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@des-zimbits look at him look how small he was

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on the left–june 2014, just a little while after i rescued him. he’d been living under our house and was very mangy and underweight and generally Not Doing Great. (but he perked up quick with regular food and a couple vet visits for extra strength de-worming treatments!! i have very few pictures of when he was tiny because i swear to god he doubled in size every week until he was almost fullsize.)

on the right–august 2016. a very large and happy cat. :’)

It was nighttime after her long shift when Charlie found him—the tousle-haired two-year-old sitting cross-legged in ratty footie pajamas practically swallowed by a foot of snow.

It wasn’t the first time a child had been abandoned in front of the fire station. It broke her heart every time, but she thought she’d never seen anything so cruel as the scene in front of her:

The blue-eyed toddler held a dead bird in his arms like a teddy bear, chubby cheeks stained with salt from crying. Held it so tight she thought she’d have to pry it from him. Instead, he looked up at her with round, pleading blue eyes, shoving the limp feathers in her face.

“Bowd,” he said through sniffles.

She took it from him gingerly, his eyes saying fix it. Not knowing what to do, she held it to her, staring at the broken, lifeless feathers.

She looked back up, reaching out for the boy.

“Come on, sweetheart.” she said, trying to use her best calming voice. Hoping not to scare the little one. Hoping he would come.

He sprung forward, almost knocking Charlie over, clinging to her tightly with a trusting expression. His body was warm. He should have been cold. He should have been dead. Instead, the little thing burrowed his messy-haired head in the crook of her neck, stroking the top of the dead pet with a finger.


“Bird,” she repeated, finally figuring out what he was trying to say. She looked at the dead bird, wanting to drop it as she looked at its glassy eye. She made a mental note to disinfect everything she’d touched after she’d disposed of it. But she couldn’t do it yet as she looked at the young boy’s eyes, glued to it.

Instead, she wrapped the bird up in a spare newspaper setting it on the seat next to the wiggly toddler.

His eyes went wide when the wings disappeared beneath the print and he wriggled free of the car seat, scrambling to the paper and ripping enough of it to expose the beak and head. He sent her a disapproving glare.

“Bowd,” he said, like a scolding.

She buckled him in the car seat, driving slowly, trying to organize her thoughts.

When they reached the house, she grabbed the toddler’s small frame easily, hefting him up and shutting the door. As soon as he heard the sound, though, his eyes darted to the newspaper still visible through the window.

“Bowd,” he said, reaching an open, chubby hand out. “Bowd.”

“I’m sorry angel,” she said. “It can’t come in. Birds have diseases. It can’t come in to the house.”

He may not have understood what she was saying, but the ultimate meaning seemed to reach him perfectly; the bird wasn’t coming.

The toddler began to cry, big blue eyes looking at her pleadingly, reaching a hand out towards the window, fingers splayed, this time in question:

“Bowd?” he plead softly. And Charlie felt her heart break a second time, almost giving in before she remembered it was a safety hazard.

“I’m sorry sweetheart,” she said. Slowly, the toddler resigned himself to his fate, his head dropping to her shoulder, going quiet.

She could feel the tears on her shoulder. She could feel the tremors of him sniffling quietly.

“Shhh,” she cooed, “It’s all right. I won’t leave you.”

They walked through the door to muted lights and the soothing sound of Dorothy’s voice coming from the library.

“And the little rabbit lived happily ever after.”

She turned the corner to see the comforting figures of her wife and adopted son, curled up by the fire, his eyes closed as he fell asleep in her lap.

“He finally fell asleep, the little stinker. Wanted to wait until his firefighter mom got ho—” Dorothy started, then looked up. Her eyes widened in understanding, then her brows furrowed in concern.

“Another one?” she asked, her tone sad as she looked at the small boy’s crying form, limp against her shoulder.

Dorothy carried her son over to the entryway, taking in the second tiny boy’s shaking form.

“Assholes,” Dorothy said.

“Dorothy!” Charlie scolded, giving a pointed look toward the two children.

“What?” Dorothy said without apology. “They are, aren’t they precious?” she said talking to the toddler, reaching a hand forward to touch his still-damp hair.

“Bowd,” he stuttered before Charlie pulled away.

“Better not touch,” she said, “We’re both probably infected with bird disease.”

Dorothy gave a confused look, but quietly took their son to the room, laying the second two-year-old down for the night.

“Goodnight, Dean,” Dorothy said with a kiss, then joined her wife again: “Sounds like it’s bath time.”

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She was 17 and never learn to smile.

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Warnings: Angst!! Crying, cramps and mentions of a suicide.

Notes: This is my story for the last prompt of @one-shots-supernatural, “With this face I can get away with anything”. Sorry for this guys, this is really sad, and I’m still not sure of why I wrote it… But I hope you like it, even that is a little different from what I’m used to write. If you want, read this while listen “"Where did Jesus go” by the Pretty Reckless. 

Since the first time she met the Winchesters, Charlie knew they were special. And every time they met, she confirmed this thought. They were like brothers to her, and she was definitely sure she was like a sister to them.

And yeah, she was super close to Sam, but with Dean… It was a strong bond that she simply couldn’t describe. Under that bad boy who doesn’t care for anything and only lived for hunting pose, she knew that he was a sweet man. And even though it annoyed her a little, she liked that he was so overprotective towards her. Because nobody else in her life after her parents death ever was.

Charlie went to live with the boys for a while, and in this months she noticed something at least… Interesting. Every time they for some reason (mostly in cases) had to deal with a teenage girl, Dean would bond with them. Not that she was jealous, not at all. But… Why? He would become very caring and overprotective every single time. First her, then Krissy, a teenage hunter, and even Claire, Cas’ daughter. Maybe he had a dream about having a daughter? Maybe he was just so sweet? Nah… She knew that it wasn’t just that.

“Here.” Dean said extending her a white pill and she frowned. She and the boys were in Sam’s room watching the new season of Game of Thrones when Dean got up saying he was going to the bathroom. “For cramps.” He explained.

