the gang as high school nerds headcanons

came up with this w/ my gf on a long car ride


  • most of her wardrobe comes from hot topic, much of it is ill-fitting
  • wears a beanie at all times with a big pin collection on it
    • has one yaoi pin, and one yuri pin
  • likes mlp and calls herself a pegasister (does not associate with charlie or mac)
  • thinks nobody else has heard of gothic lolita
  • in poetry club
  • not like other girls
  • lies about having been in a harry potter movie on neopets
  • went to a couple gsa meetings


  • also gets some of his wardrobe from hot topic
    • owns one pair of tripp pants and the rest of his pants are extremely unfashionable jeans
  • gets an energy drink every morning
  • runs everywhere with his arms back like he’s in naruto
  • has gotten into trouble at least once for bringing a wooden sword to school
  • loves yu yu hakusho
    • secretly reads yusukexhiei doujins
  • in band with charlie (but can’t play for shit)
  • brony
  • wears one of these hats every day


  • that nerd who overdresses for school every day
    • considers himself a Gentleman
    • probably owns a fedora
  • Logic
  • Reason
  • athiest
  • way too into death note
  • went to a con once just because dee dragged him along
  • in chorus and very stuck up about it 


  • dnd nerd
  • brony
  • i can has cheezburger is his favorite meme
  • wears the same hoodie every day
  • in band
  • he and mac are always telling people about the comic that they’re working on, but somehow it never gets past endless character sheets
  • in anime club despite barely watching anime