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Charlie Weasley Imagine - Slow Going

“Hey there! Could you please do a Charlie imagine were you are Dracos big sister and the other weasleys are kind of meh about you? Thank youuuu” - Anon

So I’m not sure if this is what I was going for completely, but it took me a really long time to find the inspiration to write this so I really hope you enjoy it. Fingers crossed that there are no typos and I apologize if there are! Also I just hit 800 followers so thank you for that!! As always, requests are open so please send one in! You may not see it for a little while but I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Word Count: 2006

Charlie and (y/n) sat across from each other in the little shack that they had been assigned, along with a few other of the people who were living in their camp in Romania. They were taking a break from all of the excitement outside to eat their lunch and just spend time with each other.

Charlie had been going on about going back to the Burrow for their short summer break to see his family. When he asked (y/n) if she was also going home to see her family, she had just shrugged and mumbled something about staying in Romania.

“What do you mean you’re staying here?”

“I mean I’m staying here over our break,” (y/n) sighed exasperated. “Summers have never been anything special back home. Sure I could see Draco and mum, but Christmas isn’t that far away.”

“(Y/n), it’s the middle of summer, Christmas is months away,” Charlie said, abandoning his lunch. “Not to mention that you’ll be all alone here, everyone is going home.”

“Not everyone is going home,” she mumbled shoving food into her mouth to avoid the conversation. It’s not that she didn’t want to go home or that she didn’t love her family, (y/n) just knew that things were strained right now. It was easier to stay in Romania, nobody cared if she was a Malfoy in Romania.

The pair began to eat in silence again. Charlie seemed to be lost in his own thoughts and (y/n) let him be, glad that they weren’t talking about her anymore. Once they had finished their meal they went back out to work, neither of them saying a word to each other. (Y/n) kept thinking about saying something to break the tension, but every time she looked over at Charlie he seemed to be in his own little world.


That night they ate dinner with their housemates talking to everyone but each other. (Y/n) was racking her brain trying to figure out if she had done something, or if Charlie was just that upset that she was staying in Romania for their break. When everyone had finished (y/n) used her wand to move the dishes from the table into their tiny kitchen. She followed behind them setting them down gently in the sink.

Charlie slipped into the kitchen behind her, sitting on the counter. He watched as (y/n) flicked her wand and the dishes began to wash themselves.

“Did I do something?” she blurted out breaking their uncomfortable silence. “I know that you don’t like that I’m staying here over break, but I really don’t think that warrants you ignoring me,” (y/n) finished with a huff. She crossed her arms and gave him a pointed look, “well?”

“Come home with me,” Charlie proposed, catching (y/n) off guard. “Come back to the Burrow for a little while. You won’t be here alone and I can finally get mum off my back about finding a ‘nice girl to bring home’,” he said, perfectly imitating his mother’s voice.

“I don’t know, Charlie…”

“Why not? It’ll be fun! You can meet my brothers, and I know that you and Ginny would get along,” Charlie tried to hide his excitement, but did a miserable job of it.

“It’s not your family that I’m worried about, Charlie.”

Charlie sighed and slid down off of the counter and took a few steps toward (y/n). “You can’t expect them to hold your name against you, if they just got to know you-”

“Who says they want to get to know me?” (y/n) snapped.

“I do,” Charlie took one of (y/n)’s hands in both of his. “Just come with me for a bit, if it’s really awful you can go and stay with your family.”

(Y/n) contemplated his offer for a bit before finally nodding her head.


(Y/n) and Charlie stood at the end of the lane that led to the Burrow. “I don’t know about this, Charlie.”

“(Y/n), come on, we’re already here,” Charlie pleaded. She could tell that this was important to him and she couldn’t bring herself to break his heart like that. She sighed and nodded her head making his face light up. As they finally approached the door Molly burst out and swallowed Charlie into a hug.

