charlie is stalking me

“I won’t date Charlie because he stalked me and I’m a lesbian!” The waitress shouted at Dee. She still has no name.

Dee snorted, unaware that that’s how you call for bees. “Why are you obsessed with Dennis then?” She asks.

“So I could get to you.” The waitress responds, placing her hand on Dee’s arm. Suddenly a bee flew by, landing on the waitress. She didn’t move. She smiled. Her hand turned into a swarm of bees. Dee screamed. The waitress was just a swarm of bees the whole time. Dee was actually a flower. This is a metaphor. Save the bees.


Pics of Stephen from Second City (with bonus Steve Carell in the bottom two and Paul Dinello in the last one)

Charlie looks like a weeaboo kid at my school who stalks me n my friends and keeps trying to be our friend despite us saying we don’t want to and that realization ruined me and I can’t look at him w/o feeling vaguely uncomfortable now I’m so sorry @charlie