Okay, I’m a straight teen boy and I do tend to cry in pretty much every movie with some emotion in it, but this scene was the first time I’ve ever HAPPY-CRIED in a film!! I love the way this scene played out with Ellie’s famous song!!!

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With the release of “The Best Bond Yet” many producers have been attempting to remix the theme-song done by Adele, and no one has been able to do it well. They either completely lose the feel of the original song and just sample Adele and call it a remix, or just make a bad attempt to maintain the original melodies. Charlie Darker on the other hand, maintains that signature melody, does a great job with Adele’s vocals, and adds a great beat to it all to make a very well-rounded remix of the song. 

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i made a song with my least favourite person in the world, autoerotique, and now some of my friends remixed it. check it out. -fc


Freebies: Down With Webster - One In A Million (Remixes)

Prior to hearing these remixes via Soundcloud, I had never heard of Down With Webster. I didn’t know what they were about or what they sounded like. After checking out the video for the original song however, I came to realize that Down With Webster has a sound reminiscent of 2AM Club that was instantly satisfying to the ears; a rap, rock, jazz, pop fusion that is hard to find but easy to love. 

Building on top of that foundation, Charlie Darker, one of the foremost members of Wolfgang Gartner’s Kindergarten Recordings, and Autoerotique, the duo behind the sexiest video on the internet, Asphyxiation, have each taken their personal spins on the original. Charlie Darker’s One In A Million Remix brings the house down with a bouncy, rattling bass line as a compliment to original track’s chorus, while Autoerotique’s One In A Million Remix shakes it up and breaks down the beat to give the track a dance until you drop quality.

The only question is, and don’t worry because they are both free, which one do you like more?