“How the hell did you know I had cramps?” She exclaimed surprised and confused. “And why the hell do you have cramp pills?”

“Charlie, you haven’t stopped moving since we started watching. Pretty obvious, isn’t it?” He said struggling, making her and Sam exchange a look.

“Not for me, Dean.” Sam said confused too and Dean sighed.

“Whatever, I’m tired, I think I will go to sleep.” Dean said giving them a small smile. “Night.” He left the room before she could even answer. She looked at Sam with a confused look and he struggled.

“What’s up with him?” Charlie asked taking the pill that Dean got her. She had no idea he understood so much about woman to identify cramps, and again, why did he have pills for it?

“No idea.” Sam said but suddenly something clicked in his head, making his heart hurt. Dean always got this mood when that day was near. “Oh… What day is it?”

“Hm, may eleven, why?” She answered more confused and she frowned when Sam sighed lowering his head.

“Nothing… Dean might be tired, nothing to worry about.” Sam said forcing a smile not wanting to talk about the reason why Dean was so grumpy.

“Yeah, right.” She said obviously not believing him and he sighed tiredly. “You won’t tell me? Fine, I will go ask Dean” Charlie said confidently, getting out of Sam’s bed.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Sam warned knowing how rude his brother could get. “He will be mad”

“With this face I can get away with anything.” Charlie said smirking. “And he won’t be mad.” She said almost laughing but deep inside, she didn’t believe in herself. He struggled, deciding not to insist on his advice and Charlie got out of the room and walked towards Dean’s. There was light in his room, and when she slowly opened the door she saw Dean laid in his bed with his headphones on and red eyes.

“Hey… is something wrong?” He asked a little preoccupied, taking the headphones off and she gave him a small smile. She sat in the bottom of his bed and he frowned. “Charlie…”

“Hey, it’s okay, butt head.” She said and he rolled his eyes. “I just want to know if you are okay…? I mean, why the heck did you have cramp pills and…” She started mumbling laughing a little bit and not realizing how bad the hole thing actually was.

“Charlie, can we talk tomorrow? I’m actually tired.” He said interrupting her, mentally begging for her to stop talking. Wasn’t it already painful enough to remember that every day of his life?

“Does it have something to do with the fact that you always bond with teenage girls? Have you ever thought about having a daughter?” She continued ignoring him, and he closed his eyes sighing.

“Charlie…” He tried to warn her again.

“Why do you always treat teenage girls like they were your little sisters…?” With that, he exploded.

“That’s it.” He said feeling the anger consume him, he got up of his bed, grabbing her by the arm and practically throwing her out of his room. “We’ll talk tomorrow.”


Charlie never in her life expected that reaction from Dean. He was always so open with her, so honest, sometimes she felt that she was the only person to which Dean confessed his feelings. Was she hurt by the event from the previous night? Sure. Did she know she had insisted way too much? Definitely.

In the next day, neither of the boys got out of their rooms, only preoccupying her more. She was mad at Dean, but she also needed to hear her friend say he was okay. Although she knew he wasn’t. Dean and Sam were not okay and she just wanted to help.

She spent the day trying to distract herself in the computer until she finally found the courage to go knock in Sam’s room. She knew that he wouldn’t be so rude with her like Dean had been. At least she hoped so.

“Hey…” Sam said with a sigh and a low and hoarse voice when he opened the door. His eyes were red and it seemed like he hadn’t gotten up the whole day. He probably hadn’t. “C'mon in.”

She sat on the bed by his side and he didn’t say anything until she held his hand.

“I know you want some answers but it’s just so hard to talk about this.” Sam said sighing again.

“You don’t need to tell me anything, I just… Want you to be fine.” Charlie said with a small smile and Sam squeezed her hand.

“No, you’re family, you deserve to know.” He said and she didn’t argue. He took a deep breath before he started to talk again. “Today…today is my sister death’s anniversary.” He said and she frowned. Wait, what? “We were just teenagers when our father appeared with a baby girl telling us that she was our sister.” Sam explained. “Her mother died during labor and dad had to take her, but he never really gave a fuck about her, me and Dean raised her.”

“I never knew you had a sister…” Charlie said shocked with all those informations. Sam gave her a small smile, still looking at the ground.

“We don’t really talk about her… Actually, very few people got to know her. My dad never let (Y/N) hunt…”

“Her name was (Y/N)? That’s a beautiful name.” She said and Sam smiled more.

“Yeah. Dean chose it when we met her.” He said. “But, well, dad never let her hunt and we didn’t either, for different reasons of course. We didn’t let her hunt because it was dangerous, and dad… Because she was a girl.”

“What an ass!” Charlie exclaimed not being able to control herself.

“Tell me about it.” Sam said and she relaxed. “Both of us were always really close to her, but with the years… We started hunting, and she had to stay more and more alone. We… We didn’t see.” Sam said feeling a knot in his throat.

“Didn’t see… What?” Charlie asked when he stopped talking, already afraid of the answer.

“The signs… She always had a low self esteem, but she was…” He stopped to take a deep breath before continuing. “(Y/N) was depressed.” He explained and let a tear roll down his cheek. “One day… We came to the bunker and she was… With her wrists cut open and a ton of orange pill bottles around her.”

“Sam…” Charlie started, not being able to think of anything to say.

“(Y/N) committed suicide, Charlie.” Sam said quietly, letting more tears spill. “Dean blames himself. Every single day.” Sam finished starting to sob, and Charlie just wrapped her arms around him, feeling tears in her own eyes for the little Winchester.


Charlie slowly opened Dean’s door, seeing him sitting on his bed, looking at a picture in his hands. He didn’t even look at her when she came in. She sat by his side, noticing the picture showed Dean and a teenage girl laughing in the back sit of the Impala. Probably (Y/N).

