charlie hangs around


LOST: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Charlie Hangs Around.

It’s the music that really sells this scene (the second half of the track linked above is the bit that plays with these caps). I mean, it’s everything really - the shock of the moment and the way Kate’s grief is exacerbated by Jack’s increasingly violent attempts at resuscitation - but it’s Michael Giacchino’s incredible score that really makes it all resonate, and that makes this, in my opinion, the first truly perfect scene of the entire show. 


It’s amazing how a single score can bring back so many memories. This was only a few episodes in to the first season, and just listening to this brings back all the pain I felt when I thought that Charlie was dead. This was the moment when I knew I loved this show more than anything else I’d ever seen. The survivors were just getting to know each other-there were no real relationships of any kind yet, and at this moment, when they thought Charlie was dead, and the music slowed and quieted, and Jack tried to save him-at that moment you knew, that they were a family. That as much as they disagreed, there were a few things they could relate with. Just-that moment- when Kate started sobbing and she screamed for Jack to stop, because she thought he was already gone, and Jack just kept trying. I think I cried more than I ever have when Charlie opened his eyes and they all laughed through tears and everything was alright.