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ask-risorgimento-italy  asked:

//My blogging about Charlie Hebdo just got called "irrelevant OOC stuff". Wow okay, thank you tumblr for telling me that.

That’s what gets me mad, lots of people want solidarity for US issues but they don’t return the favour.

Also, I’ve noticed there’s a very sharp European/US divide about the response to Charlie Hebdo. Seems most of us pissed off with the way tumblr is responding to Charlie Hebdo are not just people in France but from other parts of Europe. Because we may not be French but we…LIVE in Europe and are familiar with the dynamics of European politics, and what is happening is seeing plenty of US social justice blogs run away with a European tragedy and spin it in a fashion that completely distorts it and uses it as props for their own ideas.

ugh. And this gets written off and ignored as usual. So much for this website going “listen to the people affected”.

Seriously, I think it should say something if there is such a distinct Europe/US divide, when it’s clear it’s not just French people who don’t like how tumblr’s discourse on this issue has gone.