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How to make a Disney Channel show (aka, Disney is obsessed with using the same set of characters over and over again)

Many people feel the need to have a really smart character. It’s important that the girls look flawless, but the guys should look like as much of a geek as possible.

To make the above character look smarter, you can add a dumb character. Make sure to give them a very confused facial expression as often as possible, and let them ask questions that should be obvious for someone their age.

You’ll always need a guy who’s character relies for about 50 % on their looks. Why else would anyone watch the show?

To match the  hot guys, you’ll need a girl who is so flawless, you begin to feel like they can’t possibly be real.

The audience needs someone to laugh at, right? This is where you add either a character who is incapable of understanding the word “no” or a character who is just considered a “loser” by most people. And try not to give them too much character development.

But to keep the smart person from seeming boring, we need the rebel friends who doesn’t care about grades, and who always get’s their friend in trouble. But don’t worry, you can always fix it up with a sappy apologizing scene at the end.

There has to be some kind of official antagonist. My suggestion, is you go with Matteus Ward, or at least someone who looks like him. Or you can go with a stereotypical blonde girl.

Every show needs grownups. Keep them there for, comic relief, embaressing the kids, being protective, giving deep motivational speeches and cry upon realizing that their kid’s are growing up.

He’s actually the butler

Not a parents. He’s their sensei.

Not a parent. He’s an uncle.

Add a couple of cute kids and animals

Or if everything fails, just throw in a bunch of boyfriends and girlfriends that we’re all gonna forget anyway.

Or, you know, do something original instead

Here’s trailers to all the shows I’ve been using. 

Good Luck Charlie

Pair of Kings (not a good version)

Shake it up


A.N.T Farm

Lab Rats 

Austin and Ally 

Dog with a blog 

Liv and Maddie 

Kickin It 

I didn’t do it

Girl meets world

Mighty Med 

Let me get this straight

Suite life of Zack & Cody, suite life on deck, Hannah Montana, that’s so raven, wizards of waverly place, ant farm, austin & ally, Jessie, Cory in the house, shake it up, good luck charlie and ultimate spider-man are ALL IN THE SAME UNIVERSE.


4 generations of Disney channel

G1- Famous Jet Jackson, Even Stevens, Lizzie McGuire 1998-2004
In between G1 and G2- That’s So Raven, Phill of the Future- 2003-2006
G2-The Suite Life, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverley Place- 2005-2011
In between G2 and G3- Good luck Charlie and Shake It up- 2010-2014
G3- Jessie, Austin & Ally, Dog with a Blog, Liv and Maddie, Girl Meets World- 2011-2017
In between G3 and G4- KC Undercover, Best Friends Whenever, Bunked 2015- present
G4- Stuck in the middle, Bizaardvark,Andi Mack, The That’s So Raven spin off- 2016-present

im going through so many emotions at once like… im on the verge of a breakdown and the episode isnt on for another 2 hours

NERD ALERT: The following is an in depth Harry Potter thing that may be my new favorite thing.

Late night musings lead to the strangest ideas sometimes. I’m reading all this stuff about being a Ravenclaw because I just got resorted (I’ve been a Slytherin since Pottermore first came out) and Idon’t know how to deal with this kind of life changing event, and I start reading about Luna Lovegood, who is an amazing character that I tend to forget about. Inevitably, my mind wanders to: Who would I ship her with? After running through every character, male and female, that I can think of, I’m like wait. What if she was asexual? Possibly aromantic? And then that led me to my other darling ace child, Charlie Weasley. And then it hit me. What if they were best friends? 

Imagine Luna in Romania, in search of the elusive Umgubular Slashkilter and Charlie just shaking his head with a smile bandaging up yet another burn from the Hungarian Horntail he just got done introducing her to.

One of the dragons starts acting strangely and Charlie has no idea what could be wrong.  He brings it up to Luna one day over lunch and she says, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world, that it must be the nargles making its head all fuzzy. All they have to do is make it a crown of Dirigible plums and Butterbeer corks and it will keep them away. Charlie’s just like um, sure? And tries it and is shocked when it works and from then on, whenever something strange happens with the dragons, he goes to Luna for advice.

But wait, there’s more!

