What a Ruined Childhood Memory Looks Like (Hint, It’s Not Ghostbusters)

Okay, I try not to overly engage on contentious issues any more. It’s not the mid-2000’s. But… well, there’s a thing that geek culture says (especially GenX geek culture, which is to say mine) that drives me absolutely spare.

That said, this is going to be unpleasant in places. Trigger warnings apply.

Ghostbusters is not killing (or doing any other kind of violent act) to your childhood. And I don’t mean in the way you think.

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Well, I found this song from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stage musical because TVTropes said that; despite not being a villain song; it sounded suspiciously like a villain song to a shocking degree, and holy shit they were right.

Like, this ties even further into @tyrantisterror‘s theory that Willy Wonka is an actual Satan…