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there was a fleeting wisp of glory called  c a m e l o t


This might be the best video of all time.

In celebration of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild releasing this Friday, here is a real world Sheikah Slate! (aka: elaborate iPad mini case)

My friend, Charlie Skinner, and I made it over the summer of 2016 (after I saw the E3 trailer and decided I needed one). It turned out so much better than I ever expected ^___^

Check out how we made it here!


“He said ‘Memphis is a stand-in for wherever you are right now.  That it really means that’s how I got here.’”

the signs as characters from the newsroom (with explanations)

Aries: Maggie Jordan (impulsive, fierce, loyal, creative)

Taurus: Neal Sampat (helpful, idealistic, snarky, keeps a cool head) 

Gemini: Mackenzie McHale (defiant, quick-witted, restless, scatterbrained)

Cancer: Hallie Shea (determined, generous, honest, impulsive) 

Leo: Will McAvoy (natural leader, stubborn, talented, charismatic)

Virgo: Sloan Sabbith (stern yet kind, critical, talkative, detail-oriented)

Libra: Reese Lansing (strong, attentive, charming, moody)

Scorpio: Leona Lansing (sarcastic, perceptive, secretive, intellectual) 

Sagittarius: Don Keefer (straightforward, outspoken, intelligent, ambitious)

Capricorn: Jim Harper (respectful, kind, pessimistic, brave) 

Aquarius: Rebecca Halliday (witty, caring, hardened exterior, truthful)

Pisces: Charlie Skinner (friendly, idealistic, wise, protective)

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