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  • Young Weasley Children lose Mrs. Weasley in the crowd
  • Twins: yes!
  • Bill: *grabs back of twins shirts* no
  • Percy: we're lost! we're going to get snatched!
  • Charlie: shut it before you scare Ginny!
  • Ginny: *sniffs, and grabs Charlie's pant leg*
  • Ron: i'm hungry
  • Molly: *bursting out of the crowd* I have sandwiches, snacks, bread...Twins I heard that, muffins... Percy you're not getting snatched, crackers...Ginny sweetheart it's alright...cookies....
  • Children: Found you
Charlie the Obsidian Dragon (09/21/17)

Name: Charlie

Species: Obsidian Dragon

Age: 1642

Pronouns: He/Him

Beginner Friendly?:He is however it is a requirement that you already have 1 member in your spirit family. 

Spirit Family size: He doesn’t really care as long as he gets to talk to you once a week and gets to see Cece the Prism Dragon. 

Description: He is 201 feet long from nose to tail. He is too heavy he broke my astral scale. Though the estimate was about 40,000lbs . He has beautiful red eyes that have hints of gold and orange in them. His wing span is 300 ft long. Though the left wing has three scars on them. Though his scales are a beautiful black and so shiny you can see your face in them. The underbelly is black also. The scales are hard to break. He does breathe fire. 

Personality: He is extremely playful and a bit immature. He likes to tease and play pranks especially on Cece. He is very loving to those he cares about. However if you are NOT in that circle he is very rude and very cold. He is extremely loyal and very protective. He does however get mad easily. 

Magick Specialties: Dragon Magick, fire magick, protection and warding magick. 

Preferred Communication: Dice,tarot, pendulum, telepathy, astral face to face

Likes: obsidian crystals, Cece the prism dragon. He loves jokes and prank videos. He loves woodsy scents and roasted marshmallow like scents. He loves campfires, fishing trips and he loves the desert. He loves warmer climates. He also have a weird obsession with mint toothpaste. 

Dislikes: Anyone but him picking on Cece. He has a strong dislike of bullies. He not keen on floral scents. He also doesn’t like the snow or cold climates too much. He doesn’t like succulents since they are alien plants to him. He also is weirded out by conspiracy theorists. Also he doesn’t like the ocean either. 

Do they want a vessel?: Yes he would.

Added Note:  whomever is his companion must be willing to allow him to visit his mate Cece the Prism dragon if they do not have the same companion. Also if him and Cece decide to have a clutch it will be REQUIRED for them to have the hatchlings at the sanctuary due to the fact it is extremely well equipped and you will be granted a visitor’s pass to see them. 

Now once the companion is chosen they will be given a detailed file about their companion like a bit of their story, more details on preferred offerings, ideas on how to click, etc. Also the binding would be performed after the week of supervised visits

I’m a lady, that’s why.

Pairings/characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Charlie Sister!Reader, Charlie x Reader (if I told you I was writing a different pairing I’m sorry!)

Word count: 716ish because I like to make changes literally right before I post it, so those didn’t get counted.

Warnings: None

A/N:  This is my submission for @katymacsupernatural’s Wish Upon A Star challenge. My prompt was no. 12 “Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them!” which is bolded in the fic. It’s so late, but I really like it! 

Tonight is movie night and it’s mine and Charlie’s turn to pick the movie, which the boys always hate, but we just laugh menacingly.


“C’mon, Y/N, please pick a decent movie,” Dean groaned at me as I flipped through the different movies in our movie box, occasionally hold one up to Charlie who would shake her head. I giggled at Dean’s pleas, but continued searching.

“Why don’t you take Sam into the kitchen and the two of you can get the snacks ready,” Charlie told Dean, smiling deviously.

Dean rolled his eyes with a huff, but took Sam with him into the kitchen to start making popcorn.

