charlie is better than you

‘That Quidditch Cup’ll have our name on it this year,’ said Wood happily as they trudged back up to the castle. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if you turn out better than Charlie Weasley, and he could have played for England if he hadn’t gone off chasing dragons.’

Sorcerers Stone, chapter 10

Can you imagine Charlie reading in one of his letters from home that Ginny has been practicing quidditch plays nearly every day? How, the moment she’s done with her lessons, Ginny is out the door and borrowing his brothers’ the old brooms in the shed? Not only that, but she’s good. Shockingly good for her age.

So Charlie starts writing her. Letters telling Ginny about the dragons in Romania and occasionally dropping hits in how to balance better or pull out of a risky dive. When his parents and Ginny come to visit him that Christmas he gives her his old copy of Quidditch Through The Ages for her gift. Molly scrunches her nose as Ginny reads hungrily, asking him about with the notes and doodles he’d scribbled into the margins from his time as the Gryffindor seeker and the team captain. And when they get home Ginny practices even harder, until the blisters on her hands turn to calluses

Then years later when she earns a spot on the Gryffindor team as chaser Charlie demands a play-by-play of every game. Between her, Ron, and the twins he jokes with the other wizards and witches at the dragon sanctuary that he almost has a full quidditch team.

When the war is over Charlie gets an excited letter from Harry explaining that the Holyhead Harpies are trying to recruit her. Halfway through the letter he whoops with joy and announces to anyone that will listen that Ginny will be the next Gwenog Jones. Whenever the Harpies have a game Charlie checks and double checks that a wizard wireless nearby to hear the game.

Not even the dragons are enough to shut him up when his baby sister is mentioned scoring a goal (although several disgruntled dragons try).

Charlie and Ginny talking quidditch whenever there’s a family meal and he’s in attendance, even after she retires as a professional athlete. Because Charlie’s joy and excitement in regards to Ginny’s success as a quidditch player is second only to Harry.

Dragon Tales

Bill: Oi, Charlie, do you remember dragon tales? We used to watch that show constantly. When dad had his muggle television phase. 

Charlie: Yah, I used to love that show. 

*later that night.*

Charlie: *humming dragon tales* 

Charlie: And that’s what started dragon tales. 

Charlie: Around the room the dragons flew, but Emmy and Max knew what to do. 

Charlie: There;s Ort whose the biggest not the brave of heart. There’s Cassy so shy; Also very smart. There’s Zach and Wheezy in these tails of fun-

Charlie: Because you know two heads are better than one.

Bill: Brother! What on this bloody earth are you doing?


Charlie: You know you love it. 

He makes me believe that there are still kind guys out there. ❤️ he’s so sweet and I won’t settle for anyone less than a gentleman. And no one else should. Never settle for less than you deserve.


I commissioned @aylendoesart to draw some concept art of Jason and each of my OCs for the Red Hood solo that I came up with, and these are the gorgeous results! 

I could not be happier with how they came out, and I highly recommend hitting up Alien if you want to commission some art. 


The Prisoner
  • Charlie: The fuck are you... No, Sam, NO!
  • Charlie: Dean, don't say that. You don't mean that.
  • Charlie: Why are you guys so... ARGH!!!
  • Charlie: You march back over to your brother and... WRONG WAY YOU RETARD!!!
  • Charlie: I'm sorry, Cas. They should have told you sooner.
  • Charlie: Of course she won't help you; I was trying to tell you, ugh!
  • Charlie: Dean stop.
  • Charlie: Dean, No!
  • Charlie: Sam, he's a demon.
  • Charlie: It didn't work, Sam. SAM!!! Get out of there.
  • Charlie: Dean, you know better than this.
  • Charlie: HE WAS INNOCENT DEAN!!!
  • Charlie: Fine get physical with him.
  • Charlie: Okay, y'all obviously can't do this without me. Ima go find Bobby and Kevin and meet you all back down there for brunch.
  • Charlie: Don't mess up too much before then.


Well, lucky for me I’m not a certified narcissist.

I’ll probably be cleaned up in, oh, I don’t know… Five minutes? You know, the amount of time it should take.

Buddy, c’mon, now. A man’s gotta keep up his appearance. You don’t wanna look like a mediocre cubicle employee the rest of your natural life, do you? 

I gotcha covered.

Norma? Yeah, hey, where are you right now?

..Okay, yeah, that isn’t too far. Listen; stop at the mansion real quick, pick out a spare change of clothes, and.. the kit.


..You know, the kit? C’mon, Norma, we gotta start using these code words more. I mean the hair dryer, brushes, product–yeah, that kit. Be over here in, uh, ten minutes, if you can. Alright? Alright, Say-yo-naira.

-hangs up and shoves phone in pocket, grins at Sketch-

We’re gonna get you all fixed up, huh? Pal, I don’t even know how you can stand to look like this. That shirt is just.. ugh, its so plain. Who picks out your clothes, your Ma?