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on the left–june 2014, just a little while after i rescued him. he’d been living under our house and was very mangy and underweight and generally Not Doing Great. (but he perked up quick with regular food and a couple vet visits for extra strength de-worming treatments!! i have very few pictures of when he was tiny because i swear to god he doubled in size every week until he was almost fullsize.)

on the right–august 2016. a very large and happy cat. :’)

Father to the Unknown: Part 6

Prompt: All you wanted was normal. But having a superhero amazon for a mother, and recently resurrected dead father pretty much made that impossible.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part4, Part 5

    “You’re married?” You stare at Charlie, and before you can say anything he says, “He’s not good enough. You can do better.”

    You grin a little, “You haven’t even met him.”

    Sameer steps in, “All men are the same. They want one thing, and one thing only.” Your eyes flicker to your mother who’s trying to hold back laughter, beside her your grandmother appears to be doing the same.

    “A little help here,” you beg them.

    Your grandmother smiles, “I have yet to meet him. I can not vouch for his character. But I agree, all men are the same.”

     For half a second you eye the drop off of the cliff overlooking the practice field. The drop would hurt, but it wouldn’t kill you. “You’re too young.”

The statement brings you back to the matter at hand, and your brow furrows, “I’ll literally be a hundred next year.”

“It’s too young.”

You scrub your hands over your face, where’s Etta when you need her? Finally, your mother steps in, “Clint Barton is a good man. He’s had his troubles like everyone, but he is an excellent husband and a wonderful father.”

“Father!” You stare at your mother as Sameer picks up where Charlie left off. You’re able to slip away after another hour. You head back to the beach, grateful for the peace and quiet. You settle into the sand, and let the sound of the waves rush over you. When the pop sounds, you smile.

Opening your eyes, you stare at the large, out of place house. You start brushing the sand off your pants when the door opens and Clint steps out. He’s dressed in his Avenger’s uniform, with his bow at his side and his quiver on his back.

He waits for you on the porch of the house, and the minute he’s close enough you jump into his arms. He smiles, “That bad, huh?”

You kiss him, “There’s a reason I live in another dimension, it’s so I can keep my sanity.”

“Fair enough, why do you think we bought a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere?”

You laugh, and a minute later there are cries of “Mommy!” You smile as you pick them up in your arms. You kiss both of their heads, and listen as they babble about what you’ve missed since you left.

When John steps out he lights a cigarette and says, “I’m going to bring the rest of the boyband tonight, and I’ll take the girls back after that.”

You and Clint exchange a look and he asks, “You know what to do if something happens?”

“Find Nick Fury, he has the plan.” You hug both girls a little closer, not liking the idea of your emergency plan but you know it’s a necessity. You give him a smile, and he returns it before saying, “Alright, be gone the four of ya. Enjoy family time.”

You keep Natalia in your arms while Minnie walks in between you and Clint, holding onto one of your hands and one of his. “Looks like a nice vacation spot.”

“You’d never guess that the entrance to the underworld is resting right under it.”

He smirks, “We’ve faced worse.”

You grin at him, “Like when?”

“When Nat had colic for three months and we couldn’t get any sleep.”

You wince, “That was a bad time.”

He laughs, “We took turns taking her out to the barn so that the other could sleep.”

“And Minnie slept through it all.”

At the mention of her name, your oldest daughter grins up at you, before her eyes flick to the distance and she’s darting away, “Di!”

Your mother appears in the distance, and suddenly Natalia is struggling to get down. You set her on her feet, and then the your three year old is running. Clint wraps an arm around your shoulders as you follow behind them.

When you reach them, both girls are in your mother’s arms, one on each hip, both talking a mile a minute. She hugs them close and says, “I want to kidnap them.”

You smirk, “You’re welcome to babysit whenever.”

Clint laughs, “In fact, we insist.”

Your mother smiles at him, “Hello, Clint.”

“It’s good to see you Anna.” You smile at his nickname for your mother before Minerva squeals, and shimmies down your mother, yelling “CHIEF!” at the top of her lungs. The older man catches her mid air as she launches herself at him, and she giggles as he spins her around.

Several moments later the noise attracts the attention of your mother’s sisters and slowly they come to investigate. You watch warily as they watch your children, smiles on their faces. You notice your father, Sameer, and Charlie standing there in shock. And then your grandmother appears. The smile on her face is genuine, as she bends down to their level and asks them a question.

You watch them squeal in delight before running to you and asking, “Can we go with Grandmother, PLEEEEAAASE?”

You laugh out a ‘yes’, and they’re gone before you can blink. In a whisper Clint asks, “Should we have asked what they’re going to do with her?”

You shrug, “In this case, it’s probably best not to.” That’s when you notice that all eyes are now on Clint. He keeps his stance confident, as the two of you continue walking, you on one side of him, and your mother on the other. When you reach the top of the stairs Chief is waiting, with a smile. He sticks his hand out and Clint shakes it, “How are you, Hawkeye?”

“Never better.”

His lips quirk, “I heard you retired.”

Clint winces, “That didn’t work out too well. How’s the cabin?”


“If you ever want to change that, you’re welcome at the farm house.”

There’s a clearing of a throat, and you turn to Charlie and Sameer, “Clint, this is Charlie and Sameer. They were my godfathers. Guys, this is my husband Clint.”

They’re more than a little stiff and formal as they shake hands, before moving out of the way for, “And this is my father. Steve Trevor.”

Clint shakes his hand never breaking eye contact, before saying, “I have a friend you’ll get along well with. World War Two vet. He put a plane down too.”

She was 17 and never learn to smile.

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Warnings: Angst!! Crying, cramps and mentions of a suicide.

Notes: This is my story for the last prompt of @one-shots-supernatural, “With this face I can get away with anything”. Sorry for this guys, this is really sad, and I’m still not sure of why I wrote it… But I hope you like it, even that is a little different from what I’m used to write. If you want, read this while listen “"Where did Jesus go” by the Pretty Reckless. 

Since the first time she met the Winchesters, Charlie knew they were special. And every time they met, she confirmed this thought. They were like brothers to her, and she was definitely sure she was like a sister to them.

And yeah, she was super close to Sam, but with Dean… It was a strong bond that she simply couldn’t describe. Under that bad boy who doesn’t care for anything and only lived for hunting pose, she knew that he was a sweet man. And even though it annoyed her a little, she liked that he was so overprotective towards her. Because nobody else in her life after her parents death ever was.

Charlie went to live with the boys for a while, and in this months she noticed something at least… Interesting. Every time they for some reason (mostly in cases) had to deal with a teenage girl, Dean would bond with them. Not that she was jealous, not at all. But… Why? He would become very caring and overprotective every single time. First her, then Krissy, a teenage hunter, and even Claire, Cas’ daughter. Maybe he had a dream about having a daughter? Maybe he was just so sweet? Nah… She knew that it wasn’t just that.

“Here.” Dean said extending her a white pill and she frowned. She and the boys were in Sam’s room watching the new season of Game of Thrones when Dean got up saying he was going to the bathroom. “For cramps.” He explained.

“How the hell did you know I had cramps?” She exclaimed surprised and confused. “And why the hell do you have cramp pills?”

“Charlie, you haven’t stopped moving since we started watching. Pretty obvious, isn’t it?” He said struggling, making her and Sam exchange a look.

“Not for me, Dean.” Sam said confused too and Dean sighed.

“Whatever, I’m tired, I think I will go to sleep.” Dean said giving them a small smile. “Night.” He left the room before she could even answer. She looked at Sam with a confused look and he struggled.

“What’s up with him?” Charlie asked taking the pill that Dean got her. She had no idea he understood so much about woman to identify cramps, and again, why did he have pills for it?

“No idea.” Sam said but suddenly something clicked in his head, making his heart hurt. Dean always got this mood when that day was near. “Oh… What day is it?”

