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I tend to agree with the point Charlie Brooker made about spree shooters: Get every news channel to come out and say: ‘If you do this, we will not make you famous. We'll give out nothing to the public but the bare minimum details about you. You will not be psychoanalyzed. You will barely even be named. You will not be "remembered." You'll be deleted from history and treated as a nothing.’

Seriously, most of the time these guys just like the idea of being remembered in infamy.


Rest In Peace Carrie Fisher  (October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016)

“One of the great things to pretend is that you’re not only alright, you’re in great shape. Now to have that come true - I’ve actually gone on stage depressed and that’s worked its magic on me, ‘cause if I can convince you that I’m alright, then maybe I can convince me.”

First Kiss- Charlie McAvoy

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Ok so after my whine fest about sucking at writing, I’ve liked the way the next few turned out. Le sigh. Maybe I need to do that more often! Oh and by the way Charlie is so adorable with his little cheeks and he still looks like a baby but played like a freaking champ! Anyway! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of hockey fight

Anon Request: If requests are open, could I request a charlie mcavoy imagine where he’s playing against Dallas and seguin tries hitting on you where Charlie’s right there so during the game, seguin talks shit about mcavoy and they start fighting, and when u get home, u like thank him (idk??) And u make out.. thank u!!


              It was your best friend’s hockey game and you were not going to miss it for the world.

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Ouat Con Denver 2017 - Emilie’s Panel
  • “The lights are so bright! I feel like I’m being interrogated by like a lot of people!” (x)
  • “Maybe I could be Dumbledore” (x)
  • Emilie says Ginny will do something silly on set and for the next half hour Ginny will still be giggling about it (x)
  • They want her to do a Rumple impression and she tried to do his laugh and it was just like her breathing into the mic (x)
  • Emilie said the biggest plot twist for Belle is the end, never thinking she’d get Gideon back as a child (x)
  • Emilie said she would love to wear Colin’s outfits and got a laugh out of his tight leather pants (x)
    • milie wants to wear Hook’s outfits I’m laughing (x)
  • She knocked over a giant clock on set when she was pregnant and they couldn’t fix it (x)
    • Emilie accidentally knocked over a clock when she was pregnant because she forgot she was so much bigger than she was used to (x)
  • Someone just asked Emilie a kiss, marry kill question and the entire audience booed (x)
    • Kiss - Hook, Marry - Charlie from Lost, Kill - Rumple, As Emilie not Belle (x)
  • Jared just came up and asked “what was it like working with the cast, specifically Jared Gilmore” in a ridiculous southern accent (x)
    • Jared asking Emilie a question during the q&a as “Leroy,” Jfc I’m dead (x)



Making Amends

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Sam Winchester x Reader, Charlie (mentioned)

Author: @oppsiwrotemorefanfic

Summary: You’ve been secretly reading the Supernatural books against Sam and Dean’s wishes. When they find out you’ve been reading them, they get upset and you have to find a way to make amends.

Word Count:900

Warnings: cursing, talks about masturbation

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okay right the last thing i wrote was bordering on angst so i just wanted to talk about how much the gang all love each other so fricking much.

- so it takes a few alien invasions for them to fully gel as a group but once they do they are (and i don’t use this term lightly) SQUAD GOALS

-  their groupchat, called the ludicrous care bears, is the best thing in the world, non-stop alien memes, weird questions from charlie, and approximately 8336 pictures of Ram for any reaction image you could ever want

- they definitely use this groupchat to live text each other commentary on each day’s episode of love island or whatever trashy reality tv show Charlie got them hooked on with the excuse that they’re teaching him about human culture (camilla is their fave obvs) 

- sunday is group hang out day, they watch films (most sci-fi films are banned because Tanya wouldn’t stop pointing at random aliens and asking Charlie if he knew them), or April will (try to) teach them how to knit or they’ll bake something (really Matteusz bakes and the rest of them try to eat the batter and throw flour at the others)

