how “Koreans are so racist”. Nothing I’ve seen lately,but just in general. She has a lot of vlogs where she’s encountered VERY nice Koreans, women and men. And the one vlog where her student she was teaching [who’s just a kid btw] told his classmate in Korean she’s beautiful,( video starts @ 5:30) if you want to see, it’s so cute! <3 I just wanted to share that with you all, especially for women of color with darker skin. Stop worrying. You’re beautiful!

With the release of “The Best Bond Yet” many producers have been attempting to remix the theme-song done by Adele, and no one has been able to do it well. They either completely lose the feel of the original song and just sample Adele and call it a remix, or just make a bad attempt to maintain the original melodies. Charlie Darker on the other hand, maintains that signature melody, does a great job with Adele’s vocals, and adds a great beat to it all to make a very well-rounded remix of the song. 

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i made a song with my least favourite person in the world, autoerotique, and now some of my friends remixed it. check it out. -fc

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Sweet podcast of Don Diablo, download it here

Tracklist (show starts with track 13 and then works it’s way up to no. 1):
01. Lana del Rey - Born to die
02. Skream - Anticpate (Netsky Remix)
03. Subfocus - Falling down
04. Camo & Krooked - Afterlife
05. Ish - Dreamer
06. Awolnation - Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)
07. Florence & The Machine - No light, No light (Breakage Remix)
08. Charlie Darker - Vader ft. Dante Leon
09. A-Trak & Zinc - Stingray
10. Noisia - Tommy’s Theme
11. Lemaitre - Excuse me
12. M83 - Midnight City
13. Soul II Soul - Back to life (Monsieur Adi Remix)