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I Am Legend (2007)

Director - Francis Lawrence, Cinematography - Andrew Lesnie

“My name is Robert Neville. I am a survivor living in New York City. I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies. I will be at the South Street Seaport everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there… if anyone is out there… I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security. If there’s anybody out there… anybody… please. You are not alone.”

Farewell Frankie, A Day Out And An Angry Dog...

Rounding up a week in Hollyoaks (20th-24th November 2017)

It was the week of Frankie’s funeral and as Jack was being about as much help as a Hollyoaks Police officer at a crime scene, Darren and Esther were forced to take over the arrangements. Unfortunately, Jack was less than impressed with their choices and attempted to organise the whole thing himself with only days left. With Charlie having broken Frankie’s favourite limited edition Cher record, of which only 50 were ever made, Jack declared that he was off to track down one of the other 49. Cue CherLover73 coming to the rescue and charging £2000 for the collectible.  Jack, along with Darren, headed off to a deserted yard to collect the record, only to find a very angry dog and no sign of the seller. With no obvious means of escape, Darren and Jack were forced to spend the night in the car.

The day of Frankie’s funeral dawned and back at the Osborne house, Jack and Darren’s absence was starting to cause concern. Esther in particular took the news badly. With Jake and Debbie having missed their flight (what bad luck!) and Craig in Singapore with John Paul, what would Frankie think of Jack and Darren missing the funeral too? Nancy was adamant that they should postpone, but Esther was having none of it and so the remaining Osborne’s, along with Ruby, who returned, headed to the church. As Charlie and Oscar finished their speech, Jack and Darren arrived, having managed to get the record after all. The guests then headed to The Dog for the wake, where all hell broke loose! Ruby’s ‘perfect’ life was revealed to not be so perfect after all and she threw herself at Luke, Jack disappeared again and Myra got caught sneaking the contents of the Buffett into her handbag…

Meanwhile, Luke was keen to prove to Mandy that he’d changed but Milo, fearing that Mandy was starting to warm to Luke again, soon out a stop to any hopes of a reunion with the help of a dodgy breathalyser. Believing Luke to have fallen off the wagon, Mandy was devastated and headed off to visit Ella alone. Realising that his actions had hurt Mandy, Milo had a change of heart and, with Luke in tow, raced off to find her. Mandy was relived when Milo revealed that the breathalyser was faulty and allowed him to join her and Ella as they spent the day in Chester. The trio’s day out was a success and once Ella had gone back to her foster parents, Mandy went off to get ice creams for her and Luke (bit harsh, if you ask me, waiting until Ella had gone!) but when she returned, she found Luke gone. Unbeknownst to Mandy, Luke had seen Mark Gibbs, the man who raped him 17 years ago, and done a runner. Back in the village, Luke was devastated to discover via social media how well Mark’s life was going and so used a fake name and a photo of Nancy to befriend him, with the intention of meeting up…

Elsewhere, Scott returned home from hospital and Brody, Damon and Diane were delighted to see him. As the group gathered at The Dog, they were interrupted by Maggie, who was apparently keen to make amends with Scott. Scott was delighted by his Mother’s supposed u-turn and gave her a bracelet he’d made in art therapy. After Maggie had left, Brody realised that she’d left her purse behind and as he chased after her, saw her put Scott’s bracelet in the bin. After being confronted, Maggie revealed that she had just wanted to get back in Damon’s good books and had no intention of getting to know Scott properly. Brody felt he had no option but to tell Damon and Scott was upset when he overheard the pair talking. We would see Maggie again later when Joel and Sienna bumped into her on the oncology ward, preparing to undergo chemo…

Also this week, the search for baby Daniel continued as Leela and Louis took part in a press conference. Later, as she walked through the village, Leela heard the sound of a baby crying coming from Sienna’s flat and realised that it was Daniel. Racing up there, he suspicions were confirmed and she berated herself for not realising sooner that the local child snatcher was responsible. Leela soon began to feel sorry for Sienna as the true extent of her troubles became apparent and she agreed not to report Sienna. Unfortunately, Louis had other ideas and arrived at the flat with Ry Ry in tow. Luckily for Sienna, Leela was able to talk Ry Ry into merely cautioning Sienna over her latest kidnapping.

Finally, Mac got himself into a right pickle this week when Jack caught him examining the burn he’d obtained in the school explosion. Realising that Jack was on to him, Mac attacked him and we got to witness him becoming increasingly frustrated as one by one, members of his family kept wandering in as Jack lay unconscious behind the sofa. Mac’s plan to move Jack had to be put on hold when Marnie phoned to inform him and Ellie that she and Alfie were on their way to hospital as Alfie had found another lump. There was relief all round when the lump turned out to just be a cyst and Mac was able to return home and move Jack, but, as we would later discover, Mac’s not very good at this murdering lark as Jack’s not actually dead…

5 Things We Learnt This Week:

1. Mandy has many strange little foibles. Like eating a burger separate from its bun. 

2. An umbrella makes an excellent weapon to frighten away intruders. 

3. For someone who supposedly runs a bar, Ruby’s pint pulling skills are severely lacking. 

4. You can always rely on Tom to brighten up a eulogy. 

5. After John Paul received a phone call from Craig in his final episode back in March, we finally found out that they’re together again! 

Characters Featured:

Alfie, Brody, Charlie, Cindy, Damon, Daniel, Darren, Diane, Ella, Ellie, Esther, Hunter, Jack, Joel, Leela, Lisa, Louis, Luke, Mac, Maggie, Mandy, Mark, Marnie, Myra, Milo, Nancy, Oscar, Ryan, Sally, Scott, Sebastian, Sienna, Simone, Tony, Tom and Zack. 

Past Characters Mentioned:

Nico Blake, Pete Buchanan, Duncan Button, Craig Dean, Debbie Dean, Jake Dean, Johnno Dean, Warren Fox, Neeta Kaur, Diego Martinez, Goldie McQueen, Barry ‘Newt’ Newton, Frankie Osborne, Dodger Savage.

partners in crime


It wasn’t the first time that someone had made him an offer he couldn’t resist. It sounded appealing, really, to be this guy’s driver and to work under his wings. Barry had some issues with Charlie Richardson, he was used to be the Richardson’s driver but he couldn’t say that it was fun. On the contrary. It was risky, and besides that he was never treated right. Often he ran around with bruises on his face because Charlie’s had his mood swings again and Barry was the only way for him to let off steam. He called Barry over to punch him. And Barry knew. And he followed his call anyway.

He was afraid to cut the bonds. He knew Charlie would fucking shoot him in the head if he’s go to him and say “Fuck you, Charlie, I’m done. I’m not gonna work for you anymore.” No, he couldn’t do that alone. He needed someone to protect him at least, he needed a new job immediately or he would starve. He needed a proper partner, someone he could run away with. Maybe Kyler was the one.

Cig between his lips, almost smoked all the way down to the filter, he moved through the alleyway where they were supposed to meet. He couldn’t see anyone so far so he kept walking, wasn’t afraid to move through the bit where the lamp was dead and everything was wrapped in darkness. Unsurprisingly it was right there… where he heard his voice. He stopped and turned but even now he couldn’t see the man. Barry remained calm and unimpressed.

“Come out so we can talk. I’m not in the mood for hide’n seek.”