“She was so ticklish.” He said with a small smile and through his tears, still looking at the photo. He probably imagined that Sam already told her the story of his little sister. “Her laugh… It was the best sound in the entire world, you know?” Charlie didn’t say anything, she just let Dean say everything, she knew he needed this. “Everything in our lives was always so dark… (Y/N) was our light. She was our joy.” He said putting his hand in his face when the cries got worse. “She always would make me smile by telling a bizarre story that happened in her school. But she would never wake up by herself, I needed to go to her room everyday and practically drag her out of bed. That is, when she didn’t sleep with me because of a nightmare.” He said with a sigh. “I was always trying to protect her from everything, but forgot to protect her from the only thing that really hurt her…. Herself.” Dean said licking his lips, looking at your face in the photograph. “If I hadn’t focused so much on out hunts, I could have spent more time with her, and maybe… I would have noticed what was going on, and I could have… Stopped her.” Dean said letting more tears roll.

“Dean…” Charlie finally opened her mouth felling her heart small. “No one can be blamed for a suicide… She knew you loved her, she just… Couldn’t deal with her own mind. It wasn’t your fault.” Charlie said and Dean closed his eyes like he was in pain, letting out a loud sob.

“It was my fault, Charlie! (Y/N) needed me! And I wasn’t there. She was only 17 for god sake.” He said rubbing his thumb in the picture. “I love her, always will. I just wish I had told her that more often…” He said sadly and Charlie took the picture off his hand, hugging him strongly. After a few seconds he hugged her back and cried everything he needed to cry.

“Even though you didn’t tell her, I’m sure she knew.” She said after minutes of silence, just hugging him. “It wasn’t your fault Dean, it wasn’t Sam’s either.”

He gave her a weak smile, kissing Charlie’s forehead.

“This is why I always bond with teenage girls.” Dean explained holding Charlie’s hand but looking at the ground. “Not that I’m trying to substitute her, but I try to do everything that I can do to make them safe…” He explained and she nodded, already have thought about that. “And that’s why there are still some cramp pills in here. Sam never really took care of this kind of subject with her. And she was so stubborn, so I had to guess every time she was suffering from her period.” He explained and she nodded again. “Thank you.” He said with a small smile to her, and she smiled too. “I’m sorry that I yelled at you yesterday… You are so special to me, but I was dealing with so much and…”

“I understand.” She said struggling. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I love you, Charlie Bradbury.” He said and she smiled more.

“I know.”

After a while Sam appeared and they all laid in the bed, talking all night long about the happy memories of (Y/N), and Charlie couldn’t restrain herself from thinking that it would have been nice if she’d had the chance to met her. But she had met the Winchesters, the most amazing humans that could’ve ever existed. And she was more than okay with that.

but think about it

aro!ace!Charlie trying to explain to mrs. Weasley that there’s never gonna be a girl for him, and he doesn’t need someone to take care out him while he’s out on the reserves. 

aro!ace!Charlie being shocked and accidentally shouting no really loud when mrs. Weasley asks about him bringing home a guy then, if he’s not into girls, it’s fine by her, and charlie turning as red as his hair because the rest of the family heard his shout and now they’re staring at him. 

aro!ace!Charlie finally getting it through mrs. Weasley’s head that he’s fine with no romantic partner, and she accepts it because she’s got plenty of grandkids now between her five other children. 

aro!ace!Charlie growing too old to keep working with the dragons on the reserves now that his joints are stiff and creaky, and his reaction times are slower, so he buys himself a cottage near where Bill and Fleur live, and writing a book on dragons that Hagrid ends up using for his Care of Magical Creatures Class, and becomes a famous author because of that book. 

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can I interest you in gay asexual viktor krum who constantly has to turn girls away bc playing quidditch doesn't make you interested in sex, and who finds companionship with aroace charlie weasley who went through some of the same when he played quidditch at hogwarts? (S)

They meet at Bill’s wedding. Viktor is sulking because he hasn’t gotten to talk to his friend Hermione yet when Charlie runs into him. Charlie CAN’T just turn this opportunity down. He listens to all radio broadcasts of Viktor’s games that he can. He pretty much did scream when he found out that his youngest brother got to be at Hogwarts with Viktor. Charlie volunteered right away to bring the dragons to Hogwarts for the Tournament. Unfortunately, the champions were pretty well looked over and Charlie didn’t manage more than a glimpse at Viktor, really. But now Viktor is here. At his house. So Charlie saunters right up to him and introduces himself and asks how Viktor is doing.

Viktor’s got a surly face because it helps keep people from talking to him, which he likes because he gets asks out a lot - mostly girls. And that’s among the least offensive thing some fans ask him to do. So keeping people away is usually good. But Viktor’s actually a really friendly and soft-hearted guy, so when this happy redhead enthusiastically bounds towards him and seems to genuinely care how Viktor is doing, Viktor is set immediately at ease.

The two quickly get into chatting about quidditch and then dragons - which Viktor thinks is a damn cool job, especially after facing one in the Tournament. Somehow they end up dancing together. Viktor is very aware of the way Mrs. Weasley is staring him down, but Charlie seems immune to it. When Viktor asks “isn’t she making you uncomfortable?” Charlie just laughs.

“Nah, that’s just mum for you. I came out to her as aroace a few years ago. I still don’t think she’s quite gotten over the shock of it. She’s especially watchful over me whenever I interact with other people now.”

“Aroace?” Viktor repeats out of shock. Charlie opens his mouth to explain, but Viktor has already figured out what this is short for and blurts out, “no, vhat a coincidence. I am asexual. I have just never met anyone that felt the same. Plenty of other gay men but no other - vhat did you use? No other aces.”

Charlie grins big and claims the next dance with Viktor as well. Viktor knows he’s just made a new penpal.

~Hufflepuff Mod

Bed Side Manners Ch. 1

(Juice x OC) 

This was going to be a one shot but it got out of hand lol. It’s the story of Juice and Nurse Charlie!! Enjoy!!!!!

