Girls Dead Poets Society Fancast

Neil Perry by Robert Sean Leonard // Nell Perry by Yara Shahidi

Todd Anderson by Ethan Hawke // Tess Anderson by Rowan Blanchard

Charles Dalton by Gale Hansen // Charlotte Dalton by Kelsey Chow

Steven Meeks by Allelon Ruggiero // Stephanie Meeks by Stefanie Scott

Gerard Pitts by James Waterston // Geraldine Pitts by Hayley Kiyoko

Richard Cameron by Dylan Kussman // Cameron Richards by Camila Mardila

Knox Overstreet by Josh Charles // Lennox Overstreet by Amandla Stenberg

Chris Noel by Alexandra Powers // Chris Noel by Kiernan Shipka

  • Hager: I found every negative message you've ever written about me to your group. “Headmaster Hager's favourite songs: Creep by TLC and Creep by Radiohead.” Remember that one, Mr. Anderson?
  • Todd:
  • Hager: “There is no way he hasn't strangled at least one stripper.” Dalton.
  • Charlie: (smirks)
  • Hager: “He eats his yogurt like he's punishing it for disappointing him.” Mr. Overstreet.
  • Knox: That's not that bad, actually.
  • Hager: “PS, we should kill him.”

Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar

In the summer of 1912, four-year-old Bobby Dunbar went missing whilst on a family outing on Swayze Lake, Louisiana. An eight month search commenced, with the story of the boy’s disappearance dominating newspaper headlines. Posters were distributed, and the local police force worked tirelessly, but little Bobby never returned home. That was until a patrolling officer spotted a boy who matched Bobby’s description walking hand in hand with a local handyman by the name of William Walters.

Walters explained to the officer that he was mistaken, and the boy was in fact called  Charlie Anderson, and he was the son of a local farmhand called Julia. Nevertheless, Walters was arrested and the child was taken into custody. The Dunbars were notified and travelled to the police station, were the young boy immediately shouted “mother!” upon seeing Mrs. Dunbar. There was no doubt that this was Bobby, and the family welcomed him back home with a huge party. Julia Anderson persisted for years, and always claimed that the boy was not Bobby, and was in fact her son. 

In 2004, the son of Bobby, Bob Dunbar, Jr. ,consented to undergoing DNA tests to resolve the issue of possible mistaken identity. Shockingly, the tests showed that Dunbar, Jr. held no blood relation to his uncle Alonzo, therefore his father must have been unrelated. Since the DNA testing is conclusive, the fate of the actual Bobby Dunbar, who disappeared at Swayze Lake in 1912, remains unknown.

You Won't Ever Be Lonely (Neil, Todd, Charlie)

Summary: Neil’s been busy, and Todd is upset about it. Charlie decides to step in. (Thank you to the anon & @nowayyeswaygerardway for sending me the prompts I wrote this off of! Hope you all enjoy! x)

Neil had been gone more and more recently, and it was driving Todd crazy. Rehearsals, on top of hiding said rehearsals from his father, added on to all their school work, Todd felt like he never saw his roommate. And it was really starting to bother him.

Todd was used to being lonely; he’d never really had friends before he came to Welton. But he’d almost forgotten what loneliness felt like after meeting Neil and the others. It was almost like relapsing; falling back into the bad after being good for so long. And he wasn’t doing a very good job of hiding it either. The other boys had started to catch on to his suddenly more distant, gloomy attitude. They tried to cheer him up, but it most went unnoticed by the stubborn teen.
But Charlie Dalton was even more stubborn than him.

A pounding knock on his dorm room door made Todd jump, looking up from his notebook, which he’d been scribbling in instead of doing his homework. 

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headcanon #3 (i think???)

the boys in a party

neil- he’s THE ONE THROWING IT. he’s overly excited about the whole thing, constantly walking around and asking people questions. “do you need more food?? should i put the heat on? change the music???”

todd- THIS WEE LITTLE BABY IS SHY AS FUCK AT FIRST. stands in a corner, awkward small talk with another random shy kid. BUT WHEN HE STARTS TO WARM UP, HE’S ON. i’m talking rambling all night, laughing, making jokes. he brings life.

charlie- DO I NEED TO SAY MORE. he’s the drunk ass fuck dude who tries to sleep with EVERYONE in the party. come on. you knew this.

knox- THE DRUNK CRIER. takes ONE SHOT… and then he’s sobbing and threatening to text his ex.

cameron- THE ONE WHO’S TRYING TO CONVINCE KNOX NOT TO TEXT HIS EX. basically the sober friend.

meeks- the VIDEO GAME NERD. the one who plays Just Dance and absolutely CRUSHES everyone who dares to compete with him. he’s a boss.

pitts- the DRUNK DANCER. he’s always in the middle of the dance floor, DANCING his ass off, and he looks ridiculous. Yet everyone is amused, in a good way.

-Signor Anderson, posso farle una domanda?
-Perché capita che le persone carine escano con le persone sbagliate?
-Stiamo parlando di qualcuno in particolare? Bene. Accettiamo l'amore che pensiamo di meritare
-E possiamo dirgli che meritano di più?
-Possiamo provare
—  Noi siamo infinito