After what seemed like an eternity, and some comments from Charlie about not being able to breath, Molly released him and took his face in her hands. “Look at you, finally home.” Molly then turned to (y/n) who was standing a few steps away awkwardly playing with her sleeves. “And who’s this?” she asked looking back at Charlie, her smile a mile wide.

“Mum, this is (y/n), (y/n) Malfoy.”

“It’s lovely to meet you, I’ve heard so much from Charlie about everyone.” (Y/n) offered a smile as Molly’s faltered. Molly turned back to Charlie, taking his hand and pulling him inside. (Y/n)’s shoulders slumped, following behind the pair starting to wish she really had just stayed in Romania. I knew this was a bad idea, she hasn’t even talked to me and she already hates me. She thought, desperation painted in her face.


After (y/n)’s initial awkward encounter she was completely discouraged, and later when the entire family sat down to dinner she did her best not to say much of anything. Charlie tried to introduce her to everyone and to help coax her into conversation, but she mostly just smiled. It didn’t really matter anyway, considering the entire Weasley family was trying to be polite while still ignoring her. (Y/n) could see Charlie slowly losing heart as well, and eventually his disappointment became a subtle anger.

“It’s not a big deal,” (y/n) said quietly to Charlie, resting her hand on his arm. Ron, who was sitting across from (y/n), tried to a hide a scowl when he saw her touch Charlie causing her to quickly remove her hand and place it in her lap. Charlie glanced at Ron, doing a poor job at hiding his frustration.

“Yes it is a big deal,” he said without letting Ron hear.

“Charlie please…” (y/n) trailed off. She took a deep breath before continuing, “just… please don’t say anything you’ll regret.”


Later that night (y/n) lay awake on a mattress that had been haphazardly crammed into the extra space in Ginny’s room. Well, we weren’t expecting company, Molly had said with a pained smile while she and Ginny stretched sheets across the mattress. (Y/n) had apologized and offered to help, but Molly had waved her off saying she could do it herself thank you very much.

Now, Ginny’s steady breathing told (y/n) that she was sound asleep. (Y/n) sat up and slid to edge of the mattress. She slipped on her shoes with the intention of heading outside to go for a walk and clear her head. She always felt at home in the outdoors, that was part of the reason she had been so drawn to working with dragons, or really any magical creatures, in the first place. She maneuvered her way down the stairs avoiding the creakiest steps, hoping not to wake anyone else in the house. She stopped short of the last few steps that led into the kitchen at the sound of voices.

(Y/n) tucked herself into a shadow when she heard Charlie’s harsh voice. “You didn’t even give (y/n) a chance!”

“Oh they’re all the same aren’t they? When you grow up in a house like that-”

“She’s not like that,” Charlie cut his mother off. “Come on Mum, aren’t you the one who’s been begging me to find a nice girl?”

But not a Malfoy,” Molly said on the verge of whining.

“It’s just a name! She’s still a person who can think for herself. If you had even tried to talk to her you would have realized that she’s smart, and she’s funny, and she’s on our side! Merlin’s beard, she didn’t even want to come here because she was scared you would all hate her because of her name.” Molly stayed quiet, staring at Charlie as he continued rambling. “I begged her to come because I thought you’d be able to look past that and see how amazing she is. I thought you would be able to see in her what I see.”

“Charlie…” Molly said trying to stop him. (Y/n) had stepped into the light and down onto the bottom step, but Charlie had his back turned to her.

“She means the world to me, and I-” he stuttered suddenly caught on his words, “I think I’m in love with her, and I just- I just wanted my family to love her as much as I do.”

“Charlie,” Molly said again, this time with more conviction, glancing back at (y/n).

“Do you really mean that?” (y/n) asked. Charlie whipped around, mouth hanging open at a loss for words. “I can go back upstairs and pretend like I never heard anything if you want me to-”

“I really meant it,” Charlie said stopping (y/n) short.