“Hm, may eleven, why?” She answered more confused and she frowned when Sam sighed lowering his head.

“Nothing… Dean might be tired, nothing to worry about.” Sam said forcing a smile not wanting to talk about the reason why Dean was so grumpy.

“Yeah, right.” She said obviously not believing him and he sighed tiredly. “You won’t tell me? Fine, I will go ask Dean” Charlie said confidently, getting out of Sam’s bed.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Sam warned knowing how rude his brother could get. “He will be mad”

“With this face I can get away with anything.” Charlie said smirking. “And he won’t be mad.” She said almost laughing but deep inside, she didn’t believe in herself. He struggled, deciding not to insist on his advice and Charlie got out of the room and walked towards Dean’s. There was light in his room, and when she slowly opened the door she saw Dean laid in his bed with his headphones on and red eyes.

“Hey… is something wrong?” He asked a little preoccupied, taking the headphones off and she gave him a small smile. She sat in the bottom of his bed and he frowned. “Charlie…”

“Hey, it’s okay, butt head.” She said and he rolled his eyes. “I just want to know if you are okay…? I mean, why the heck did you have cramp pills and…” She started mumbling laughing a little bit and not realizing how bad the hole thing actually was.

“Charlie, can we talk tomorrow? I’m actually tired.” He said interrupting her, mentally begging for her to stop talking. Wasn’t it already painful enough to remember that every day of his life?

“Does it have something to do with the fact that you always bond with teenage girls? Have you ever thought about having a daughter?” She continued ignoring him, and he closed his eyes sighing.

“Charlie…” He tried to warn her again.

“Why do you always treat teenage girls like they were your little sisters…?” With that, he exploded.

“That’s it.” He said feeling the anger consume him, he got up of his bed, grabbing her by the arm and practically throwing her out of his room. “We’ll talk tomorrow.”


Charlie never in her life expected that reaction from Dean. He was always so open with her, so honest, sometimes she felt that she was the only person to which Dean confessed his feelings. Was she hurt by the event from the previous night? Sure. Did she know she had insisted way too much? Definitely.

In the next day, neither of the boys got out of their rooms, only preoccupying her more. She was mad at Dean, but she also needed to hear her friend say he was okay. Although she knew he wasn’t. Dean and Sam were not okay and she just wanted to help.

She spent the day trying to distract herself in the computer until she finally found the courage to go knock in Sam’s room. She knew that he wouldn’t be so rude with her like Dean had been. At least she hoped so.

“Hey…” Sam said with a sigh and a low and hoarse voice when he opened the door. His eyes were red and it seemed like he hadn’t gotten up the whole day. He probably hadn’t. “C'mon in.”

She sat on the bed by his side and he didn’t say anything until she held his hand.

“I know you want some answers but it’s just so hard to talk about this.” Sam said sighing again.

“You don’t need to tell me anything, I just… Want you to be fine.” Charlie said with a small smile and Sam squeezed her hand.

“No, you’re family, you deserve to know.” He said and she didn’t argue. He took a deep breath before he started to talk again. “Today…today is my sister death’s anniversary.” He said and she frowned. Wait, what? “We were just teenagers when our father appeared with a baby girl telling us that she was our sister.” Sam explained. “Her mother died during labor and dad had to take her, but he never really gave a fuck about her, me and Dean raised her.”

“I never knew you had a sister…” Charlie said shocked with all those informations. Sam gave her a small smile, still looking at the ground.

“We don’t really talk about her… Actually, very few people got to know her. My dad never let (Y/N) hunt…”

“Her name was (Y/N)? That’s a beautiful name.” She said and Sam smiled more.

“Yeah. Dean chose it when we met her.” He said. “But, well, dad never let her hunt and we didn’t either, for different reasons of course. We didn’t let her hunt because it was dangerous, and dad… Because she was a girl.”

“What an ass!” Charlie exclaimed not being able to control herself.

“Tell me about it.” Sam said and she relaxed. “Both of us were always really close to her, but with the years… We started hunting, and she had to stay more and more alone. We… We didn’t see.” Sam said feeling a knot in his throat.

“Didn’t see… What?” Charlie asked when he stopped talking, already afraid of the answer.

“The signs… She always had a low self esteem, but she was…” He stopped to take a deep breath before continuing. “(Y/N) was depressed.” He explained and let a tear roll down his cheek. “One day… We came to the bunker and she was… With her wrists cut open and a ton of orange pill bottles around her.”

“Sam…” Charlie started, not being able to think of anything to say.

“(Y/N) committed suicide, Charlie.” Sam said quietly, letting more tears spill. “Dean blames himself. Every single day.” Sam finished starting to sob, and Charlie just wrapped her arms around him, feeling tears in her own eyes for the little Winchester.


Charlie slowly opened Dean’s door, seeing him sitting on his bed, looking at a picture in his hands. He didn’t even look at her when she came in. She sat by his side, noticing the picture showed Dean and a teenage girl laughing in the back sit of the Impala. Probably (Y/N).

“She was so ticklish.” He said with a small smile and through his tears, still looking at the photo. He probably imagined that Sam already told her the story of his little sister. “Her laugh… It was the best sound in the entire world, you know?” Charlie didn’t say anything, she just let Dean say everything, she knew he needed this. “Everything in our lives was always so dark… (Y/N) was our light. She was our joy.” He said putting his hand in his face when the cries got worse. “She always would make me smile by telling a bizarre story that happened in her school. But she would never wake up by herself, I needed to go to her room everyday and practically drag her out of bed. That is, when she didn’t sleep with me because of a nightmare.” He said with a sigh. “I was always trying to protect her from everything, but forgot to protect her from the only thing that really hurt her…. Herself.” Dean said licking his lips, looking at your face in the photograph. “If I hadn’t focused so much on out hunts, I could have spent more time with her, and maybe… I would have noticed what was going on, and I could have… Stopped her.” Dean said letting more tears roll.

“Dean…” Charlie finally opened her mouth felling her heart small. “No one can be blamed for a suicide… She knew you loved her, she just… Couldn’t deal with her own mind. It wasn’t your fault.” Charlie said and Dean closed his eyes like he was in pain, letting out a loud sob.

“It was my fault, Charlie! (Y/N) needed me! And I wasn’t there. She was only 17 for god sake.” He said rubbing his thumb in the picture. “I love her, always will. I just wish I had told her that more often…” He said sadly and Charlie took the picture off his hand, hugging him strongly. After a few seconds he hugged her back and cried everything he needed to cry.

“Even though you didn’t tell her, I’m sure she knew.” She said after minutes of silence, just hugging him. “It wasn’t your fault Dean, it wasn’t Sam’s either.”

He gave her a weak smile, kissing Charlie’s forehead.

“This is why I always bond with teenage girls.” Dean explained holding Charlie’s hand but looking at the ground. “Not that I’m trying to substitute her, but I try to do everything that I can do to make them safe…” He explained and she nodded, already have thought about that. “And that’s why there are still some cramp pills in here. Sam never really took care of this kind of subject with her. And she was so stubborn, so I had to guess every time she was suffering from her period.” He explained and she nodded again. “Thank you.” He said with a small smile to her, and she smiled too. “I’m sorry that I yelled at you yesterday… You are so special to me, but I was dealing with so much and…”

“I understand.” She said struggling. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I love you, Charlie Bradbury.” He said and she smiled more.

“I know.”

After a while Sam appeared and they all laid in the bed, talking all night long about the happy memories of (Y/N), and Charlie couldn’t restrain herself from thinking that it would have been nice if she’d had the chance to met her. But she had met the Winchesters, the most amazing humans that could’ve ever existed. And she was more than okay with that.

It was nighttime after her long shift when Charlie found him—the tousle-haired two-year-old sitting cross-legged in ratty footie pajamas practically swallowed by a foot of snow.