@come-join-themurder @ouijaboardmystery @calumonoxide @bluegrassgirldownunder @girl-with-no-faith-in-medicine @lolsthecat

(Gif not mine)

 "Charls you’ve got a new one from Stockton on your rotation he got stabbed in the back.“

 'Ouch’ Charlie thought as she picked up the new guys chart. She typically got the transfers form the prison since she was really one of the few nurses willing to work with them.

 Charlie was a small girl from a small town in Mississippi. She had gotten scholarships to several collages closer to home but as most who hail from single stop light towns Charlie wanted to see the world. So when she got accepted to a nursing program across the country in California,  she took off. She’d tried working in the bigger city but missed the small town life style leading her to Charming and a place at St. Thomas Hospital.

 As she made her way to his room she frowned at the officer outside. The guy had just been stabbed in the back he wasn’t going anywhere and he’s more than likely cuffed to the bed. She stopped and gave him her ID. Once he was satisfied with her credentials she made her way into the dim room.

 Walking over to the white bored she erased the previous on call nurses name and filled in her own. As she was reading over the last times he had eaten and other various details from the last nurse she suddenly felt eyes on her. Slowly she turned around and met the man’s eyes. Once they locked she only took a split seconds time spin back around.

 Charlie stood there frozen unable to look back at him again. ‘Holy fuck me sideways he is gorgeous ’ she thought to herself. "Excuse me?” He tried to regain her attention.  Charlie just bit her lip and took a deep breath before turning around with a smile.

 "Hhhiiiii.“ She said a bit shakily "I am Charlie, every one calls me Charls, though I don’t know why, I mean it’s not like it’s any shorter than Charlie..” She stopped suddenly at his amused expression. Eyebrows raised smirk pulling at his lips. He was trying not to laugh at her. 'Oh good lord help me’ she rolled her eyes at herself. “I’m your night nurse.” She finished sounding a bit unsure of herself since she was officially embarrassed.

 "I’m Juice.“ He supplied with an awe inspiring smile etched across is beautiful face. 'Oh my God I’m gonna die’ Charlie was mentally loosing it.

 "No, umm, wait…” She went scanning the chart. “This says Juan Carlos Ortiz?”

 "It is but every one calls me Juice.“ All Juice could think was that this girl was beyond adorable.

"Oh!” It was as if she suddenly had a light bulb go off over her head “See, that makes sense because Juice is actually shorted than Juan Carlos Ortiz. ”

 "It is" he chuckled with a slight wince.

 "Oh, are you ok?“ Charlie stepped forward concern written all over her face.

 "Yeah,” he assured her “just hurts to laugh.”

 "Well you’re about due for some more pain meds. I’ll go get that for you in a bit.“ She suddenly went back into nurse mode "How are you handling what we have you on? Any dizziness or nausea?”

 "No, makes me tired but that’s about it.“

 "That’s normal.” She said. “Can I get you anything while I get your meds? You need anymore pillows? We want to keep pressure off the wounded area.”

 "One more couldn’t hurt I guess.“ Juice said smiling "I mean if it’s not gonna put you out.”

 "No no its fine.“ She smiled back at him. "I just have two more people to check on and I’ll be back.” She responded with a chipper tone and a sweet smile.

 "I’ll be here.“ He joked back indicating the handcuffs that held him to the bed.

 "Oh my God,” Charlie was shocked at the look of his wrist red and raw from the abrasive metal. “That could get bad, why didn’t you say anything?”

 He was a bit taken aback by her concern for him he was a criminal after all, and the other nurse acted as if he deserved it when he mentioned it to her. “Hmm, oh, well it’s not like they’re gonna take em off. So what’s the point.”

 She walked around the bed to get a better look. “The point is you just got stabbed in the damn back and there’s a cop with a gun outside your 4th floor door where do they think you’re gonna go?”

 Juice was shocked by her attitude towards him and his situation. He was at a loss for words when her soft, cool hands reached out and touched the irritated skin. It was as if she genuinely cared for his well being.

 "I’m gonna get some ointment and bandage this. I’ll see if I can get the royal guard out there to uncuff you for long enough to at least do that.“

 Before he could protest she was out the door on a one woman mission to help him.

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👄 im gonna let seungho shamelessly kiss the wolf boi. charlie get ur butt out here

to say he was any bit confident in his kissing abilities would be a downright lie. he didn’t even have to touch his lips yet to turn that pale skin of his tomato red. it could have just been a plain kiss and he could have stopped it there, but he matched parted lips without thinking of consequences. the other’s tongue brushed over his lip and delved right into that kiss while charlie was left struggling on how to react to it all. the boy’s own movements were a bit sloppy, trying to figure out his own way to keep up with a kiss like this. despite lack of experience and overall nervousness, he still pressed forward, an inexperienced glide of his tongue had clashed with the other’s along with a faint and rather confused noise to follow. after a moment he realized he really needed to breathe and without much warning, had pulled away with a gasp for air. “th-thats, um!” his skin was on fire he was so embarrassed to admit he’s really never kissed anyone like that before.

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hey can you pls draw a destiel scene where deans under anesthetic and he's like OMG CAS UR EYES R SO PRETTY R U AN ANGEL?! and sams giggling and then deans like why are u laughing @ me and then he sees himself and is like OMG WHATISTHISWHYARETHEREDOTSALLOVERME and sam says "those are freckles dean- they come from angel kisses" and deans like CASHAVEYOUBEENKISSINGMEALL OVER and takes off his shirt to see how far the freckles will go and cas is blushing and sams just laughing in the background ty

god is dead and we killed him

I Am Doing This To Protect You

Requested by @thewolfgirluniverse

Request: could you do another imagine for me where the reader is told by Cas that she is in danger because she can see hell hounds and angel wings. She wants to leave to protect the boys but Dean begs her to stay

Characters: reader, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Charlie, mention of Crowley and rowena

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: fluff, swearing, angst,talk of suicide

Word count: 2348

Castiel walked into your bedroom in the bunker, something was happening to you and you knew that the Angel was the only one you could trust to tell right now. “Y/N, you said you needed to speak with me”. He stood towering over you as you sat on your bed nervously, looking up at him.