“Yeah.” Even in the low light (y/n) could see his ears starting to turn a dark shade of red.

“I uh, I think I’m in love with you too.”

After a solid minute of the pair just staring at each other Molly butted in, “well, what are you waiting for? Kiss her!” When neither moved Molly lightly pushed Charlie toward (y/n).

“Mum, stop,” Charlie mumbled, his cheeks now the same shade of red. In spite of that he took the last few steps up to (y/n) who had a shy smile on her face. He touched her cheek which was also dusted with a light blush. Charlie leaned down and kissed (y/n) softly, both of them smiling into the sweet kiss.


The next morning the entire Weasley clan, and (y/n), sat down to breakfast at the picnic tables that had been set up in the yard next to the garden. Charlie and Bill immediately dove into a conversation about all of the exciting adventures they had been on since the last time they had been with their family. Everyone was enthralled with them occasionally asking questions, which made it easier for (y/n) to sink into the background.

Charlie started to recount one of the more exciting days in their camp in Romania. One of the dragons had nearly gotten loose; it had been all hands on deck trying to keep all of the other dragons safe while wrangling the escapee back to where it should be. “The Chinese Fireball that was loose – we call her Angel because she’s really a sweetheart deep down – anyway, Angel nearly singed my eyebrows off but (y/n) was there to cast a protection charm and save the day,” Charlie chuckled and rolled his eyes adding, “as always.”

Charlie looked at (y/n) but she just smiled shyly and tried not to look anyone in the eye while pushing her food around her plate.

“It’s not as dangerous as he makes it out to be, is it (y/n)?” Molly asked.

(Y/n)’s head shot up as she just stared at Molly shocked that anyone had spoken to her. She swallowed thickly before answering. “I think he embellishes a bit for effect, but he really did almost loose his eyebrows,” she said stifling a little laugh. Molly suddenly looked even more concerned than she had before, causing (y/n) to backtrack. “There are always loads of healers on hand though, we’re perfectly safe. He would have had them back in no time,” she glanced at Charlie before continuing, “probably a good thing too because I’m not sure he could pull that look off.”

Charlie, Bill, and (y/n) all laughed at this, and even Molly couldn’t hide her smile. Slowly Bill and Molly started to talk to (y/n) more, and even the twins jumped in on their conversation near the end.

It was slow going, but eventually (y/n) could tell that they were warming up to her.

“I told you they would love you,” Charlie whispered in her ear before kissing her temple lightly.


jalousie | rucas prompt

this was requested by @rilxyfriarr and i hope you like it! i apologize in advance if it’s rushed or anything. xx thanks for sending in a prompt !!

side note: jalousie = jealousy in french.


Junior year of high school. It’s the first year for prom and a multitude of other things, each less interesting than the previous. You would think that perhaps by now, two people who had been best friends and presumably have feelings for each other since seventh grade would finally get their individual lives under control and get together.

You would be wrong.

My teeth lightly dug into my bottom lip as I struggled to hold my heavy history textbook, smartphone, coffee, and notebook all at the same time. Typically one of my friends would come over and help, but considering the fact that none of them were currently in sight, something made me believe that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon.

“Riley?” a overly familiar voice called, apparently noticing my complications. Of course. Charlie.

We had drifted apart a bit after the disastrous New Year’s Eve back when we were both just confused fourteen year old kids, nothing more than eighth graders with lives more complex than they probably should have been. It hadn’t been until about last month that he had actually started talking to me again. Maya seemed to interpret the entire situation as shameless flirting, and even Farkle warned me to be cautious about whatever signals I was planning on sending Charlie.

Personally, I thought they were completely out of their minds. Your feelings for someone you had a tiny, feeble little crush on back in middle school would not suddenly reappear a few years later. It sounded like the worst possible cliche a human being could stumble across.

Managing to plaster the smallest of halfhearted smiles on my face, I reluctantly glanced away from my personal mess of various items. “Hi, Charlie.”