It wasn’t the first time a child had been abandoned in front of the fire station. It broke her heart every time, but she thought she’d never seen anything so cruel as the scene in front of her:

The blue-eyed toddler held a dead bird in his arms like a teddy bear, chubby cheeks stained with salt from crying. Held it so tight she thought she’d have to pry it from him. Instead, he looked up at her with round, pleading blue eyes, shoving the limp feathers in her face.

“Bowd,” he said through sniffles.

She took it from him gingerly, his eyes saying fix it. Not knowing what to do, she held it to her, staring at the broken, lifeless feathers.

She looked back up, reaching out for the boy.

“Come on, sweetheart.” she said, trying to use her best calming voice. Hoping not to scare the little one. Hoping he would come.

He sprung forward, almost knocking Charlie over, clinging to her tightly with a trusting expression. His body was warm. He should have been cold. He should have been dead. Instead, the little thing burrowed his messy-haired head in the crook of her neck, stroking the top of the dead pet with a finger.


“Bird,” she repeated, finally figuring out what he was trying to say. She looked at the dead bird, wanting to drop it as she looked at its glassy eye. She made a mental note to disinfect everything she’d touched after she’d disposed of it. But she couldn’t do it yet as she looked at the young boy’s eyes, glued to it.

Instead, she wrapped the bird up in a spare newspaper setting it on the seat next to the wiggly toddler.

His eyes went wide when the wings disappeared beneath the print and he wriggled free of the car seat, scrambling to the paper and ripping enough of it to expose the beak and head. He sent her a disapproving glare.

“Bowd,” he said, like a scolding.

She buckled him in the car seat, driving slowly, trying to organize her thoughts.

When they reached the house, she grabbed the toddler’s small frame easily, hefting him up and shutting the door. As soon as he heard the sound, though, his eyes darted to the newspaper still visible through the window.

“Bowd,” he said, reaching an open, chubby hand out. “Bowd.”

“I’m sorry angel,” she said. “It can’t come in. Birds have diseases. It can’t come in to the house.”

He may not have understood what she was saying, but the ultimate meaning seemed to reach him perfectly; the bird wasn’t coming.

The toddler began to cry, big blue eyes looking at her pleadingly, reaching a hand out towards the window, fingers splayed, this time in question:

“Bowd?” he plead softly. And Charlie felt her heart break a second time, almost giving in before she remembered it was a safety hazard.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” she said. Slowly, the toddler resigned himself to his fate, his head dropping to her shoulder, going quiet.

She could feel the tears on her shoulder. She could feel the tremors of him sniffling quietly.

“Shhh,” she cooed, “It’s all right. I won’t leave you.”

They walked through the door to muted lights and the soothing sound of Dorothy’s voice coming from the library.

“And the little rabbit lived happily ever after.”

She turned the corner to see the comforting figures of her wife and adopted son, curled up by the fire, his eyes closed as he fell asleep in her lap.

“He finally fell asleep, the little stinker. Wanted to wait until his firefighter mom got ho—” Dorothy started, then looked up. Her eyes widened in understanding, then her brows furrowed in concern.

“Another one?” she asked, her tone sad as she looked at the small boy’s crying form, limp against her shoulder.

Dorothy carried her son over to the entryway, taking in the second tiny boy’s shaking form.

“Assholes,” Dorothy said.

“Dorothy!” Charlie scolded, giving a pointed look toward the two children.

“What?” Dorothy said without apology. “They are, aren’t they precious?” she said talking to the toddler, reaching a hand forward to touch his still-damp hair.

“Bowd,” he stuttered before Charlie pulled away.

“Better not touch,” she said, “We’re both probably infected with bird disease.”

Dorothy gave a confused look, but quietly took their son to the room, laying the second two-year-old down for the night.

“Goodnight, Dean,” Dorothy said with a kiss, then joined her wife again: “Sounds like it’s bath time.”

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The Definition of Trouble - Chapter 16 

Some things just probably shouldn’t happen. A child of the Doctor and the Master is one of them.

After only raising her for a few years when she was a toddler (with Clara’s help), the Doctor is horrified when every glimpse of his daughter he gets, the more like her mother she is, and the more complicated things get. As unconditional as his love might be, having to stop her and Missy taking over the universe isn’t his first choice of family activity, even if it’s one he should have perhaps expected.


“Tell me you’re sorry.”


“You know exactly what for,” Missy snarled, and sure enough, guilt flashed across his face. “Yes, there it is. For taking my daughter away from me against her will. For leaving faulty vortex manipulators around where any eight year old can find them. For not being more careful with our daughter, for being the reason she almost died.”

“I know,” the Doctor said quietly. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Missy.”

God, that was amazing to hear from him. Amazing to see the genuine regret in his face, the apology, to hear the words fall from his lips.

Missy grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into a rough, bruising kiss. He let her do it, hands reaching for her with a kind of desperation. It had been too long since they had done this, for both of them, and she had been so caught up in her fury that she had almost forgotten how much she always wanted him.

How good it could feel when he would shudder under her touch, the way he always submitted in the end, even if sometimes he tried to fight her dominance.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, over and over again, and she tired of it very quickly.

“Prove it,” she replied, putting a finger over his mouth and half smirking when he swallowed, hard.

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can I interest you in gay asexual viktor krum who constantly has to turn girls away bc playing quidditch doesn't make you interested in sex, and who finds companionship with aroace charlie weasley who went through some of the same when he played quidditch at hogwarts? (S)

They meet at Bill’s wedding. Viktor is sulking because he hasn’t gotten to talk to his friend Hermione yet when Charlie runs into him. Charlie CAN’T just turn this opportunity down. He listens to all radio broadcasts of Viktor’s games that he can. He pretty much did scream when he found out that his youngest brother got to be at Hogwarts with Viktor. Charlie volunteered right away to bring the dragons to Hogwarts for the Tournament. Unfortunately, the champions were pretty well looked over and Charlie didn’t manage more than a glimpse at Viktor, really. But now Viktor is here. At his house. So Charlie saunters right up to him and introduces himself and asks how Viktor is doing.

Viktor’s got a surly face because it helps keep people from talking to him, which he likes because he gets asks out a lot - mostly girls. And that’s among the least offensive thing some fans ask him to do. So keeping people away is usually good. But Viktor’s actually a really friendly and soft-hearted guy, so when this happy redhead enthusiastically bounds towards him and seems to genuinely care how Viktor is doing, Viktor is set immediately at ease.

The two quickly get into chatting about quidditch and then dragons - which Viktor thinks is a damn cool job, especially after facing one in the Tournament. Somehow they end up dancing together. Viktor is very aware of the way Mrs. Weasley is staring him down, but Charlie seems immune to it. When Viktor asks “isn’t she making you uncomfortable?” Charlie just laughs.

“Nah, that’s just mum for you. I came out to her as aroace a few years ago. I still don’t think she’s quite gotten over the shock of it. She’s especially watchful over me whenever I interact with other people now.”

“Aroace?” Viktor repeats out of shock. Charlie opens his mouth to explain, but Viktor has already figured out what this is short for and blurts out, “no, vhat a coincidence. I am asexual. I have just never met anyone that felt the same. Plenty of other gay men but no other - vhat did you use? No other aces.”

Charlie grins big and claims the next dance with Viktor as well. Viktor knows he’s just made a new penpal.

~Hufflepuff Mod

You guys

This is insane. You guys are amazing, all of you. I don’t understand it but I am so happy. I’m going to have a drink to celebrate this before I get back to addressing the requests!! What a good day for this to happen on too! I love each and every one of you, seriously!

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House of the Rising Sun (A Prince!Shawn AU)

Summary: Shawn, Prince of House Mendes, first in line for the throne, struggles to separate his feelings from duty as he is set to wed you, the youngest daughter of House Sol, in a marriage set to end a hundred and fifty year war.