“There’s something wrong with me Cas, and I’ve gotta tell you before anyone else finds out” you nervously played with your hands and watched as Cas’ eyebrows furrowed.

“You don’t have to worry, whatever it is I’m sure I can help you” he placed a comforting hand on your shoulder. You slightly jumped as he did, and you shrugged him off. You couldn’t look him in the eye, you were worried about what he would tell you or what his reaction would be.

“Cas.. I can.. I can see..” You started but couldn’t seem to gets the words out properly. You huffed and tried to even our your breathing so you could calmly tell him. “Ever since I escaped from Crowley.. I’ve been able to see things… Things that i couldn’t see before”. You were now looking at him, of course Cas being Cas, you literally had to spell it out to him. You only told him half of what was happening, you didn’t tell him about the voices or the hallucinations. “I can see hell hounds. And I can see your wings” you said with an agitated voice. “And I’m sure its because of Rowena, when I was locked up in that place with her, she put some kind of spell on me, I wasn’t sure what it was”.

“Y/N, if Rowena put some kind of spell on you.. I mean.. She’s the most powerful witch that we know exists! anything could happen!” He started with a slightly worried voice, but he also wanted to sound calm so that he didn’t scare you.

“I know, this is why I’ve only told you.. I don’t know what’s happening to me and I’m.. Cas I’m scared” your voice broke a little, you weren’t going to cry but you were terrified. Rowena was powerful, you had no idea what she had done to you. “Am I.. Am I dangerous?” You asked as Cas gave you a sympathetic look. “Am I going to hurt anyone?” You asked another question without him answering your first one. He didn’t need to say anything, his face told it all.

“I’m so sorry y/n” he walked towards you, you stood up from your bed and cuddled into him. He held you for a while, you evened out your breathing and held back the tears that you could feel were about to well up in your eyes. You finally pushed out of the hug and looked him in the eyes.

“I uh.. I have to go” he was about to protest but you continued. “I’m dangerous, she’s making me see things that I couldn’t see before. I might not even be human anymore, humans can’t see wings or hell hounds, I don’t even know what I am… I could hurt one of you and I won’t let myself do that! No, I won’t let it happen”. He wanted to argue back, but he knew you were right. You may not have been human now, and if Rowena was the one who turned you into whatever you are then it must have been something bad. You couldn’t trust yourself around your friends anymore. What if you hurt Cas? Or Sam or Charlie or Dean? How could you live with yourself knowing that you hurt your favourite people in the world? You wouldn’t do that to them, and you wouldn’t do that to yourself. Leaving was your only option.

You moved on with your day as normal, you talked to everyone during the day as you usually would. You sat with Charlie and watched a Harry Potter movie, you then both bonded over why the books are so much better than the movies and read some fanfictions together on tumblr. You and Sam went running together, you both laughed at the other for looking really sweaty and gross, and you cried with laughter when he tripped over a rock. You and Dean cooked together, you made his favourite cherry pie and got into a food fight afterwards, giggling and creating fake army bases with the kitchen bowls. You appreciated your time with them more, you caught yourself smiling at them most of the day. They continuously asked you through out the day what you were smiling at. You would just shake your head and reply ‘nothing’. The plan was to wait until later to tell everyone.

You were all sitting in the bunker library, Dean looking through a lore book, Sam and Charlie on their laptops and Cas sitting in the chair opposite you, waiting for you to tell them. You must have been sitting there for at least an hour, going through it in your mind wondering how the hell you were going to tell them. You nervously chewed on your nail which drew the attention of Dean who was on the chair next to you.

“Hey” he said to you, causing everyone else to look up at him then to you. You didn’t hear him, you continued to chew on your nail nervously. He clicked his fingers in front of your face and brought you back to reality. “Hey… What’s wrong?” He asked as he shut the book shut and put it on the table.

“What? Nothing” you awkwardly giggled. “Nothing’s wrong I’m fi-”

Cas interrupted you before you could continue your lie. “Tell them Y/N”.

“Tell us what?” Sam asked as he shut the lid of his laptop.

“You can tell us anything you know that right?” Charlie told you, doing the same thing Sam did with his laptop.

“You wanna tell us why you’ve been acting so strange today?” Dean asked, worry covering his face. Cas looked to you, and you looked to him. He gave you a knowing look, it was time to tell them the truth, you lightly nodded at the Angel, letting him know that you’re going to tell them.

“Fuck.. Ok. When Crowley kidnapped me.. When he left me in that room. That cold, dark room.” You started, not looking anyone in the eyes. All you could do is stare down at the table and think back to being locked up by Crowley. “I wasn’t alone, it wasn’t just me down there”. Dean noticed you seemed uncomfortable, he reached his hand our and grabbed yours. You let him take your hand, but you kept your eyes where they were. “Rowena was down there with me, she.. She still had her magic. And Rowena and me… We weren’t alone either. Crowley left his hell hounds down there with us”. He squeezed a little tighter, letting you know that he was there and that you weren’t in that horrible place anymore.

“Y/N, we get that it must have been hard for you. We understand why you’re not feeling completely ok right now, but you’re safe.. Crowley can’t hurt you here. I know it must be hard because of the flashbacks to it” Charlie said smiling at you, not that you could see her smile, you still had your eyes focused on the table.

“It’s not because of the flashbacks.. That’s not what’s wrong with me” you continued now looking up at Charlie, tears filling your eyes. “Charlie.. I could-” you couldn’t get it out. Once you said it, Dean could have let go of your hand, and they could have all decided to let you go. Even though you had to leave, the worst part was thinking that they would hate you and would make you leave. “I could see the hell hounds.. And I can see cas’ wings” you squeezed your eyes shut. “Rowena, she did something to me, I don’t know what but I mean..” You stopped for a second and opened your eyes again, looking around at all of them. “She’s Rowena” you lightly laughed over your tears. “She’s evil, I don’t know what she did to me but.. I could be dangerous” Deans grip was still tight on your hand.

