charlie murphy hollywood stories


So, I was reading Prince stories from celebrities. The more I read, the more I think Charlie Murphy’s Hollywood Story is more  plausible. But… I was upset that I’ll never have a story with Prince. It made me sad that I never got to see him in concert, more or less hangout with him. (Well, I doubt hanging out with him would be an option, but it was nice to think about.)

So, one of my friends from Facebook posted this story of meeting Prince (she was like 17-18 at the time) and talked about a boy who had an attitude when he didn’t get an autograph when Prince and his entourage, a part I left out in the tweets, was scrolling through the hood in Bed-Stuy. 

Now, keep in mind that this is like in the mid-80s, mind you. A celebrity scrolling through a Black neighborhood is a rare sight and to do it at 10 at night is rarer still. Also, no one seem to have a camera, which was film back then so… chances of getting a GOOD picture at night was slow. 

As I read the story, I’m starting to realized that this sounded familiar. I vaguely remember approaching a man that looked like Prince back in the days, but never thought much of it because it could have been anyone. I was like… 8, maybe 9 back then.

She ended the story without revealing who the boy was. So, I PMed her saying “you’re so lucky to meet Prince. I wished I met him.” Then she started laughing and called me real quick. “I didn’t think you’ll read my story, that’s why I didn’t mention you.” And I was like “what you mean?” She said, “you’re the boy that Prince couldn’t say no to.” 

I was speechless afterwards. I upstaged Prince and didn’t know it. 

I guess I got my Prince story after all. Just not in the way I expected it.