Ch. 8

The carriage ride was silent the whole way to the Cliff House in Helios - the mid way between Talan and Apollo, a place of neutrality. You attributed it to the fact that maybe Shawn was nervous about you finally arriving in Apollo, or the fact that you would really begin to become King and Queen come tomorrow.

Admittedly you wished there was more conversation. You wanted a distraction from the sadness you were feeling at leaving your parents behind in Talan and the teary goodbye you shared earlier this morning. You didn’t stop crying for the first hour of the journey, and Shawn held you tight to his chest until you cried your way to sleep.

You hadn’t slept much at all the night before, wanting to stay up as late as possible and continue talking with your mother. You slept in your room one last time, wanting to etch it into your memory as best as you could. Granted you’d return, but it would never be the same. You were thankful that Shawn understood your need for one last night at home.

Little did you know he had his own reasons for being thankful that he didn’t have to face you quite yet.

Shawn hated seeing you cry. This morning was the first time he’d seen it and he was a mess, wanting nothing more than to comfort you as best as he could, tell you that you didn’t have to leave, that you could stay in Talan and he’d take care of you and you could both live in the cottage and-

And that was exactly why he kept his mouth shut.

He’d spent the rest of the previous day mulling over Jack and Geoff’s words, coming to a realization that they were right. He was falling in love with you and it was distracting him. He hated to consider you a distraction, but it was the honest truth. You surrounded all of his thoughts, you were influencing his moods, and he was in love with you.

Gods, was he in love with you. Shawn was so obsessed with you it was becoming a problem. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to be - he meant what he said. He wanted to learn everything about you, he wanted there to be complete transparency between the two of you and he was craving to learn things about you everyday. Though you didn’t have time to yesterday, he still wanted to learn ten things about you, and he wanted you to learn ten things about him - everyday, for the rest of your lives, he wanted that.

But the guilt of the reality of the situation was beginning to eat him alive. It had truly only been four days since the two of you met, five counting today, and things had gone by so quickly he didn’t even realize how he was already fucking up the rest of your lives. He thought by learning from his parents’ mistakes and making sure you loved one another before you even began your roles as King and Queen was sure to create a solid foundation between the two of you. And so far, it was working. He just didn’t think he’d be fucking up his duties as King at the same time.

Shawn knew what he had to do to make this right, and neither of you were going to like it very much.

Jack, Geoff, and Charlie walked into the tavern and took a seat at the nearest table, armour clunking as they moved.

“This better be good,” Charlie says. “I had to lie to Her Grace about why I couldn’t stay at the Cliff House, and I would like remain off of the list of men who have lied to Her.”

Geoff narrows his eyes at him. “Too late, you’re already there.”

“Shawn needs your help, Charlie. That’s why you’re here.” Jack reminds him.

“I was going to help him.”

“And you will continue to if you care about the Queen at all.” Shawn says. The three men jump slightly in surprise, not having seen or heard the King enter the tavern or approach the table. He’s dressed in all black, cloak around his shoulders and hood on his head.

Jack snorts at him. “If you’re trying to be inconspicuous you’re failing miserably.”

Shawn ignores him, taking a seat. “The first council meeting is in three days. The Queen’s first advisory meeting will be in four. I have a plan.”

Jack stares at him. “You have a plan?”

“Yes,” Shawn says. “I do. And if you’re truly my brother as you claim to be then you’ll help me.”

Shawn takes Jack’s silence as confirmation. “Right then. I need all of you to schedule a separate meeting with both the council and advisory, in which you will present to them the fact that the Queen and I will be in attendance at both. I will discuss this with my parents, and I’ll be writing a letter to send by raven to the King and Queen Regent of House Sol to inform them of the change as well. Charlie, I also need you to help me write the letter so I can be sure that I’m not saying anything offensive. Geoff, I need you to prepare the Queen to be ready for these meetings, and Jack, I’ll need you to help with that as well. But while all of this is happening, and this is most important I need you all to keep the Queen and I apart. We can only be physically together in these meetings and at meals. However, we cannot sleep in the same bed until we establish a solid routine and know for sure that we aren’t distracting the other.”

Charlie pauses. “You mean, that she isn’t distracting you. She’s not the one distracted from her duties, you are.”

Geoff gives Charlie a cautionary glance, but it’s no use. Shawn barrels on. “I distracted her yesterday and got her to agree to the fact that I wasn’t allowed at her advisory meetings. While I’m sure you’re thrilled with it, I’m not. I’m not going to let our marriage reflect the marriages of our parents and the kings and queens before them.”

“Fine, fair point. But why sleep in separate beds? Why avoid the other?”

Shawn looks at him blankly. “Because Charlie, every time that the Queen and I are alone together we fuck, we make love, and everytime we do, I lose focus. I get distracted. Is that the answer you’re looking for?”

There’s a small silence before Jack bursts out laughing, face turning red as Geoff snickers behind his hand. Shawn knows he’s pissed him off but he doesn’t care. He’s sick of Charlie and his terrible attitude. Charlie glares at him, seething as he jabs a finger into his chest. “Don’t talk about her like that!”

Jack shoves him right back. “Lighten up, Puth, the Queen is a grown woman, she can handle herself. She’s not a child anymore.”

“I don’t have to help, you know.” Charlie tells Shawn. “I don’t care if you’re the King. You’re no King of mine. My loyalty is to the Queen, not to anyone else. I offered my help, and you’re the one who messed it all up. I don’t need to help you fix your mistake, because you made it.” It’s a challenging threat, his declaration of not recognizing Shawn as King is enough to start a war of its own, but the King is unfazed.

“Fine, then you don’t have to help.” Jack offers, irritated. “If you can’t see that being loyal to the Queen means being loyal to Shawn, then you don’t have to do a damn thing. If you’d rather contribute to the problem, contribute to the cause of the war that we’re trying to end, then so be it. Be her watchdog, but that won’t help any.”

Charlie, shocked by Jack’s admission, storms off, slamming the door of the tavern behind him. Shawn doesn’t say a word as he leaves.

“Ignore him,” Geoff says. “He’ll come around eventually.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Shawn counters. “I’m not just going to stop being her husband. I care about her too. I’m doing this for the both of us and he’s jeopardizing that.”

“Then he can forget being part of the King’s Guard and his only duty will be to the Queen, just like he wants.” Jack says, flagging down the barman for a round of drinks. “If he can’t see that you have a duty to the Queen just as much as he does, then that’s his problem. Now shut up and drink.”

You had just finished being bathed and dressed for bed, basking in the warmth of the fire that the keepers of the Cliff House had lit for you, keeping the room warm to combat the cool sea breeze coming through the window. You were nursing your second glass of wine by the time Shawn came into the room, his curls a mess atop his head, cheeks flushed red and tired eyes finding you curled up at the head of the bed.

“Shawn” you breathe out, taking in the sight of him.

At the sight of your wine glass, he smirked, a mischievous glint reaching his eyes. “That’s never a good sign.” He says, kicking off his boots and climbing onto the bed.

You could feel yourself get hot as he crawled up the bed before kneeling in front of you. The way his eyes raked over your body was sinful. His large hand wrapped around your ankle, slowly making its way up the smooth skin of your leg and under the skirt of your nightgown, his other hand coming to slip the skinny strap of it down your shoulder, placing his lips on the skin there gently.

“Do you remember what happened the last time you drank wine?” He murmurs. “I had to put you to bed before I even got to taste you.”

There’s a slight whine to his voice and you feel it in your core, lips parting slightly. He maneuvers until he’s sitting behind you, back against the headboard, your body between his legs, back against his firm chest. He takes your wine glass, chugging the last of it before placing it on the bedside table. Your hands move to his thighs, the thick muscles taught and strong beneath your fingers as you begin to massage them.

He pushes your hair aside, exposing the bare skin of your neck where his lips begin to leave hot kisses, nipping here and there. “Talk to me,” he tells you, hands travelling up and down your sides. “Ten things.”