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You’re All I Need: Part 2

Previous Part

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Prompt: Dean is a single dad, and his daughter, Charlie, wants to join the soccer team; he meets Y/N who’s daughter, Hael, and Charlie, become the best of friends.
Tags: AU: Domesticity, Domestic!Dean, Dad!Dean
Words: 1602
Note: Let me know what you think..? :))

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FINALLY A MATERLIST, so everything is here guys, have fun! Hope you like it! The masterlist link is also on my Bio! <3


The Yule Ball





Cruciatus Curse



So Many Years (gif imagine)








Midnight Snack



Time Of The Month



Black’s Quotes | 1

Out of the seven, which one is the best book?

Draco Malfoy



The Killing Curse

The Cruciatus Curse


Imagine: Catching up with Charlie.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

(Sam x Reader)

A month passed when Charlie came back around. This time she gave the boys two quick hugs, then grabbed your hand and hauled you to her room. All the extra pillows were still piled on the bed, so that her room would look like she left it. Your shoulder hit the door frame, but that didn’t halt the younger woman’s stride.

“Well, hello to you too.” You greeted dryly, rubbing your shoulder with some irritation.

As soon as the door had closed Charlie spun around, wide brown eyes landing on you with the same bright intensity you remembered from last time. Her hands rose and fell in a placating gesture that punctuated every word.

“Okay,  me first.” You barely nodded in agreement when words rushed from her mouth again. “So, you know when you’re hunting a ghost and sometimes they aren’t full blown wack a do yet and they’re totally cool, ready to move on, but can’t type scenario, so you kinda work together and maybe have sex before sending her to the beyond?”

Your mouth closed with an audible clap. “Uh, no. No,  Charlie. I can’t say I have.”

“Oh yeah… me neither.” She lied quickly. You gave her an expectant look colored with doubt. She cleared her throat. “Theoretically, is there some kind of ghost STD, I or the person in question might have to worry about.”

“Huh. I’m not sure. Did… did you use protection?”

“Well, duh! What is this the 1950’s? But would normal protection be effective against ghost-gasms?”

“Oh God, we are not making ‘ghost-gasms’ a thing!”

“Spector sextors?”


“Bumping ghou-glies?”

“If we go back to ‘ghost-gasms’ will you stop?”

“Just tell me of there’s something I should be worried about!” She pushed uncertainty reaching her eyes again.

“Okay, okay! Let me think… I don’t recall anything, even in fiction about it. It wasn’t secretly a dude ghost, right?”

“You mean, a penis poltergeist? Definitely not! It was all sexy spirit… woman wraith?”

“Now you’re reaching.” You sighed. “You should really ask Sam or Dean. They’ve got a lot more experience then I do.”

“No! You can’t tell them!” Charlie grabbed your arm urgently.

“But they’re the best shot-”

“No, c’mon! That would be defcon embarrassment levels! Plus can you imagine the lecture? And what if Dean decided to give me ‘the talk’!”

Laughter burst from you like spitfire. You snorted as you imagined Dean uncomfortably trying to explain the birds and the bees with Sam sitting close by ready to step in with an overly sincere attempt to answer any questions. You narrated your imaginings to Charlie as you collapsed on the bed. Your laughter faded into giggles.

“Okay, okay! I get it. I’ll try to come up with something first, then as an absolute last resort I’ll ask them theoretically, so you don’t have to, okay?”

Charlie threw her arms around you.  “Yes! I knew you were the best friend a lady could ever ask for!”

“I already agreed to help you.” You smiled fondly giving her a squeeze back. “There’s no need to butter me up anymore.”

She pushed you away suddenly with enough force to cause you to stagger. Her small hands were surprisingly strong. A look of determination replaced her previous anxiety.

“Okay, now, enough about me. I want to hear about you! Has there been any progress with Sam?”

You flushed. “Geez, Charlie! Where is this coming from? Shouldn’t we be cracking down in the books in case you have… uh, apparition AIDs or something?”

“Oh, nice one.”


“We can do that while catching up, right? I’ll tell you about mine, if you tell me about yours…” She bargained.

“Oh all right.” You resigned.