“We can fix this, we can undo whatever Rowena did” Sam said to you across from the table.

“No we can’t Sam!” You snapped. “Don’t you get it? Do you guys not fucking understand what this is doing to me? It’s not just seeing things that I shouldn’t be able to see, I also see things that aren’t there!” You began to tell them the full truth, everything that you hadn’t even told Castiel. “I don’t just see things either. I hear things too, terrible, awful things! I hear people screaming and crying for me to save them, saying that I am the reason they’re in pain! I hear people dying and there is nothing, there is nothing. Nothing that I can do to make it stop. It’s so fucking loud.. It’s so loud and it just.. it makes me want to scream, it makes me angry like I need to smash something! And what if one day I see you in my mind as someone who is trying to hurt me? What if I have a hallucination that you are not you!” You said turning your head looking at all of them. You didn’t want them to thing you were capable of hurting them, but they needed to face the facts here. “I could kill one of you!” Everyone was shocked, Charlie was on the verge of tears, Sam didn’t know what to do. He just looked at you, more worried for you than angry at you. “You should all just let me go, before I hurt one of you” you stood up and released your grip from Deans hand.

“Leave?” Charlie, shoutout as you picked up your ready-packed back from under your chair. “You’ve been planning to leave this whole time? You had a fucking bag packed?”

“I am doing this, to protect you, to protect all of you” you said lifting the bag over your shoulder. “You have to let me go”

“Y/N please just wait a second we can figure this out” Sam said standing up, they all stood up and followed you as you quickly made your way to the bottom of the stairs.

“Y/N, wait please just listen to me” Dean shouted walking towards you.

“Dean don’t” you lifted your hand so he wouldn’t walk any closer, he stopped and lifted his stared at you in way you’d never seen before. “Nothing you say can change this, I will not be responsible for one of you getting hurt, and if I stay here that’s what’s going to happen.”

“it doesn’t have to be like this” he said, his fine a mix of worry and anger. “I love you, we all love you, we can’t let you just leave” he took a small step forward, you didn’t want him any closer but you didn’t stop him. “We need you here. Whatever Rowena has done we will figure this out, we will reverse the spell, well search day and night to find the cure for whatever the hell she’s done to you. You leaving is hurting us more than if you stay, I know you think that you’re protecting us by doing this but you’re not”

“I can’t do this” you said now breaking down in tears. “I can’t stand in front of you guys and tell you that we can fix this, that I can stop myself, because I can’t. And you know what? If that makes me weak, fine. I’m weak, I’m not strong enough to fight whatever this spell is doing to me. It’s gonna get bad and it’s gonna get ugly and I don’t want any of you to be there to see it”

“We’re not gonna let it get that far” you weren’t sure when he had gotten so close, but he was now in arms reach of you. “If we have to, we can lock you up while we find the cure but you leaving isn’t going to help anyone! It’s not going to help us and it’s not going to help you. If you’re out there and we aren’t curing you, you could hurt someone!”

“No I can’t, because I-” you stopped, he was a little closer now than he was a few second ago. “I won’t be there to do it” you admitted.

“What?” He asked.

You took your backpack from your shoulder and opened it up, revealing only one thing in there, a gun. “One gun, one bullet, that’s all it takes”

“You were going to kill yourself?” You heard Charlie say from behind Dean.

“What was I supposed to do?” You asked in return to Charlies question, but you didn’t ask her, you asked Dean. “What was I supposed to do Dean? Let some innocent stranger die because I was too selfish to stop myself?”

“Y/N…” He sounded heart broken. “Look at me” he grabbed your soaking wet face with both of his hands, one on each cheek. He simultaneously wiped the tears from your both of your cheeks with his thumbs. “Let us help you.. Let me help you”

The tears continued to fall down your face. You grabbed each of his hands with each of yours from either side of your face and linked your fingers with his. You pulled his hands down with yours, away from your face. “Ok” you whispered while still crying. He took the backpack with the gun and passed it behind him to Sam who was already there, ready to take the gun away from you before you did something stupid.

“it’s ok come here” he put his arms out and pulled you into a hug. You instantly fell into him and sobbed into his chest while he draped his arms around you. “It’s ok” he continued to whisper “you’re ok. I’ve got you, I won’t let anything bad happen to you”.

Bed Side Manners Ch.10

(Juice x OC Charlie)

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“Morning baby.” Juice said as he trailed kisses up Charlie’s bare back.

“Mmm..Morning.” She mumbled as she rolled over to face him. Juice moved to lay over her. Settling himself between her legs she wrapped them around his hips only to feel how good of a morning he was having. Juice started kissing her down her neck and roaming his hands over her naked body. Charlie was never one for fooling around in the morning but Juice had this way of turning her on like no one before him had ever done.

Reaching her chest he licked and nipped over her breasts while bringing one hand down to her waiting heat. Using his fingers he felt how ready she was for him. Thinking there wasn’t a more perfect way to start his day Juice plunged his fingers inside of her using his thumb to rub at her clit. Charlie moned at the feel of him working her up into a panting frenzy.

When Charlie arched her back pushing him deeper he pulled his hand away and lined himself up with her entrance. He sank into her in one smooth stroke. “God baby you’re so tight.” He said as he began to thrust in and out. “Mmm you feel so good.”

As his thrust began to speed up shocking her, with every hard strike Charlie could feel herself already beginning to build up to release. “Mmm fuck.” Charlie moaned as Juice continued to piston himself in and out of her hard and fast. 

Holding tight, with nails digging into his back Juice could feel her coming closer to the end. Suddenly he pulled out completely flipping her over to her stomach. As soon as he left her he was back inside, deeper than before. With a brusing grip he held her hips pushing himself hard, fast, and deep. With each snap of his hips Charlie felt a shock roll though her body. “AAHH SHIT … AAHH” She called out as she fell apart below him.

Feeling her squeeze impossibly tighter around him Juice forced one last powerful thrust deep into her. “FUCK BABY” he groaned out as he followed her off and over the edge.