The dark-haired boy chuckled quietly, his eyes fleetingly darting down to my full arms before carefully grasping my textbook and notebook, leaving me with only my cell phone and coffee. “Better?” he questioned, his tone surprisingly soft. It was almost difficult to hear over the cluster of talkative students surrounding us, too caught up in their own individual lives and problems to take much notice of either of us.

I smiled, this one feeling a tad bit more sincere. “Much better. Thank you, Charlie. I haven’t been thinking as straight as I usually would have, and apparently grabbing a bunch of different delicate things at the same time wasn’t the greatest idea.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve all done it,” he reassured me, his bright smile and eager-to-please attitude vaguely reminding me of a faithful golden retriever. The thought itself caused a slight blush to warm my rosy cheeks, an awkward laugh escaping my lips. “I’m guessing you’re heading to your dad’s class?”

The history textbook most likely tipped him off. “Yeah,” I mumbled, not bothering to ask him if he was heading in the same direction. We had been in the same history class throughout all of high school and most of middle school. There wasn’t really any reason to ask pointless questions.

Charlie grinned, gently grabbing my hand in his own before silently guiding me to my father’s class. He lingered by my desk once we finally did arrive, mentioning something about having two amazing tickets to an upcoming Knicks game before my dad finally asked everyone to sit down. I watched him as he took his typical seat behind Isadora, my insides turning with something that was either anticipation or downright nerves - and not the positive kind.

My gaze locked on Lucas for the briefest of seconds, immediately taking notice of the fact that his jaw was clenched, eyes pointedly fixated on anything that was nowhere near me.

Definitely not anticipation.

It went on like that for a rather long time, repetitively. Charlie would try to spend as much time with me as he possibly could, even when my friends were surrounding me. I could never keep myself from dwelling upon the fact that Lucas consistently found something “important” to do whenever Charlie was hanging around. Zay and Farkle had been the first people to catch onto this, and it wasn’t until this had practically become a tradition that they started bugging me about their apparent disliking of Charlie Gardner.

“All he does is hit on you, therefore running Lucas off. It’s a daily tradition, Riley. When are you just going to do everyone a favor and just shoot the guy down?”

I shot Zay a reproachful look, my eyes falling downcast afterwards. He had a good point, of course. Deep down I knew that my feelings for Charlie could never progress past anything more than platonic. We had already gone down this unfortunate road after getting back from Texas back in middle school.

My feelings hadn’t changed. It had always been Lucas.

Saying this out loud didn’t seem like the most brilliant strategy, knowing that Zay Babineaux had never been exceptionally talented when it came to keeping important secrets. So I shrugged simply, muttering some unrealistic excuse about extra science homework before striding away from his locker.

A fortnight passed since Zay’s confrontation in our crowded school hallways. No one had bothered to bring the subject up again, although nevertheless my friend’s words passed through my thoughts so frequently they might as well reside there. He had an amazing point, but life had never been as easy as everyone attempted to make it seem. Everything was complicated, despite the fact that there was no actual love triangle anymore. We had all sorted that out ages ago. It had nothing whatsoever to do with that anymore.

But what was the huge problem, then? Why was it so hard for Lucas and I to get together if we really had feelings for each other?

My muddled thoughts were so painfully centered around trying to distinguish the big complication in this mess that I hadn’t even bothered to pay attention to whatever Charlie was going on and on about. It wasn’t until he had said my name for the fifth time that I finally snapped out of my careless daze, my eyes snapping towards his somewhat tentatively.

“I’m sorry,” slipped from my lips almost reflexively. Apologizing to people had basically become a habit nowadays. “I’m a little tired. Do you mind if we continue this conversation some other time?”

Despite his crestfallen expression, Charlie nodded once. “Sure, of course. Whatever you want.”