“Right now?” You manage to gasp out.

He sucks lightly on your skin, pausing to say “Yes, my love, right now.”

You rack your brain for simple things to say, things you can rattle off because the faster you say them the faster you and Shawn can get to what you both really want to do.

“I’ve never been stung by a bee, I’ve only ever had pet cats and not pet dogs because my parents thought I was allergic to dogs, my first word was ‘Sun,’ I—ahhhh”

You gasp, Shawn sucking hard enough at your neck that you know it’ll bruise over. When you stop speaking, Shawn pulls away only slightly to say “Keep going, I’m listening.”

“I didn’t learn how to ride a horse until I was sixteen, I get nosebleeds when I’m too cold, I haven’t seen my older sister in seven years, I can’t sing, I love running, I love gardening, and I love when you kiss my neck like that.”

You can feel his lips smile against your skin where he nips gently with his teeth, running his tongue over it to ease the pain. He pulls back, turning you so that you can look at him. Under your stare though, he gets nervous, so he opts for interlacing your fingers and focusing on the way you make him calm down.

“I love kissing you, everywhere, anywhere I can get to if you’ll let me.” He begins. “I love the way you look at me like I’m the greatest thing you’ve ever seen. I love your intelligence, I love making you smile, I love that you trusted me enough to be your first, I’m slightly nervous to bring you back to Apollo because I really want you to be comfortable there and love it the same way that I do, I admire your compassion, I like that you’re accepting of my affection, I love that you love being with me, because I don’t like being without you.”

He sighs deeply. “And I say that because for the next few days I’m going to have to be.”

You tilt your head in confusion, bringing your hand up to cup the side of his face. “What do you mean?”

“I made a mistake,” he admits. The guilt in his voice doesn’t go unnoticed. “I made a mistake, and Jack and Geoff are trying to help me fix it.”

“What happened?”

He hesitates, but he can’t lie to you. He can’t start your marriage like this. No secrets, no lies. “I wasn’t paying attention yesterday, in the meeting with your father. I uh, I got distracted. I had a plan, for us, you see, and part of that plan was to tell both our parents that I want you to be part of the Royal Council, and that I want to be part of the Queen’s Advisory.”

You’re shocked, to say the least. As long as Talan and Apollo have both stood, the Queen has never taken part in the Royal Council, and a King has never been part of the Queen’s Advisory.

The two were created to be separate so that the King would assume head of the council, be in charge of every critical and imperative decision there ever was and would be - things as simple as taxes, laws, judiciary rulings, to things as large as war - those were all duties of the king. The Queen’s advisory was concerned with the people of the kingdom. Every social concern of the citizens belonged to the Queen - always known as the Queen Mother, keeper of her people. The King and Queen have never interfered with the other. As a result, the governing body of kingdoms was always split in two, and if kingdoms fell in war, it was because the King or Queen that was left standing was never strong enough to rule alone.

To change that? To upend the way rule is separated, and has been separated for generations and change how the monarchy rules…it’s…revolutionary. Shawn thought of this on his own? Shawn wants this? For the both of you?

“I know that our marriage is the hope to ending the war. A war that’s still going on out there. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from our history, I can’t stop it by myself. I can’t stop a war between two kingdoms when I only know about one, I can’t rule a kingdom if I don’t know the people. I need your help, I need you by my side through it all as my wife and as my Queen. And I wanted to say as much yesterday, but I didn’t. I wasn’t focused, so it seems like I agreed to keep our business separate and I don’t want that. The council and advisory in Apollo are already preparing to continue business as usual and Jack and Geoff are going to help me fix it.”

Shawn tightens his grip on your hands, and finally looks into your eyes. “And until we fix it, we’ll both be very busy. The first council meeting is in three days, and the first advisory meeting is in four. I need to be prepared for both, and so do you. Jack will be with you these next few days to teach you everything you need to know.”

“And when will I see you?” You ask. “Will we have time to see each other?”

He smiles. “We’ll make time. It’ll mostly be during meals, and we can set some times in the mornings and in the evenings aside, but I don’t think we’ll be able to share the same bed until the meetings have concluded, and - baby? Honey? Are you alright?”

His hands cup the sides of your face, and take in your blank expression. “Talk to me, please.” Shawn says.

“It’s just…it’s a lot to process. I mean I knew that when we arrived there would be much to do, but I didn’t anticipate it to all come at once. And…and the council? Will they even let me be part of it?”

“They’ll have no choice, and if anyone of those councilmen question you they are more than welcome to leave and find another King and Queen to serve.”

“And the advisory?”

“Your people are mine, and my people are yours. We’re all affected by the war, and we all have ideas on how to change it. The concerns of the people should be the concerns of the both of us.”

You purse your lips, staring at Shawn. He seems so…confident. So sure. “You really think this will work?”

He smiles, pulling your face closer so he can kiss you. It’s soft and deep, honest. When he pulls back, he’s looking at you with bright and excited eyes, “it will work. These next four days, they’ll be tough, but it’ll work. I promise.”

Good Enough // Thor x OC AU P3

Pairing: Thor x WOC (Charlotte “Charlie” Bailey-Thomas)
Word Count: 1k+
Warning: Angst, Language, Prejudice, Mild Violence

Summary: It’s not a national holiday until somebody pops off.

A/N: I’m really loving the response I’m getting to this story. It’s both wonderful and kind of sad how easily relatable the story is with you guys. Thank you for all your lovely words :D. I know this is a little longer, but when you read it, you’ll understand why (i hope). heheh. Happy Thorsday and happy reading! (This is also un-beta’d so pls forgive an writing mistakes, it’s 6am and I haven’t slept yet.)


The sound of crashing and the shrill voice of Hattie Mae pierced everyone’s ears. Great aunts Mags and Rosie shook their heads in disapproval as they made their way out of the kitchen. Even though Hattie was the eldest of the three sisters, she was also the most overly dramatic. Charlie visibly winced as memories of irate grandmother flooded back. Some things never change.

“I will not stand to be disrespected in my own damn house! You will either apologize or get the hell out!” Hattie’s voice echoed through the manor. Nicole groaned outwardly, squared her shoulders and walked stiffly towards the unpleasant sound. In spite of all the tension, Ellie giggled. Charlie looked sharply at her younger sister.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“You can’t tell but that’s her ‘give me my booze or I’ll disown you’ voice. The doctor says she’s not allowed to keep drinking as much as she does but you know there’s no one person on this earth who can tell Hattie Mae Bailey what to do,” Ellie replied. Charlie’s eyebrows shot up in surprise.

“Has her drinking really gotten that bad?”

“Oh yeah,” Josephine interrupted, “she’s been going through two bottles of vodka a week. Honestly, we like her better when she’s drunk. She’s less likely to throw things.”

“Good lord.” Before Charlie could think to say anything else, Thor found his way to the kitchen with a bemused expression on his face.

“Thor? Honey? What’s wrong??”

“…Your grandfather just asked if I was a white supremacist…,” he laughed.

“He said what?” Charlie demanded. Shock and anger coursed through her body. Her patience for her family was getting real fuckin thin. The sound of glass shattering against the wall sent everyone rushing from the kitchen. Charlie was stunned to find her uncle and namesake, Charles trying to defend himself from the drunken blows of their grandmother. Thor immediately stepped in to pull her off the shaken up man.

“Did you just try to control me with your white hands?!” Hattie Mae shouted.. Ellie snorted in disbelief.

“Mama, please, calm down!” Nicole implored her mother.  Charlie had never seen her mother looking so anxiously haggard. She stood there wringing her hands, her normally perfect hair in disarray. Her beautiful red dress was now torn. Charlie guess it was from trying to keep her grandmother from doing any serious harm to either herself or her uncle. Hattie Mae whirled her steely gaze on her daughter and actually growled out loud. It was suddenly clear to Charlie what Josephine meant. Sometimes it was easier to  just placate the demons.

