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Whoniverse: Class Appreciation Week – Day 5 – Favorite Relationship: Quill and Charlie

They are both victims of circumstance.  She is more of a victim than he.  He has the power–a power that he has no qualms about abusing.  He doesn’t see her or acknowledge her as a person.  But he never asked for this.  They are bound together against both their wishes.  The arn forced them together.

But it runs much deeper than the arn.  The minute the Shadow Kin attacked Rhodia–when both their worlds were destroyed–a new bond was forged between them.  The histories of their people and the nature of her enslavement prevented either of them from recognizing it on a conscious level, but it was there: an inextricable link–a bond stronger and deeper than the arn.  The bond of survivors.  The bond of two people with no choice but to live with the sacrifice.

I saved you. And I saved you. 


I’m really mad at her death. I still hope her to come back somehow, maybe I’m in denial, who knows, but in SPN sometimes death isn’t a goodbye. I don’t know, part of me believes that she will never come back again and part of me hopes that she will come back and stay.

This is for her, a character that I loved since the first moment I saw her, a character that became her own hero, a character that was awesome and special and unique. Charlie inspired me, she was my favorite female character and now she’s gone. She passed away in such a stupid way. She was a wonderful and rich character that gave us a lot and they killed her. You don’t have any idea how much it hurts me. She deserved better.

She will always be a hero and an inspiration for me. I don’t want to say goodbye, so I’ll say, see you, Charlie Bradbury. We’ll always love you.