Collapsing to the bed panting. Charlie rolled over kissing him. “Good morning.” She smiled at him.

“The best morning.” He smiled back kissing her and pulling her close. Their after glow moment was short lived when they heard Charlie’s front door open and voices filter in from down the hall.

“Ugh sounds like some of the guys are here.” Juice said. Charlie groaned in disappointment. She wanted this to be one of those stay in bed all day kind of days. “Come on let’s hop in the shower real quick.” Juice suggested.

Once they had showered they threw on some clothes and made their way down the hall to the kitchen. Where Charlie and Juice were greeted with a chorus of “Morning” mumbled out to them from smirks hidden behind coffee mugs.

“Morning” Charlie mumbled back with a blushing smile of her own. “I see you found my house and my coffee.” She said as she fixed herself a cup.

“Aye, Hap called. Told us.” Chibs confirmed. Charlie turned and gave him a kiss on the cheek in greeting. “Hope ya don’t mind love?”

“No of course not.” She said turning she saw a familiar face she hadn’t been introduced to yet. “I’m Charlie she held her hand out to him.

“I’m Tig doll, it’s nice to meet you.” He smiled as he kissed her hand in greeting rather than shaking it. “So you’re Juice’s girl. Chibs told me about ya.” He said with a wink.

“I am it’s nice to officially meet you.” She smiled at him then directed her attention to Happy. “Hap did you sleep alright? Was everything comfortable for you?”

Giving a nod he growled out a simple “Good”

Charlie put her hand to her chest in a mocking tone she joked out “Oh my goodness Happy stop it you’re too kind. Honesty I feel like my home’s just been given a five star review.”

Happy just shook his head and kept drinking his coffee as the other men were sent into a riotous laughter. “Oh man Juice, if you screw this up I’m gonna go for her I swear man.” Tig said through tears of laughter.

Just then Juice’s phone went off. “Hello..yeah I got Tig, Chibs, and Hap here…. ok… got it.. we’ll be there.” Hanging up he looked to everyone. “We gotta head out here in a bit. Jax and Clay want everyone at the station for news on Zobelle and Weston. Unser’s gonna fill us in.”

“Charlie doll you coming?” Tig questioned.  Before she could answer though Juice cut in.

“Please.” He requested knowing she was probably going to say no.

Charlie just sighed “Yeah, just let me put something out for Bob.” Juice just rolled his eyes as they watched Charlie pull out a can of tuna from the cabinet.

“Whas’ a Bob?” Chibs questioned. As if the sound of his name had burned his tattered ears in stalked the grey beast. Hopping on the counter and waiting for his breakfast the cat looked around the room when he locked his orange eyes with Happy’s dark stare. A low growl could be heard from the semi feral beast as Happy maintained eye contact returning a growl of his own.

“That’s Bob.” Juice confirmed as Charlie put a paper plate with the tuna on it in front of him. “Charlie you gotta stop feeding him you’re gonna catch a disease or something.”

“Am not.” Charlie protested “He won’t even let me touch him. How can I catch something if he won’t let me touch him?” Juice again rolled his eyes.

“I like him.” Came Happy’s gravelly drawl. Causing a triumphant smirk to pull at Charlie’s lips.

“Of course you do.” Said Juice “Let’s go”

When they rode up to the station everyone was already there. Tara walked over and gave Charlie a hug in greeting after Juice helped her off his bike. Juice took that opportunity to introduce Charlie to everyone else. Opie and Lyla, Bobby and the prospect Kip aka Half-Sack.

As they all sat around waiting for word from Unser Able started fussing in his seat. “I got him.” Charlie said and pulled the little guy who was once her charge from his carrier.

“You really love that little man don’t you?” Juice questioned. Admiring the way Charlie just melted with Able in her arms.

“Well I did sit by his side for months helping him fight. He’s the reason I don’t work in the neo natal unit anymore.”

“What reason is that?” He couldn’t understand she clearly loved Able why wouldn’t she want to help more kids.

At his look Charlie explained “I fell in love with this little guy. I just knew that I’d fall for them all when they came in. The sad part is they don’t all have happy endings like Able’s.  I wouldn’t be ok if I lost one.”

Understanding her reason for switching out of that unit Juice leaned over and kissed her temple. “Well I’m glad you don’t work in that unit anymore I wouldn’t have you now if you did.”

“Yeah you’re pretty lucky huh?” Charlie joked causing Juice to laugh.

Just then Unser came out of the station. They all gathered around only to find out that the ATF bitch Charlie had been hearing about was locked in a room with the FBI and no one knew anything yet.

Clay suggested Gemma go take care of the club house and Jax and Juice suggested the same of Tara and Charlie. “You still got your gun?” Juice asked Charlie at her nod he kissed her forehead “Good you be careful I’ll call you when I can.” He said pulling a prepay from his pocket and putting it in her hand. “My number is already in it call if you do happen to run into trouble.”

“I will, you becareful too.” She said giving him one last hug and kiss.

“I promise.” He said under his breath as she walked to the car. Charlie never heard him but before she got in she looked back and blew him a kiss as she was getting in.

Their first stop was to the grocery store. As Charlie was loading Able into his seat she looked up and saw Gemma was stood frozen staring down the block “Gemma?” Charlie called to her but got no response following her line of sight Charlie saw a young woman holding a bouquet of flowers and checking her reflection. “Gemma who is that?”

“Zobelle’s daughter.” She mumbled. “You got the keys?” She asked Half-Sack who held up the keys to the Cutlass “Good.” She snatched them from his hands. “I’m driving.” She announced as Tara came out of the store.

Tara and Charlie shared a look then got in. “Gemma who is that? Where are we going?” Tara questioned but got no response. Gemma simply kept driving.

“Zobelle’s daughter?” Charlie supplied.

“She’s the girl that… oh God Gemma. What are you gonna do?”

