charlie the rabbit




Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in The Merry Old Soul (1933)

Featuring: Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Joe E. Brown, Ed Wynn, Mae West, Harold Lloyd. Zasu Pitts, and the Marx Brothers

Fun fact: when I first got in to the Soul Eater fandom, I headcanoned Death the Kid as asexual. I had a bunch of reasons, including Kid’s repeated disinterest in the over-sexualized female characters such Blair, Tusbaki, Liz and Patty (especially when compared to Soul and Blackstar’s constant nose-bleeds), and the fact that the manga stated that shinigami reproduced asexually (Kid and Asura were just extensions of Lord Death’s soul.)

So I took that headcanon and wrote some cringy-ass drabbles about it, which I was super proud of because I hardly ever get to courage to post anything I write, and Kid was my favorite character of the series, and still is one of my favorite characters of all time.

However, I was/am the only one with that headcanon. Which, is totally understandable, because the height of the Soul Eater fandom was at the point in time where “lemon,” “yoai,” and “don’t like don’t read!!” were in popular use, so LGBT+ representation wasn’t an element in shipping. And I wasn’t that much better, still thinking I was a heterosexual heteroromantic, and having basically no exposure to the LGBT+ community.

As I got older, I noticed I never really was interested in dating. Any crushe I had on boys were purely aesthetic, and I always seemed more interested in older actors. It got to the point where my mom was insisting that I come out as the lesbian I so clearly was.

(I wasn’t. I’m not.)

Cut to a few years later, when, after diving into the Johnlock and Hetalia fandoms, I started becoming more aware of the different orientations that existed. Somehow I stumbled upon asexuality, and after reading some informative posts, I realized

Oh wow.

I’m asexual.

I tried to explain this to my parents, but they didn’t understand. I keep trying to explain it to them, and either I continually explain it to them wrong or they’re in denial that one can have a romantic relationship without sex.

And It was only recently that I revisited Soul Eater a little that I remembered that I headcanoned one of my top favorite characters, one who I’d defend against an army, one who I’d give up friendships over, one who I’d actually participated in an online event week for (which I haven’t done since), one who I’d adored since the first episode I saw him, as ace, like me, before I even knew that I was ace.

So if you’re ever wondering why people insist on Jughead Jones or Charlie Weasley or Jessica Rabbit being portrayed as asexual by the fandom, keep in mind that 14-year-old me could’ve really used an ace icon, especially when my orientation got so easily erased by my Bible Belt parents.