Charlie is a Gryffindor. Brave, impulsive, and reckless. Super smart, but he’s still got those traits. But what if he befriended this innocent, walks-around-with-dreamy-eyes, yet super intelligent and insightful young Ravenclaw who doesn’t always realize that no, that is a dangerous creature that might bite your arm off so maybe don’t pet it, and he feels the need to grow up a bit and make sure Luna doesn’t hurt herself? 

And Luna Lovegood having the protection of the Weasley clan. George finds out about Luna being bullied by her house when she was in school and makes sure no one does it again by planning revenge jokes for those foolish enough to treat her unkindly (which he hasn’t done since he lost Fred). Ginny ready to hex any tormentors into oblivion. Molly and Arthur finding out about her not having a mother and bringing her into the family like they did with Harry. Ron being awkward but supportive. Bill and Charlie trying to convince Percy that telling Luna that Weetimorousbeasties don’t exist is hopeless and that she’s actually probably right. 

And it’s not a romantic thing between them. It’s just Charlie Weasley and Luna Lovegood, off to find dragons and ward off Nargles together. 

It may be a good thing I’m not great at writing fiction; If I were, I’d probably just sit at my computer writing platonic Weaselgood/Loveley fanfiction.

tl;dr Luna Lovegood and Charlie Weasley are my unpoblematic asexual faves and their friendship would be pure and perfect.

@theasexualityblog @aroacehogwarts Thoughts?

RUN | Charlie x Reader - Part 3

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A/N: Since I received some lovely asks from some lovely people to continue this story, I will be writing at least a couple more parts after this one, and even more if you want to see more of it. You can find parts one and two on this masterlist. As always, I love your feedback. Also: SMUT WARNING.

You woke up to Charlie gently shaking you. “What?” you asked, groggily.

“Look,” he uttered, pointing out the passenger’s side window. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and looked over to the most incredible landscape you had ever seen. “Wow,” you breathed out. You turned back over to Charlie whilst putting your seat back up. “Where are we?”

“Currently, I think we are in one of the Carolinas.”

“Wait, how long have we been driving?” you asked, a little stunned.

“About 8 or so hours.”

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Happier Part Four

Happier Masterpost

“We’ve been searching for weeks Cal,” I sayputting my head in my hands as Charlie continues to look through her Twitter.

“Laurel is a writer, surely she has a number,” Calum says, Charlie looks up and shakes her head.

“Only the number of the publisher she’s been publishing with is given.”

“Y/n is her publisher.”

“No, like the book agency.”

“Oh,” I mutter running my hands through my hair.

“We’re never going to find them,” Calum cries loudly, Charlie and I turn our heads to him and stare as he starts to cry heavily into his arm.

“Cal,” Charlie says putting the iPad down and moving closer to him.

“I’m sorry.”

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Tattoos and Alcohol: Part 4

Summary:  You’ve been friends with the Novak twins, Anna and Samandriel for years, and of course, come to befriend their older brother. The tattooed, punk Senior who everyone adores. Now in grade 11, you’re still the best of friends with the Novaks. Between your recent breakup with Dean Winchester and the notorious Halloween party thrown by Charlie quickly approaching, you’re totally not freaking out. And Cas is totally not hitting on you. He wouldn’t do that. Especially since he and Dean are best friends. Right?

Cas x Reader, Dean x Reader (Mentioned)

Words: 1995

Warnings: Language…I think that’s it

A/N: Please let me know what you think! Anybody else who wants to be tagged in this story, just message me! 


Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

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You woke early Sunday morning to Charlie shaking your arm. 

“Y/N get up” She muttered before standing and crossing the room. Taking in your surroundings, you realized that instead of a warm body that you had fallen asleep next to last night, you were wrapped around a pillow. You frowned at the thought of Castiel leaving without saying goodbye to you. The gears in your mind trying to figure out if you had fabricated the whole thing. 

You heard a loud thump and an even louder laugh that split the air, making your head throb from your hangover. 

“Ugh, who let me drink so much last night?” You asked, rubbing your hand over your eyes in attempt to stop the light from penetrating them. Memories of you and Castiel sitting on the bed in front of you, sharing a bottle of vodka flooded your mind. 

“Oh.. That’s who” You whispered before Charlie’s voice boomed through the room again. 

“Balthazar I swear if you throw up in this bed I’m kicking your ass!” You chuckled at her, making your head hurt even worse. 

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