I forced a tiny, grateful smile before stepping out of my mom’s cafe. Pretending not to notice the disappointed green eyes following my every movement as I walked away from Charlie, the familiar voice of my best friend barely sinking in as she tried to capture Lucas’s attention.

There was never a right time for his moment with me. Maybe that was the biggest issue here.

“All he does is flirt with you, Riley,” Lucas hissed. “You’re either dragging this out or you’re leading him on. Either way, there’s nothing right about it.”

An exasperated laugh fell from my lips as I shook my head, complete and utter disbelief finally taking over. “This isn’t really any of your concern,” I snapped. Although it was. Just like it would be my concern if the roles were reversed.

Breaking off an unofficial thing with somebody was a lot harder than you would believe.

“You know that it is,” he said dully, already catching onto my general thought process. “You know why it would be so concerning to me, too.”

“How am I supposed to know?” I asked, my voice sounding exasperated to my own ears. “You never tell me anything about how you feel, Lucas. We keep dancing around the subject of our relationship, but whenever it honestly comes down to it, you just dodge the question. What am I supposed to think?”

Lucas paused for a long moment, his eyes locking on mine with such an intensity that I could practically feel my knees weaken. It was really unfair, how easy it was for him to make me so unbelievably nervous.

Taking a couple steps closer to me was enough to almost completely seal the gap between us, his forehead lightly pressing against mine. There were still traces of annoyance in his brilliant green eyes, but there was also something else now. Something that seemed to resemble determination. “I love you.”

“Lucas,” I breathed. My heartbeat was instinctively quickening over his words. The words I had been hoping he would say from that very first night we actually got to know each other in the library. It had been such a naive, innocent thought back then. Just overly hopeful daydreaming.

Not so much right now.

“I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember,” he mumbled quietly, his gentle voice causing my pulse to thud abruptly in my wrists. “Does that change anything?”

I swallowed hard, my nerves so insanely out of my control at the moment. Of course it did. It changed quite a lot. “Everything,” I answered truthfully, my voice barely anything more than a simplistic whisper.

The corners of his lips twitched upwards, forming a small smile. “That’s good enough for me,” Lucas mumbled softly. His eyes glanced down towards my lips for the slightest of instances before he leaned forward, gently pressing his lips against mine. My eyes fluttered shut reflexively, my hands lightly knotting themselves in his hair and tugging him closer.

And suddenly it was nearly impossible to recall the name of the boy who had been flirting with me for so long.

It was impossible to focus on anything besides the pressure of Lucas’s lips against mine. 

It felt like finally being okay. Finally not being tired anymore. Finally feeling at home; safe; content.

He broke the kiss, breathing inevitably becoming a necessity yet again. There was a bit of reluctance in his retreat, his forehead pressing against mine once more. “City girl?”

I broke into a smile, pecking his lips briefly before responding, “I’m in love with you, too.”


LOST: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Charlie Hangs Around.

It’s the music that really sells this scene (the second half of the track linked above is the bit that plays with these caps). I mean, it’s everything really - the shock of the moment and the way Kate’s grief is exacerbated by Jack’s increasingly violent attempts at resuscitation - but it’s Michael Giacchino’s incredible score that really makes it all resonate, and that makes this, in my opinion, the first truly perfect scene of the entire show. 


It’s amazing how a single score can bring back so many memories. This was only a few episodes in to the first season, and just listening to this brings back all the pain I felt when I thought that Charlie was dead. This was the moment when I knew I loved this show more than anything else I’d ever seen. The survivors were just getting to know each other-there were no real relationships of any kind yet, and at this moment, when they thought Charlie was dead, and the music slowed and quieted, and Jack tried to save him-at that moment you knew, that they were a family. That as much as they disagreed, there were a few things they could relate with. Just-that moment- when Kate started sobbing and she screamed for Jack to stop, because she thought he was already gone, and Jack just kept trying. I think I cried more than I ever have when Charlie opened his eyes and they all laughed through tears and everything was alright.