Ten minutes later, you had dug up all the related ghost files in the Men of Letters archive including notes. You both were nestled in the pillow nest. Charlie had secured the snack stash. It was less lively than last time. The music was on lower, streaming from her laptop rather than the bunker’s speakers. She researched online using potential keywords you found that she hadn’t tried already. But even with the steady study session,  Charlie would sneak in personal questions along with the serious ones.

“You said 1889, right?”

“Uh huh.”

“What’s your favorite part about Sam?”

“Uh…” Distracted you copied a line from a book. “Try 1911 too.”

“His eyes?”

“Uh huh,” You admitted trying to reread a particularly convoluted sentence. “They are nice.”


“What?  Yeah and 1912.”

“Why are they nice?”

“They’re warm and comforting.” Your comment felt innocuous to you. You flipped a page.  “They draw you in.”

“What about his hair? You like it long?”

“Mhm…” You flipped another page, skipping to the end of the chapter. “What about you? Isn’t sexy when your partner pushes their hair out their face about to dive into you. Or even when they just move it and you can watch it slip between their fingers?”

She sighed. “Yeah… That can be hot, but I prefer to do the hair moving. It’s more romantic.”

“I like it when it happens to me too, but it can add to the fun to do it back, so I get you.” You glanced at Charlie. She was soaking up the website in the monitor.  “What about ghost girl? How’d that happen?”

“Part circumstances, part my raw undeniable charisma, and part 100 years of repressed homosexuality. She actually was apart of the suffrage movement.”

“Oh wow!”

“Yeah, it started with her wanting to catch up with the time and kinda evolved from there. Let’s just say I was a bit spook-curious.”

You drew your lips down and raised your eyebrows in a ‘not bad’ expression, then revisited the heavy tome in your lap.

“It was a little bit her butt too, ya know? Like I couldn’t see it under all those petticoats, but I knew deep below those nine layers was a butt to remember.”

You hummed a response to let her know you were listening.

“What about you? Are you a butt girl or are you just about the eyes and hair.”

“Butts are okay,  I guess. That’s not what I really notice.” You waved away the question absently.

“Then what is? Cause I don’t get the guy thing.”

“For me… it’s the arms. God, toned forearms… strong hands that can grab hips and pull them against him. Those forearms tensing and flexing.” You out a frustrated groan. “And his shoulders, God,  I just want to dig my claws in.”

“I really just don’t get that.”

“Well, what do you like most about ladies?”

“It’s the soft discovery stuff. Soft lips, learning how she kisses or how she likes to be kiss. The slow exploitation of her soft skin and curves, even if I already know what she’s going to like. Girls are soft and warm and just so damn sexy when they bite their lips.”

“Sounds like you’re all about lips and curves.”

“Yeah, it’s not all that, you know? I really like just playing the field now or whatever, but…” She looked out into middle space with a dreamy look in her eye. “I think, one day, I want to find my damsel in distress who simultaneously is a complete and total badass.”

“You wanna take care of her, the same way you want her to take care of you…” You nodded thinking about Sam. “Kinda work together without taking away from one another.”

“Yeah… the Wash to my sexy space pirate Zoe or, you know, whatever.” She added with a shrug.

You smile wistfully at your imagination. If only you and Sam could make it there one day. You shook your head, breaking out of the reverie. You readjust the book vainly trying to push Sam and the future from your mind.

Part 6

Gift that they give you

GABRIEL- golden feather necklace
CROWLEY- a ring that looks like a crown
BALTHAZAR- a beautiful dress to wear to dinner
CASTIEL- flowers
SAM- a bunch of flannels so you can match
DEAN- lets you borrow the impala for a girls night out with Charlie
CHARLIE- snacks and the new season of your favorite tv show to marathon together

This Means War

Word Count: 1440

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Charlie x Reader

Request: “Hey, I like your drabble list! Would you do #2 with Dean maybe ? Thank you!!! Oops, if it’s okay, if like to add #44 to that last one with #2 with Dean?” - @bloowulf

Warnings: fluff?

A/N: This is for the Meet-Cute Drabble Party I started a while ago. I guess it also counts as an April Fool’s Day fic? Prank safely, folks, and I hope you enjoy this @bloowulf! Gif has absolutely zero to do with the story. These two are just cute.