- Ram sometimes has to miss out because he has football so they others spam him with pics and messages telling him all the fun he’s missing out on (they’re just kidding, they always make sure to save him anything they make)

- when they find out that Charlie had never had a proper kid’s birthday they throw him one and insist on playing stupid party games like musical chairs and pass the parcel

- Tanya accidentally let’s slip that she never learned how to ride a bike because she was too busy being a tiny brainiac to learn how when she was little so they spend a full weekend teaching her (the first day is spent just getting her on the bike

- Ram was always the popular kid and people liked him but none of them knew him and Tanya had friends a few years below but they all thought of her as the weird smart kid. Ever since the thing with April’s dad everyone was afraid to get too close to her and Matteusz was always the new kid from another country (and charlie is just a disaster) so really they’re all each other’s first real best friends

call all of this stupid unnecessary, unrealistic fluff (it totally is) but i don’t care it was fun to write 

Bed Side Manners Ch. 7

(Juice x OC Charlie)

Quick note: Gotta thank Pandora for setting the mood to write. If you wanna hear what I do check out “Unfold” by Alina Baraz & Gali Matias and “Electric” by Alina Baraz feat. Khalid. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!

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When Juice got to the lobby he jumped out of the mandatory wheel chair escort and in to Bobby Elivis’ open arms.

“God we’ve missed you little ‘Rican.”

“I’ve miss you guys too brother” Juice turned as Bobby helped him back into his kutte. The long shower and shave Charlie had hooked him up with the day before made him feel a hundred times more like himself but that worn leather made him feel whole. “What have I missed?”

They made their way out to the van and Bobby filled Juice in on everything from Clay and Jax’s  fight in prison after he had left, to the nomad vote, down to the unexpected Church called for that morning.

When they arrived at TM Juice jumped out if the van and was greeted by Chibs, Tig, Happy, and Opie.

When Opie gave him a too tight hug he winced in  pain when the stitches pulled in his back. “Hey someone named Dion called said something about going to the prom?” Opie joked.

“You have no idea how funny that isn’t.” Juice responded patting him on the chest. As he was hugging it out in greeting with the others Clay and Jax pulled up.

“Chapel now!” Barked Clay heading in.

They sat around the table speechless. Gemma had been attacked, beaten and raped by Zobelle’s  crew. So many thoughts ran through his head. He was angry, scared, confused. They were criminals in their own way but none of them would ever do anything like that to someone so innocent and venerable. The worst was they did that to a woman he looked up to all to send a fucking message.

Once church let out Juice got to work on rechecking if any new information had come up on Zobelle or any of his crew. When his searches turned up empty he let Jax know nothing new had come up then went out to the garage to see if any help was needed. Walking into the office he was unprepared for what took him over at the sight of Gemma sitting there.

Seeing the look on his face Gemma stood up. “Oh sweetheart I’m ok.” She said knowingly and gave him a hug.

Deciding to keep his mind off of it he turned towards business. “Is there anything I can do out here?” He asked pointing towards the garage.

“No baby, you need to rest up you’re still healing  and the guys are gonna need you strong for what’s coming.” Nodding he stood frozen a moment before Chibs burst into the office.

“Juicy Boy!!” He said breaking the thoughts of the two standing there, adding smiles to both faces. “Ya fillin’ Gemma ‘ere in on tha’ nurse Charlie? ”

Gemma turned to Juice and raised her eyebrow at the blush spreading over his cheeks. “What nurse?”

Juice chuckled and told Gemma about her, “She sounds perfect baby, I can’t wait to meet her.” Gemma was happy for him being the youngest, besides Jax and Opie, he didn’t always get the better end of the stick when it came to the crew. With the way he lit up when talking about this Charlie, she had a feeling he was going to be doing very well very soon.

“Well you two girls need to go gossip somewhere else.” Gemma began ushering them out of her office. “I’ve got work to do and you two have better to be getting.” She said referring to the recent injuries the two had received.

