You haven’t qualified yet, Charlie.

Hugh Dancy as Charlie Paige, Dangerfield - Paths (S05E07)

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Thanks lady bird :) Your follow is one that will be treasured :) Your blog is bodacious and I must let you know that most people (roughly 95% of people I have encountered) have been bullied and it helps us grow into stronger people. We got this shit. If you are still getting bullied, there is a better tomorrow (ignore the cheesiness because it’s true). I AM HERE FOR SUPPORT AND A GOOD LAUGH! YAY!

Charlotte’s Angels

I’ve been thinking about this post, and now I DESPERATELY need an all-male Charlie’s Angels. 

1st Angel: One of the Marvel’s Chrisis. I don’t care which one. They can play the same role in different sequels or even in the same movie (I’m sure nobody would complain)

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2nd Angel: Oscar Isaac.

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He can even dance

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3th Angel: Jason Momoa.

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Bosley: Leslie Jones

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Charlotte: Lucy Liu (I totally Agree with OP)

Hello, Angels!

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