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Hello, why don’t you—Scott Campbell. Damn. Sorry. Uh, go ahead an finish. 

It’s okay. But that’s not your real name. Yeah, it’s, uh, Scott Hudson. I am Finn’s son. Most people recognize that immediately. Pisses me off. But not, like, in a bad way. I mean, in a bad way, just it frustrates me more than angers me, you know? 

Who’s your momma, if I might ask? She’s dead. She died when I was six. Her name was Quinn. 

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She was really nice and really pretty. I miss her a lot. Dad, too. Little sister, too. 

How did you get your name? I don’t know. There’s a baby book on the shelf in the office, though. It has six-hundred and eighty-eight pages of names and twenty pages of other stuff. There’s a lot of dog-earred pages and a bunch of struck-through names, so I guess they did it the old-fashioned way. 

What was it like growing up? It was hard. School’s a bitch. I mean, schoolwork isn’t hard, but I’m not… great at paying attention. I get my smarts from my mom, but I have my dad’s concentration. Usually, my teachers are understanding. I’m also on the football team like my dad, but I’m third-string, not first-string like he was, ‘cause I keep getting into fights. I kinda got his temper, too. 

Why’d you come back in time? To stop my mom from dying. Duh. But, I… uh… kinda pushed the button too soon, so now I’m here. Kinda turns out my mom and dad aren’t getting together anymore. 

Because of Rachel? No… he died, you asshole. I came back, and he was just… gone. I don’t know how I fucked everything up, but… Never mind.

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Hey… Scott, I’m sorry…

Well, folks, uh… it seems the interview is over.

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