“It’s not a national holiday until Grandmother loses her shit,” Ellie said absentmindedly. Hattie Mae turned to face her great granddaughter with a narrow gaze. Charlie was infinitely thankful she wasn’t the one on the receiving end of Hattie Mae’s wrath this time. This was too much. This life was too much. Scarlett stepped in front of Ellie, effectively blocking her from view and handed her grandmother a vodka tonic.

“Here you are, Nana.”

“Thank you,” Hattie Mae said icily, “at least someone here knows how to treat a lady.”

“Yeah, because you’re such a fuckin lady,” Charles seethed. Scarlett threw her hands up in frustration and left the room. Josephine followed quickly behind her. Hattie Mae opened her mouth to tell off her son, but thankfully, decided against it.

“This has been such a tiring day, I think I’ll retire to my chambers,” she said. Gathering up her things, she strode from the room, drink in hand.

“It’s a bedroom, Mother. Stop being so fucking pretentious,” Charles hissed at her retreating figure. Hattie Mae simply waved him off and disappeared into the hallway. A collective sigh of relief echoed through the sitting room when she was gone. At long last, a moment of peace.  

After the over-excitement in the sitting room everyone decided it would be best if they went their own ways for the rest of the night. Nicole lead Charlie and Thor to her old bedroom so they could settle in.

“So…” Charlie started as they unpacked their suitcases. She was sitting on the edge of her old bed, filling the empty victorian trunk once again with her belongings.

“Yes, my love?”

“You ever going to tell me what you meant about my grandfather calling you a white supremacist?” she asked worriedly. Thor chuckled in response. After putting away the last of his clothes, he walked over to sit next to her. She pulled his hands into her lap and kissed his cheek. He smiled tenderly.

“He was particularly wary of me when I introduced myself. I can’t say I’m too surprised since I’m a fairly large white man with the last name Odinson. Given his age and experience, I imagine he’s met too many in his lifetime.”

“Are you okay?” she asked. Thor nodded and kissed her temple.

“In spite of my initial impression, your grandfather is really quite interesting. There’s a lot more to him than what meets the eye.” Charlie exhaled a laugh in agreement. For as long as she could remember her grandfather had always been this foreboding yet well dressed man of mystery. It disappointed her deeply when she realized Thor probably knew him better than she did.

“Now,” Thor said as he stood up and unbuckled his pants, “what do you say we climb into bed and watch some Netflix?” Charlie laughed and agreed. Seemed like not matter how insane her life got, she’d always have Thor to keep her grounded.

Hattie Mae Bailey could never resist an unlocked bedroom door. Especially not the one that belonged to her only daughter.

Creeping silently into the room, she quickly surveyed the room to confirm it’s emptiness. Satisfied, she made a beeline for Nicole’s jewelry box on the vanity. Her daughter might not confide in her anymore, but she definitely kept her secrets somewhere. Taking a long swig of her vodka tonic, Hattie Mae settled into the bench for some snooping. She never could have guessed what she would find.

The bottom drawer of the jewelry box had been sloppily closed. Naturally, that’s what caught Hattie Mae’s eye first. Aside from a few buttons, single hoop earrings and a folded piece of paper, there wasn’t much of interest in the drawer. A shiver went up Hattie Mae’s spine when she picked up the paper. Unfolding it, she discovered it was nothing more than a birth certificate. She almost put it back immediately until a name caught her eye. Scarlett Marie Bailey. Taking another swig, Hattie Mae perked right up. Why would Nicole keep a copy of Scarlett’s birth certificate in her bottom jewelry box drawer? Especially when everyone has always kept their important documents in the office. Why only hers?  Upon further reading, Hattie Mae had her answer. 

This wasn’t Scarlett’s birth certificate. It was her daughter’s. Hattie Mae dropped her drink in shock, shattering it on the floor.

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Injured Football Player Ch30

Originally posted by aliyastan

Word Count: 3851

A/N: I cannot believe that this is the last chapter! Thank you so much to everyone who read this story and showed me so much love! I cannot explain how much it means to me!

Chapter 29

Master List

 “Y/N, where are our children?” he asked walking into the kitchen. He was dressed in his suit and was about to head out for his away game.

 You looked up and smiled, “Well, hello there sexy man.”

 Bucky smiled as he walked up to you, “Hi baby mama.”

 “I can’t tell which I like better. You in uniform, or you in a suit,” you wrapped you arms around his waist.

 “You do this every time,” Bucky mumbled kissing your neck.

 “Well, my man is hot, and I can’t help it when I see you like this,” you squeezed his butt.

 He pulled back and kissed your forehead, “I’m gonna be late, doll.”

 You groaned, “Fine. The kids were in their playroom five minutes ago. But if I know our daughter she is probably hiding because she knows you will not leave without saying goodbye to them.”

 “She is a sneaky little thing,” he shook his head and chuckled.

 You both walked into the playroom and looked around. You saw Charlie’s Y/H/C high ponytail behind the couch in there. You pointed and winked at Bucky.

 “Well, I guess they aren’t in here,” you spoke a little loud.

 “I guess I have to leave without a good luck kiss from Charlie,” Bucky spoke with fake sadness in his voice.

 “I hope you can still win without that kiss!”

 “I don’t think we will win, everyone knows a Charlie kiss is the best good luck charm we have. I guess we will just take the loss and not go to the Super Bowl,” Bucky smiled at you.

 “No, Daddy,” Charlie popped her head out from behind the couch, “You can’t lose! We have to go to the Super Bowl!”

 You both acted shocked, “Charlie Rae, where did you come from?” you asked.

 “Daddy, you have to win,” Charlie climbed over the couch.

 “Well, I need my kiss,” Bucky picked her up.

 She gave him a kiss, “Good luck, Daddy,” she gave him one more kiss, “Extra good luck.”

 “Thank you baby girl,” he kissed her forehead, “Now, where is your brother?”

 She pointed behind the couch. You walked over and saw Dean sitting on the floor. When he saw you she smiled, “Mama!”

 You reached down and picked him up, “Bean, were you hiding too?”

 Bucky took Dean from you and gave you Charlie, “I will see you in a couple days little man.”

 You walked Bucky out to the garage. He had his arm wrapped around your shoulders, “Two days,” he kissed the side of your head.

 You nodded, “Two days.”

 He put his bags in the back seat and turned back around to you, “I love you, baby mama.”

 “I love you too, Barnes,” you wrapped your arms around his neck. Yes, it was only two days he was going to be gone, but you still hated seeing him leave.

 He pulled back and kissed you, “I will call you when we get there.”

 You nodded, “Be safe. Play hard. Bring home that win so we can go to the Super Bowl.”

 “Yes ma’am,” he kissed you again before getting in the truck, “Bye, Y/N.”

 “Bye Bucky. I love you,” you waved as he made his way out the driveway.

 “I love you too,” he blew you a kiss and drove off.

 Your house was full of people watching the game that next night. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, praying Dallas would win.

 There was 20 seconds left and Dallas was down by four. You were sitting on your couch, shaking your legs and biting your nails. You dad was sitting next to you, just as anxious as.

 They ran two plays and rant the clock down to four seconds, and they were still 40 yards from the in-zone.

 “I think I’m gonna throw up,” you mumbled.

 “They are going to win,” you mom tried to calm you down.

 They lined up, and the camera showed Bucky, he was focused and ready for wheat was going to happen next. The ball was snapped and he darted out and sprinted down the field. Steve bounced around and threw the ball down the field to Bucky. You were holding your breath, everyone was quiet, then Bucky caught the ball and ran in for a touchdown. Everyone jumped up cheering. They showed Bucky kneeling down in the in-zone shaking his head. Steve ran up was patting him on the back.

 You sat on the couch crying. He was going to the Super Bowl again. The first time since the kids were born that the Cowboys were going back to the Super Bowl. You watched as the cameras stayed on Bucky and Steve as they hugged, both crying and laughing.

