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Grue Form Line-Up! From left to right: Wendy & Abigail, Charlie, Willow, Wilson and Webber. They are even transparent!

I corrected a few lines here and there and revamped Wilson. (so much better!)

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When The Lights Fade Out | Fanfiction Oneshot

Fandom: Don’t Starve/Don’t Starve Together
Characters: Charlie (the Night Monster)
Warnings: Blood, implied death, and spooky things. Ship Maxwell/Charlie is very heavily implied.
Notes; I thought of a kind of “second part” of this but I may post it another time. Also yes I went overboard, and no I haven’t edited this, whoops. Basically, have the world’s creation and Charlie trying to survive before finding out that, no matter what, They get what they want in the end.


No response.

“Charlie! Can you hear me? Please wake up…”

Nothing. A pause. “…Charlie, I don’t have much time–any time. They don’t want me here. Listen to me. Don’t sleep, and don’t let yourself get caught in the dark without a light. They’ll get you. They want you. Don’t let them catch you.”

Sounds of a struggle. A man’s grunt of pain, fear, and despair.

“…Oh, Charlie…I…I am so very sorry.”

She didn’t even get the chance to catch a glimpse of him before he vanished into the shadows.

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Some Halloween Specials, Since The Holiday is Right Around the Corner.

theprophetchuck  asked:

What's don't falls??

It’s an AU I came up with about a year ago where Don’t Starve gets mixed with Gravity Falls.

It takes place in 1906 and stars a twelve year old Wilson and eleven year old Albert. The two of them are sent to live with their grandparents in San Francisco because their parents need to tend to business overseas. 

Their grandparents names are Helen and Wilson Albert Higgsbury (both boys are named after him). The two of them live on a large estate on the outskirts of San Francisco. On the outside they appear to be wealthy eccentrics with odd tastes in artwork, but secretly the two of them are high class magus. In this universe there are families with magic bloodlines that span as far back as the ancients.

The discovery of their family secrets begin when Wilson finds a strange book in their grandfather’s study. A book called the Codex Lumen which contains spells as wells as information passed down from the ancients. 

As Wilson and Albert get to know their surroundings they meet new friends:

such as Willow, a girl who runs a small gang of miscreants in San Francisco, and Woodie, a young man who works as the groundskeeper of the estate who came all the way from Canada to seek the Higgsbury Grandparents help with a secret he holds. 

As time goes on they hear rumors of “The Night Monster of San Francisco” after a series of attacks. The gang then decide to solve the mystery of the supposed Night Monster. At this point they meet one of the big celebrities of San Francisco:

Maxwell the Great and his lovely assistant, Charlie Walters. Maxwell holds the sister book to the Codex Lumen, the Codex Umbra. At one point, during a practice run something went horribly wrong and Maxwell accidentally turned Charlie into the night monster. By day, she’s a normal human, but at night, the darkness consumes her and she goes stalking the streets. Only during the full moon will she not transform. Unfortunately Charlie doesn’t know this as she loses her memory with each transformation and finds Maxwell seems to have become preoccupied in finding the Codex Lumen. 

Don’t Falls would focus on the Higgsbury bros discovering their grandparents secrets as well as their aptitude for magic and that things will not always be what they seem at first glance. 

I am completely obsessed with Don’t Starve haHAHAHA.

After roaming through the wiki/tumblr and reading up on Charlie the night monster, I just fell in love. She’s scary. Honest.

dontstarvecrew  asked:

Enamor Me ((Any of them is fine, I just love your Wilson~))

Leave a “Enamor Me” in my ask, and I will write a fluffy drabble about my character trying to woo yours

In a small camp, the fire had turned to ashes as Wilson was carefully attempting to gather all of the flower petals he had managed to pick together, constructing the perfect flower crown. He holds it up with a triumphant grin, standing up and swiping the dirt off his knees before glancing around the camp. Ah…there she was.

“Ah…M-Miss Charlie..” He smiles sheepishly as he walked up to her, unable to help the light tinge of red passing over his features as he held up the crown that had been crafted as carefully as possible out of the petals. “I made you this.” He couldn’t help but be a little awkward; how odd was it to give a flower crown to a woman you feared as ‘the Night Monster’ for so long? Quite.

“I hope you like it, and…and I would’ve written you a poem if I were perhaps more eloquent with my words and could properly rhyme ‘beautiful’, ‘wondrous’, and ‘stunning’.” He grins, bowing his head slightly. He was definitely flustered and trying not to show that too much, so he swiftly turns on heel after uttering a quick ‘goodbye’, intent on going back to camp and using a shovel to dig himself a hole to hide in; most likely forever, if he could. 

//Thank you so much! I love all your characters, you write them very well!