charlie white and his hair

  Had a Markiplier dream… Mark, Amy, ???, walking. Cornfield? Mark’s kidnapped by Dark. Dark’s screaming is heard as some mark looking dude is running in flpoded cornfield. He jumps down a pitch black drainage pipe.

  The screaming stops. Inside is an ego, Charlie, who has his hair parted down the middle, pale white face with blue patches like a mask/ facepaint of sorts and is, a vampire. He’s laying seductively on top of another egos legs, who i think was named Frank, anx I think was maybe the cop from pixel cops?

  Basically, there were three versions of Dark. Dark, Charlie, and Frank???. ??? i cant remember most of it, but yeah.

I know everyone's sick of Frozen... but like Elsa, Charlie White's hair needs to "Let it Go"

The hair curls light on his head tonight
Not a floofy to be seen
A kingdom of gelled frustration
Where Meryl Davis, is queen

The wind is howling but your hair’s still stuck down tight
You shouldn’t keep it down, though we see you try
Don’t let us down, don’t let us see
What “Scheherazade” looks like without the hair of Charlie
Don’t conceal, we feel, please don’t let us know
What it’s like to see our favorite poof go

So let it go, let it go
Can’t hold your curls back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Say to it “Grow, grow, grow!”
Please Charlie, listen to what I say…
Let your hair grow onnnnnnn!
The poof never bothered us, anyway.