 You picked Charlie up who was cheering for her daddy. The ESPN reported walked up to Bucky who was still in shock, “Bucky, congratulations on the win! What was going though your mind when you got ready for that play?”

 Bucky laughed and shook his head, “I thought how glad I was my daughter gave me an extra good luck kiss before I left yesterday.”

 “So, you have your daughter to thank for the win?” the reporter asked.

 He nodded, “I do, thank you baby Charlie for all the good luck,” he smiled into the camera, “Daddy will be home soon!”

 “Thank you Bucky, and congrats again,” she smiled at Bucky as he walked away thanking her, “Well, Cowboy fans must be really happy that Bucky Barnes got that extra good luck kiss from his little girl. Charlie Barnes, your daddy is going to the Super Bowl.”

 Charlie was in shock that they were talking about her on TV. You kissed her head, “You didn’t know your kisses had so much power did you?”

 She smiled at you, “I did this?”

 “You sure did little bug,” your dad kissed her, “You are your daddy’s good luck charm!”

 You were too excited to go to sleep, so you waited up for Bucky to get home. The later it got, the more anxious you got to see him. Finally at ten minutes after one in the morning, you heard the garage door open. You jumped up and ran out to see him. He got out of his truck and picked you up when you got to him. You wrapped your legs around his waist, holding him as you both cried and laughed. You kissed him as he walked you both into the house and up to your bedroom.

 You rolled over to wrap an arm around Bucky, but hit the bed instead. You rubbed your eyes and looked around for him. You got up and walked down the hall to see Bucky sitting in Charlie’s room watching her sleep.

 He saw you walking in, he smiled and opened his arms for you to sit with him.

 You sat on his lap and kissed him, “What are you doing up?”

 “I couldn’t sleep,” he whispered back.

 You nodded, “She was sure excited to hear you talking about her tonight.”

 Bucky smiled looking at the sleeping girl, “It was all true.”

 “You’re a good daddy,” you kissed him again, “Now, you need some sleep if you are going to the Super Bowl.”

 He nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

 The weeks leading up to Super Bowl week went by way too fast. You guys were running around making sure everything was taken care of before you guys flew off to Atlanta for Super Bowl week.

 “But I want to fly with Daddy,” Charlie cried while you packed up her bag.

 “Charlotte we have talked about this, we cannot fly with Daddy. He has to fly with Uncle Steve. We are gonna fly with Pops, Nana, and Aunt Mimi,” you replied trying to keep your calm explaining the same thing for the hundredth time to her.

 “But I want to fly with Daddy!”

 “Charlotte,” Bucky’s voice boomed from downstairs, “We have talked about this, you are flying with Mama, end of discussion.”

 “Yes, sir,” she said softly.

 You kissed her forehead, “We will see Daddy later that day, I promise.”

 The week leading up to the Super Bowl went faster than you thought it would. It felt like you go to Atlanta and the next day was the big day.

 The night before, Bucky had a team meeting then a couple hours before he had to be back in his room for bed check. Your parents kept the kids while you met Bucky for a little one-on-one time.

 “Sorry, babe,” Bucky walked up giving you a kiss, “You look beautiful.”

 You smiled, “Thank you. How was the meeting?”

 He sighed, “It was good. Just walking through tomorrow. Was Charlie upset she didn’t get to come?”

 You nodded, “Yeah, she wanted to see her daddy, but I told her we would see you tomorrow.”

 “I love that little girl, I’m telling you,” he smiled.

 You both ate your meal and decide to take a walk before you guys went to your different hotel rooms.

 “What you thinking about?” you asked Bucky who was abnormally quiet.

 “I’m nervous is all,” he wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him.

 “You got your whole fan club here, plus your good luck charm.”

 “I’m pretty sure the team wants Charlie to give them all good luck kisses before the game,” he chuckled.

 “I think she would only be willing to give you and Steve a kiss,” you smiled.

 You guys sat down on a bench in the park by the hotel and held onto each other tight to keep warm.

 “Y/N, I am so scared,” Bucky whispered.

 You looked at him confused, “What are you scared about baby?”

 “I’m scared that if we don’t win tomorrow, Charlie will look at me differently. I mean she is old enough to know how big this is, and I don’t want her to be disappointed in me if we lose,” he pinched the bridge of his nose.

 “Hey, look at me,” you turned his face to yours, “Charlie will love you win or lose, because you are more than just a football player to her. You are her daddy; you are a superhero in her eyes. She will remember this for the rest of her life because she got to watch her superhero daddy play in the biggest game ever. Win or lose, she will be excited to see you play. Dean on the other hand wont know what is going on for a couple more years, so you don’t got to worry about him.”

 Bucky chuckled, “I’m telling you, you never cease to amazing me, Y/N. I don’t know what I did in my life to deserve you, but I am so happy you are mine.”

 You wrapped your arm around his neck and pulled him close, “You helped me carry all my textbooks, and I felt like I should at least give you a chance since you did in fact carry thirty pounds of books for me.”

 He cupped your cheek, “Shut up, you thought I was hot.”

 “I still do,” you closed the gap between the two of you. You never got tired of kissing Bucky. It was always exciting and kept you on the edge of your seat.

 After a little bit longer, you guys walked back to the hotel and up to the room you were staying in.

 “I’m sure they are probably asleep, do you still want to come in?” you asked pulling out your key.

 “Of course I do,” Bucky kissed your hand, “I miss my babies and baby mama.”

 You smiled and opened the door quietly. You looked around and Charlie came running, “Daddy!”

 Bucky picked her up, “Hi Baby Rae,” he hugged her tight.

 “Charlotte, what are you doing up?” you asked looked up at the toddler perched high in her daddy’s arms.

 “Aunt Mimi said it was okay till you got back,” she shrugged as she played with Bucky’s hair.

 You rolled your eyes, “Let me guess, Nana and Pops are asleep already?”

 She nodded, “Yep. So Aunt Mimi said it was okay.”

 “Mama is going to have to talk to Aunt Mimi,” you patted her back.

 “Daddy has to go,” Bucky brushed Charlie’s hair back. He saw that she started to get tears in her eyes, “Hey, I’ll tuck you in. But you will get to see me tomorrow! I got to have my good luck kisses! I think Uncle Steve and some of the other guys will want one too.”

 She pouted at the idea of her daddy having to leave her again, “Kay.”

 He carried her into the room the kids were staying in, laid her down and gave her a big hug and kiss, “I love you, baby girl.”

 “I love you too, Daddy,” she mumbled, still upset he was leaving.

 Bucky walked over to the sleeping baby and gave him a kiss, “Love you, buddy.”

 You walked him out of the room and wrapped your arms around his neck, “No matter what happens tomorrow, I will always love you and I will always be proud of you.”

 “I love you so much,” he pulled away and kissed you, “I wish you could sleep in the room with me.”

 “Me too,” you sighed, “You better go before I throw a fit and try and make you stay.”

 He kissed you again, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

 “I love you, stud,” you winked at him.

 “I love you too, fox,” he blew you a kiss.

 You might have slept two hours that night. You were so anxious and nervous you couldn’t calm yourself down enough to sleep. You knew Bucky was anxious and you couldn’t do anything to help him.

 The next morning Charlie was talking a mile a minute about going and seeing her daddy. She wanted to go to the arena and be ready when he got there. You tried to calm her down, but you were so nervous you could eat anything.

 You felt a little bit of relief when you guys did finally get to go to the arena and saw Bucky. You guys walked onto the field and you were in awe. You had been on football fields before, but this had a different feeling.

 The second Charlie saw Bucky she bolted to him. He picked her up and spun her around, “There is my girl.”

 When Dean saw Bucky, he started to scream and squirm in your arms, “Dada! Dada!”

 “Yes, that is your dada,” you smiled.

