i’ve seen this episode several times but it only just fully sank in how fucking funny this bit is

  • the way dee hides behind the newspaper with one big eye still looking at the lawyer—peak physical comedy. just *kisses fingers*
  • the fact that she and charlie think these are going to be effective hiding places
  • the reveal that they’re not in their own car, they’re in the car of the guy they’re spying on (and yes, they do know it’s his car)
  • the subsequent realization that charlie and dee were still shocked and confused when the lawyer started heading towards the car despite it being, well, his car
  • the way charlie just fuckin’ pops up in that last gif like a wind-up toy—more physical comedy from the peak.

You got Charlie thinking that he’s well-adjusted when he’s the craziest of all. Stop calling me crazy! I’m not crazy!