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Request: Imagine a relationship like Jax and Tara

A/N: If people actually enjoy this I’ll create it into a series but it will have to start next week because that’s when I’m on Spring Break. 

      You were incredibly hesitant on taking the job at St. Thomas as an attending surgeon. Returning home to Charming after you had left all those years ago would not be the easiest thing to do. Especially with the way you left things. With the way, you left him

      You drove past Teller-Morrow auto almost every day on your route home from St. Thomas. You would be lying to yourself if you said you never took an extra long look to see if you could catch a glimpse of him. You never did. Maybe he decided to leave on his own. Maybe fate had its own way of getting you both out of this life.

        However, fate always came around to bite you in the ass didn’t it? He was still in Charming. He had apparently moved on with his life. He got married to a girl named Wendy. A girl named Wendy who was now having his child. A son to be exact. A little baby boy who would be the perfect version of him, only this baby boy would not be the perfect combination of the both of you. No. He would be the perfect combination of him and …. Wendy

       You did not mean to have such a bad taste in your mouth when you thought of her. You knew that if she was good enough for him to marry she must have been a damn pretty good woman. But what Wendy probably never knew was that at one point in his life; he talked about raising a son with you. 

      So when he stalked into the hospital on that fateful day looking straight at you with worry in his eyes. You wondered if, in the back of his mind, he realized that this tore at your heart. Not the fact that it wasn’t you having his child, no. But having to tell him his son, the son he once dreamed of having had a 20% chance of surviving.