 Dean kept fighting to get out of your arms to get to Bucky. You finally gave up and put him down. His fat little legs running as fast as he could to his dada.

 “Dada,” he squealed when he got to Bucky.

 “My boy,” Bucky sat down on the ground so Dean could run to him.

 You walked up and smiled at the sight of your kids crawling all over their dad.

 Bucky looked at you up and down, smiling, “Hey there hot mama.”

 You smiled, “You like? I stole your Dallas colored flannel to rock with this outfit.”

 “It looks better on you anyway,” he got up and wrapped his arms around you, “But I can’t wait till I can take it off you.”

 You chuckled and pulled him closer, “Trust me, tonight you can take whatever you want off me.”

 Bucky gave you a sexy smile, ducking down and kissed you, “I miss you.”

 “I miss you more,” you hugged him tight.

 “Charlotte Rae, come here and see Teve,” Steve called out.

 Charlie looked around Bucky’s legs to see Steve walking towards them, “Teve!”

 “Bugs, I am sure glad you are here,” Steve said picking her up, “You gotta make sure you give us all luck today, okay?”

 She nodded, “I can do that!”

 Dean pulled on your pants leg and wanted you to pick him up. You pulled the baby up into your arms and kissed his cheek.

 Bucky leaned over and kissed the top of his head, “If only you could understand what is going on.”

 “He will have more chances to understand,” you smiled, “This isn’t his last Super Bowl.”

 “Y/N,” Steve called out swinging Charlie, “My offer still stands about Charlie. I can take her off your hands.”

 “No way,” Bucky shook his head, “She is my baby.”

 “Okay,” Steve held a hand up, “Three years worth of pay?”

 “Nope, she stays right here with her daddy,” Bucky smiled at Charlie, “She is my good luck charm.”

 Charlie gave her good luck kisses and you all made your way up stairs to the box where everyone was going to watch the game. You anxiety was getting worse the closer the game got.

 The national anthem started and you had to go to the bathroom to throw up. When you walked out, your dad was standing there with a bottle of water for you.

 “Thanks, Dad,” you mumbled taking the water.

 “I haven’t seen you like this in a long time sugar,” he rubbed your arm.

 “I hate seeing him so nervous and anxious, it just makes me even more nervous and anxious than I already am,” you cleared your throat trying not to throw up again.

 “If I know my son-in-law, he will absolutely kick ass in this game.”

 You nodded, “You’re right.”

 The first half went by quick. Bucky was having the best game of his life, catching ever throw, getting extra yards, and scoring two of the three touchdowns. You started to relax a little after Michelle forced a drink down your throat.

 Then the third quarter started. The first play that the Cowboys had, Bucky jumped for the ball, and the linebacker hit him causing him to do a flip and landed hard.

 You jumped you and watched in shock. Your husband was laying on the ground, not moving. You looked to you dad who was standing next to you, “What is happening? Dad, what is going on?”

 “Calm down sugar,” your dad wrapped an arm around your shoulders, “He probably just got the wind knocked out of him.”

 You stood there twisting your rings, “Come on Buck, just get up. Get up baby.”

 The medical team was out there with him and they slowly they sat him up. You let out a soft sob, “He is okay.”

 He got up and walked off the field, before he got off he looked up to the box you guys were at and waved at you guys.

 “See, I told you,” you dad whispered.

 “I need to check on him,” you started to panic.

 “Y/N, you can’t go down there,” you dad yelled.

 “I’m not going down there,” you yelled back running down to the offensive coordinators box that was three down from yours. You knocked on the door and opened it.

 “Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jarvis, a father figure to Bucky, and the top offensive guy stood up.

 “Call down there, please,” you pleaded.

 He let out a sigh and called, “I need Barnes,” he paused for a moment, “Barnes, you okay? … Okay, well hold on,” he handed the phone to you, “Three minutes, kid.”

 You nodded grabbing the phone, “Bucky, baby, are you okay?”

 “Y/N?” Bucky yelled on the other end of the phone trying to hear, “What are you doing calling from the OC phone?”

 “Are you okay?” you yelled. The guys turned around to look at you; you threw your hand up as an apology, “Tell me you are okay.”

 “I am okay! It just knocked the wind out of me! I promise!”

 “Okay,” you let out a sigh of relief, “You get back out there and win this game.”

 “I love you, you freak,” he laughed.

 “I love you too,” you handed the phone back to Jarvis. You gave him a kiss on the cheek, “Thank you, Jarv. I will make you a big batch of cookies when we get back home!”

 “I better have triple batch,” he winked at you.


 Thirty seconds stood in between the Dallas Cowboys and another Super Bowl victory. All they had to do was stop the other team from throwing a Hail Mary.

 You were standing up with your arms crossed as you swayed, “Come on guys. Sack him. Just sack him.”

 The ball is snapped; the quarterback is looking around for someone. He locks eyes and chucks it down field. Everyone was holding their breath watching the ball float through the air. A Dallas linebacker right there, and simply grabs it out of the air and starts to run the opposite direction.

 It hit you. The Dallas Cowboys just won the Super Bowl. You covered your face and let out a scream, “They won!”

 Confetti was shooting everywhere, people were cheering. A security guard came up to you, “Mrs. Barnes, do you want to go down onto the field?”

 You and your parents grabbed the kids and followed him down the back way to the field. When you got down there, it was crazy. You held on tighter to the security guard as you made your way through the crowd. Then you saw him. He was crying when he put the Super Bowl hat on.

 Something made him look over in your direction. When he saw you he sprinted over to you, cupping your face and kissing you. He pulled away and wrapped his arms around your waist, picking you up swinging you around. You kissed him a couple more times before he put your down.

 Your dad let go of Charlie and she ran up to Bucky, “You won Daddy!”

 “It was all because of you baby girl,” he kissed her, “You are my good luck charm!”

 After your parents gave Bucky their hugs, he pulled you close and kissed you again.

 “You just won the Super Bowl, Bucky Barnes, what are you going to do now?” you asked smiling at him.

 “I am going to show my wife how much I love, adore and cherish her. Then we might go to Disneyland as a family,” he kissed you, “I love you so much, Y/N. Nothing can make me feel the way you make me feel.”

 “Even winning the Super Bowl?” you pulled him close.

 “I could win ten Super Bowls, but they wouldn’t mean anything if I wasn’t coming home to you at the end of the day. This could be the last football game I ever play and I would be completely okay with it because I have you and our kids.”

 “I love you James,” you kissed him again.

 “Dada,” Dean yelled.

 Bucky picked him up and held him tight, in that moment you picked Charlie up.

 You had two wonderful kids, and the most amazing husband in the world. There was nothing else you could ask for in the world. Everything was perfect. Who would have thought that all of this started with a college football player helped a nerdy girl in the Baylor bookstore carrying her books? The football player fell in love with the nerdy girl and the rest is history.

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hey can you pls draw a destiel scene where deans under anesthetic and he's like OMG CAS UR EYES R SO PRETTY R U AN ANGEL?! and sams giggling and then deans like why are u laughing @ me and then he sees himself and is like OMG WHATISTHISWHYARETHEREDOTSALLOVERME and sam says "those are freckles dean- they come from angel kisses" and deans like CASHAVEYOUBEENKISSINGMEALL OVER and takes off his shirt to see how far the freckles will go and cas is blushing and sams just laughing in the background ty

god is dead and we killed him

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imo the "charlie is actually sammy" theory, if true, would definitely toe the line of a lot of transmisogynist tropes. revealing a character who everyone thought was a girl to actually be a boy for shock value reinforces transmisogynist ideas about trans girls / trans women being disingenuous, not "mentally right," etc. even if charlie isn't REALLY a trans girl, the idea behind the "reveal" is the same. i hope that's not the authors' intent, but that's why people are uncomfortable with the idea

Ah, that makes more sense, thanks for clarifying.