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2) Anything for science.
44) Do you mind if I take off my shirt?

“Charlie, I’m starting to think this isn’t a good idea.”

You surveyed the ocean of balloons steadily filling up the room and felt a slight sense of dread.

She finished twisting a knot on the balloon she held and then let it drift to the floor. “What do you mean? You were cackling like the old witch from Snow White not even an hour ago.”

“Only because we’d inhaled some helium,” you pointed out. Charlie giggled as she remembered the way you two quoted lines from Disney villains with your squeaky voices.

“But I don’t think this is the best way for me to make a first impression on Sam and Dean,” you continued. “I read parts of the Supernatural books you gave me. Those guys sound terrifying.”

“Trust me, they’re teddy bears, and pranks are just another Wednesday in the Winchester household. They’ll love it.” Even with her assurances, you felt unsure about letting this be your introduction to the two hunters Charlie has come to love as brothers. All the stories she’s told (and the pictures she’s shown) made you want them to like you, and pranking them seemed counterintuitive.

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Back to Basics Pt. 9 | Rucas Fanfic

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone for so long.

Chapter 1 [X] Chapter 2 [X] Chapter 3 [X] Chapter 4 [X] Chapter 5 [X]
Chapter 6 [X] Chapter 7 [X] Chapter 8 [x

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Chapter 9 - “Tie-dye & Kisses”

He couldn’t even look at me. Riley thought to herself as she took the elevator to her floor. He broke up with me in his car and he didn’t even have the decency to look me in the eye when he did it.

She was surprised by her reaction. When he said he “couldn’t do this anymore” she just closed his door and walked away. Told herself not to look back, and she didn’t. Instead of crying or getting angry, she felt numb. It was almost like it wasn’t real.

She opens the front door and sees her parents and brothers, sitting at the table having dinner.

“Hey Riles, we saved you some.” Josh says holding up a plate.

“I had some takeout at Charlie’s…I’m just going to go to bed.” She walks by them, ruffles Auggie’s mop of curls and heads into her room.

She doesn’t bother turning on the light. She just kicks off her boots, slips off her clothes and climbs into bed ready for the day to be over.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

In the morning she still feels numb. She takes a shower and eats breakfast with her family because she knows Lucas won’t be waiting outside their coffee place to pick her up.

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anonymous asked:

Rucas one shot: Riley and Lucas run into Charlie at the movies.

For sure my dear :D hope this is alrighty! it’s quick and short but I hope it suffices :) x

With Riley’s hand intertwined with his Lucas guides Riley to the snack counter. They step in line behind the person being served, they’re close enough to hear his familiar voice. 

“A medium popcorn and a packet of liquorice, please,” he orders politely. 

Riley recognises his voice and her eyes widen, “oh no.” 

Charlie spins around with snacks in hand and notices his old middle school pals. “Well looky here.”

Just the sight of him ticked Lucas off, “Charlie,” irritation present in his voice, “you still stalking, Riley?” 

“Lucas!” Riley quietly scolds him. 

“Relax, Friar, I’m here with my girlfriend, she’s in the bathroom.” Charlie peers down at their linked hands, “I see you two finally got it together.” 

“We are very happy, thank you,” Riley forces a smile even though she wanted to shrivel up with the awkward tension amongst them all. 

“What movie you two seeing?” Charlie asks, “If I know Riley she’ll have begged you to take her to see the new Pixar film.” 

Lucas clenches his jaw as Charlie was right, there were there to see that film and he hated that Charlie continues to act like he knows Riley better than anyone else. 

“Next please!” The lady behind the counter calls and Riley pushes against Lucas’ side trying to get him to move. 

“Well it was nice seeing you Charlie,” Riley laughs nervously, “we better get some snacks before our movie starts.” 

“See you round,” he waves with a smirk and Lucas gives him the stink eye. 

“I hate that guy.” Lucas mumbles to Riley as they step up to the counter to order. 

“You shouldn’t, I’m at the movies with you and that’s all that matters.” Riley smiles and Lucas softens too.