Walking back towards the club house together Chibs slapped Juice on the shoulder. “So did ya take my advice ‘bout tha lass?”

Juice just smiled “Yeah I did.”

When they got inside they had a beer and Juice told Chibs all that had happened with Charlie that night and the next day. Chibs was proud of his young friend. He loved Juice and wanted well for him more than most.

Chibs soon got up and went outside. Left alone in the quiet of the club house Juice just stared at the screen of his laptop thinking about Gemma and everything they would be dealing with in the near future. His mind drifted to darker thoughts, and before he knew it his fingers were flying across the keys.

Charlie had just gotten back from a run to the grocery store. Walking into the back door she dropped her keys on the counter and placed her groceries in the fridge. Moving to the living room she jumped nearly out of her skin at the sight of Juice sitting on her couch.

“Jesus Christ,” She yelped clutching her hand to her chest. “You scared the shit outta me. How did you get in here, and more importantly how did you know where I lived?”

“Intelligence Officer for a group of criminals, remember?” He answered not really looking up.

“Right.” Charlie mumbled. She wasn’t sure what else to say because as she took in the man before her he seemed to be a shell of the smiling guy she had shared burgers and kisses with the day before.

Slowly she made her way closer to him. When she stood in front of Juice he still hadn’t lifted his face to hers so she dropped down taking hold of his hands. “Juice?” Nothing. “Hun?” She tried again and placed one hand under his chin forcing him to look at her.

What she saw broke her heart. He looked like he’d been waring with his own eyes. Forcing tears to keep themselves at bay. “Juice what’s wrong you’re scaring me?”

Taking her face in his hands “Baby I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just… somethings happened today, and I… ” he stopped he wanted to say what he needed to say but it was a bit much so he took pause to organize his thoughts. “I know it’s been a week but I cannot stop thinking about you. I wonder where you are, who your with, are you smiling enough, are you safe enough…and I keep telling myself to chill out but…I mean it’s only been a week and you’ve taken over my whole mind… but I gotta know before I say anything else what are you thinking about me and us.”

Charlie’s eyes glossed over as a feeling relief at his words hit her full force. In all honesty she’d been having the same thoughts about him and constantly found she was reminding her self that she wasn’t in high school and needed to slow down,  that she was gonna scare him off. “Juice Ifeel the exact same, honestly I really thought I was gonna scare you off if I told you that I have those same thoughts.”  Her relief reflected in his eyes so she continued. “I want this to go somewhere, I want to be with you I want to come to this empty place and it not be empty. And I want you to be the one to fill it up….”

Juice used the hold he had and pulled Charlie in kissing her. Partly because he wanted to, partly because he needed her to shut up. Pulling back he placed his forehead to hers. He was really holding back but had to clarify just one more thing. “I’m not a good man Charlie, I’m a criminal, I make mistakes and things are happening right now that, even I’m afraid of. I just need you to know that. Especially if we’re gonna be anything more than what we’ve been.”

He kept his eyes closed fearing the look on her face if she rejected him. Then he felt a tear hit his thumb and slide down to his wrist as she breathed out a whispered but firm. “I understand” to prove that she still wanted this SHE kissed HIM this time.

Juice returned her kiss with more force, while wiping her tears with his thumbs.

They soon became more forceful, more passionate. Juice slid his hands from her face, reaching down to wrap around her thighs where she was squatting down infront of him. Using his well developed strength he easily lifted her small frame into his lap. Never once breaking their kiss.

Charlie gasped when he picked her up so suddenly. Juice wasted no time taking advantage of her now parted lips and slipped his toung in aganst hers. Their tongues began to battle for dominance, passion and lust driving them. Juice was barely holding on he needed her now. He moved his lips to her jaw and down her neck. As he licked an nipped across her collar bone. Charlie was falling apart above him. When he reached the first button of her shirt he pause and looked up. She was beautiful, lips slightly parted and swollen from his own, afternoon sun slipping in though the window behind him making her skin glow. He needed more. NOW. Re-attaching his lips to hers he reached between them and ripped her shirt open sending buttons in every direction. This ignited a fire in Charlie she had not felt before with anyone.