Pulling up to a curb and parking Gemma turned to Tara. “What I gotta do sweetheart.” Tara and Charlie once again exchanged worried glances. “Tara I am so glad you’re here darlin. You’re good for my son. And you,” she turned to Charlie “thank you for everything you’ve done for Able. You girls stay close you’re gonna need eachother.”

“Gemma you don’t have to do this.” Tara pleaded

“God put her in my path to help close that part of me they ripped open. You two take care of our boys. Yeah?” Giving both of them a final nod she got out of the car and went in the direction of the house the younger woman had made her way too.

When Half-Sack came to the car he shrugged wanting to know what was happening. “Stay with her.” Tara told him. “She may need to get out fast.”

“Ahh shit.” He sighed

“Meet us back at Jax’s.” Half-Sack gave a nod and Tara took off to Jax’s place.
When they got back to the house Tara and Charlie unloaded some of the groceries. Charlie fed Able while Tara put things away and cleaned bottles to take back to the clubhouse. “Ugh buddy, is your reflux is acting up?” Charlie said to the baby wiping away the spit up Able had gotten on himself. “I’m gonna go grab his diaper bag” She told Tara as she set him back in his carrier before heading to the car.

On her way outside Half-Sack pulled up. “Where’s Gemma?”

“Feds raided the house.” He said

“Shit. Tara’s inside I gotta get the diaper bag I’ll be in in a minute.” Giving her a nod Kip went in to explain the situation to Tara.

As Charlie was digging in the back seat she froze when she felt the barrel of a gun at her back. “Nice an’ slow love.” Came an Irish accent. Charlie held her hands up and slowly straightened up. “Tha’s it darlin’ les’ go.” As she turned towards the house the man lifted her shirt and pulled her gun from the waist of her jeans and tossed it into the bushes as he walked her in to the house.

Tara was one the phone with Jax when the man brought Charlie in at gun point “Oh God, oh my God what what…” Tara stumbled in shock.

“Gimme tha phone.” He demanded and hung it up once Tara had placed it in his hand. “Gemma Teller killed my Eddie. Thought it only fair ta take an Ol’ Lady.”

The last thing Charlie saw was Tara’s eyes go wide and the last thing she heard was her friend scream “No!” Before her whole world went dark.

The New Princess - chapter 3

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 3100ish

Warnings: none, except some swear words

A/N: I’m sorry this one took a little longer, but life happened and I didn’t have time to edit the hell out of this chapter. But it’s here now!!! I want to thank y’all for your support and response on the previous chapter! It really means a lot, so thank you again. Feedback is very welcome and if you want to be tagged in future parts just let me know. Hope y’all enjoy!
P.S. I hope my tags are working, if not, please tell me :) 

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“Put it on speaker!” Charlie shouted and Jo did as was asked, tapping her fingers on the screen of her phone.

“Ellie, is that you?” Jo questioned panicked, her gaze shifting between you and the phone.

“Yeah, one of my plans actually worked,” Elizabeth exclaimed, her happiness clear in her voice as it sounded through the speakers of Jo’s phone.

“Oh God, i can’t believe it,” Charlie whispered in shock, her eyes fixed on you. You smiled a little sheepishly and shifted in your seat, uncomfortable under her gaze.

“Elizabeth, are you crazy? This is not okay! Get back here right now!” the blond started her rant after she shook off the initial shock. “You can’t run away like that and use some girl to replace you!”

“Oh my God,” Charlie sighed and turned to you. “Did she even ask you to do this?” Both of their eyes were trained on your face as you shook your head, a panicked look on your face. “Seriously, Elizabeth, you can’t do this! This poor girl is absolutely terrified,” the redhead huffed. The phone stayed quiet for a little while until a soft sob left the speaker. You frowned at the cries and even though the princess put you in this position and completely ruined your day, you felt sorry for her. You couldn’t help but wonder why she was crying, what could be so important she would do something like this.

“Fine,” she sniffed. “Go get Benny or Gadreel and let me talk to them.” Charlie got up and started making her way for the door. Biting your bottom lip, you doubted if you should ask her why she did it. Before you would change your mind, you cleared your throat and exclaimed a ‘hold on’, grasping the attention of everyone around you, including Elizabeth. Charlie stopped dead in her tracks and turned to look at you. The two girls in the room gave you a curious glance, making you shift in your seat again, an awkward feeling settling in your stomach.

“I want to ask you something,” you sighed. The Princess hummed through the phone, signaling you could continue. “Why… Why did you run away?” Silence fell between you all as you waited for Elizabeth to answer.

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cassammydean asked: OKAY soulmate au where you see colour after eye contact: Cas is a famous best selling author and he’s promoting his book (or something idk), so he’s talking to a crowd of people and suddenly his world is in colour and a lot of his fans pretend to be his soulmate and a Cinderella type situation ensues or something. 

Author’s note: *forever a sucker for soulmate AUs*

“Ready to rock, little bro?”

Breathe in, breathe out… It won’t be that bad, no one is going to bite you… Castiel mentally encouraged himself before curtly nodding at Gabriel.

Gabriel was his older brother as well as his manager, always coming up with these peculiar stunts that pulled Castiel right out of his comfort zone.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” He answered, hastily running a hand through his hair, even though he had no illusions that the simple motion would be enough to fix that untamed mess.

A handful of deep breaths later, and his anxiety was gradually making room for determination. Gabriel pointed him to the exit of the bookstore’s staff room, the very room that Castiel had been pacing back and forth for thirty minutes straight now. Surely it couldn’t be that hard, surely it had to be easy as-

While Castiel was still busy giving himself a silent pep talk, Gabriel already pushed the door open, and squeals and whistles filled the air. Cameras flashed, and people were cheering, Castiel’s name echoing through the room. Gabriel shot him a wicked grin, leading Castiel onto the small stage that was set up there just for him.

“There’s hundreds of them, it’s a good thing we picked a huge-ass store. Make me proud, Cassie!” Were Gabriel’s last words of encouragement before he patted Castiel’s shoulder and took a few steps back.

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