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So I was going down my facebook page the other day and saw this - which was slightly disturbing to me, as Red Band Society was about a bunch of kids dying in the hospital…


Hits of 2015 - played with household items

As the Credits Roll

I don’t really have good coherent words that accurately express my emotions, and I’m sure there will be more posts to come as I process last night’s finale.

But I can’t believe it’s over. A part of me is still desperately hoping that ABC or somebody will pick it up and let it come back with the second season it deserves. I have so many questions left.

I’m happy though, that we had it. That we had the chance to spend 13 episodes with such inspiring characters. That they have each reached an important point in their healing. That we got to be a part of a community who supported and encouraged each other, banding together every Wednesday (and some Saturday!) nights to share our reactions to pain and joy and love- and sharing our own stories as well.

If anything, I hope you remember the lessons from “Waiting for Superman.” Remember that life is a gift. That we may not get what we want, but it might be exactly what we need. Give others a chance. Feel what you need to feel, but remember that tomorrow is another day to fight on. To keep living. We’re not just going to survive, we’re going to thrive.

And we’re going to do it together.


TROVE had an exhibitions in October 2011 as part of The Event.  This show, ‘Creative Machines, Minimalist Sculpture’, was curated by Charlie Levine with Minnie Weisz at Curzon Street Station, Birmingham, UK. The exhibition appeared on the BBC’s The Culture Show as part of a story on Birmingham’s art scene which aired in October 2011. Here’s a clip from that episode featuring the show at Curzon Street Station.