Charlie's Angels

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Charlie’s Angels is a 2011 television show that is based on the 1976 series of the same name.  It is about three women, known as the Angels, who work for a private investigation agency.  Charlie is their boss, but they never meet him face-to-face.  Charlie assigns cases to the angels and to his liaision, Bosley, via speaker phone.  The Angels, sometimes with the help of Bosley, go undercover to solve the case that was assigned to them.  One of the angels is uncovered toward the end, and the others have to rescue their fellow angel before it is too late.  Each episode ends in the office with Charlie offering his congratulations to the angels for a job well done.  I think that the show is really good so far.  I like to see the interactions between the three angels as well as the interactions between all of the characters.  I think it is interesting to see how the angels solve the case and rescue a fellow angel who is in trouble.  I think this is a good show so far.  I don’t know how it compares to the original show because I have never watched the original Charlie’s Angels, although the original Charlie’s Angels is one of the shows that I want to watch sometime in the future.  I love this show and I really think it is a good new show. 


Charlie’s Angels 2011 Preview

Uh… Bosley got hot… I don’t have a good feeling about this.