Juice pulled what was left of the top from her shoulders. His rough hands left a tingling fire in their wake as he roamed them up her back pulling her closer. Quickly he stood from the couch never letting her go. Charlie wrapped her legs around his waist. Walking down the hall with her in his arms he stopped slamming her against the wall when she bit his lip a bit harshly. After a bite of his own he pulled away “Bedroom?” He growled

“Door at the end” pulling her from the wall he walked her through the door. He lowered her slender frame gently onto the bed. As soon as her body touched the mattress he sat back and took her in. He realised suddenly he didnt want this to be fast or rough. He was gonna take his time with her he was going to savor this moment. He wanted to map out ever curve, every edge. Juice removed his Kutte setting it on her dresser behind him then pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor. Charlie watched him, her cool blue grey eyes holding onto his warm chocolate ones, as she pulled her bra from her chest. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground. Seeing this Charlie reached for the button of her own jeans, but was stopped when Juice grabbed her hand. Her breathing became more shallow as she watched him. Slowly, gently he reached out with a quick flick of his wrist her button was undone and Juice leaned down. Pulling the zipper open with his hands on either hip, he followed the slowly exposing flesh with his toung.

Charlie watched him in awe running her blunt nils over his scalp. Juice ran hot open mouthed kisses from one hip bone to the other as he rolled the form fitting jeans down her legs. Once he had her rid of them he looked down at her panty covered center. Charlie saw him lick his lips but she didn’t want that. Not today. “Baby.” She called to him his eyes flicked to hers and with out another word he stood pulling down his boxers then laid himself out over her. With one arm holding him up the other moved to her breasts gently he massaged  one running his thumb over it’s tip for just a moment before running his hand softly down her side as he kissed her. Reaching the thin fabric of her simple black boy shorts, he pulled them down her thighs.

Charlie kicked them off and onto the floor with the rest of the clothes that had been long forgotten there. She grabbed his face with both hands pulling him more fully over her. Hooking one leg up around his hip she pulled him down and rubbed herself against him. Juice sucked in a hiss.

Pulling back he looked down. Grabbing ahold of himself he rolled his thumb over his tip then ran his head along her more than ready entrance. As he lined himself up he looked into her eyes. This was her one last chance to back out. “Are you sure?” He asked her.

“I’m sure.” She told him with nothing less than pure confidence.

Juice leaned back down and kissed her as he entered her. Sheathing himself fully insider her they gasped and groaned in unison. They took a moment to adjust, her to his size, him to the grip her body held him in.

Soon Juice began to move rocking gently at first, then long, slow, and deep. Pulling out nearly completely before slowly sliding back in to his hilt. The room filled with gasps and quiet moans.

It wasn’t much longer before Charlie could feel a coil tightening it’s self in her lower abdomen. And with the way he was filling her up with each steady strong stroke it wouldn’t take much more for that spring to snap.

Juice held her with one hand on her hip. His other side was leaned against his forearm with his hand tangled in her hair. Charlie had her legs hiked up over his steadily rolling hips. Her arms wrapped around him pulling him impossibly closer.

When her nails dug a bit into his sides and her walls began to flutter around him where he had buried himself deep inside her. He knew she was getting dangerously close to the precipice. He wanted to watch her as he sent her over that final edge. “Baby, look at me.”

She opened her eyes when she felt his head pull back slightly. Locking eyes with her he used the hand on her hip and pushed down. Changing the angle just enough causing the tightening spring inside her to snap suddenly. Charlie felt it spread out tingling her fingers and toes.

Watching her pupils blow wide Juice leaned down and kissed her. At the feel of her contracting around him his hips stuttered a bit. Unable to hold back any longer he followed her over the edge and into oblivion.

Videos from OUATDEN, 6/3/17