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“That’s not important! Don’t ask me questions! I’m not taking questions! The Coolest Defense in the West is not taking questions! I am the Coolest Defense in the West! I’m taking action!”

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I meant to draw this sooner (since the episode aired weeks ago) but I wanted to do a promo image for Chris and my most recent Harvey Beaks episode, The Sleepover’s Over (outline by Kevin Kramer). I’m really proud of how the final episode turned out - in fact, it might be my favorite of our episodes! We really got to contribute to the story on the episode and I learned a lot from the experience. Also, Ego Plum’s score for the episode is amazing and I felt many emotions the first time I saw the episode with the music.

I went ahead and embedded a youtube upload below:


Supernatural, I would like to suggest to you a different spin-off.

Game of Thrones style these characters would move in and out of each other’s story arcs, most of them appearing in most episodes, touching each other but not being defined by each other or each other’s narratives, each being his or her own protagonist.

- Jesse Turner, who can bend the fabric of reality and may or may not be the Antichrist, and knows better than to get close to people anymore, although he’d really quite like to.

- Krissy Chambers, Josephine Barnes, and Aiden, teenagers whose families were killed by the supernatural and who were then trained to be weapons by a man whose own love was a betrayal. They are working out what it means to make up their own orders, now - as well as juggling school, and upcoming college applications. The girls may or may not be falling in love with each other. Krissy and Aiden may or may not be falling in love with each other. These emotions and plots are not mutually exclusive, and none of them dominate the narrative.

- Claire Novak, the girl who heard angels, and who lost her family to them, and grew up with an iron-hard faith in a God who has nothing to do with his own warriors, a God who wants her to do everything that needs doing for herself.

- Charlie and Dorothy, who move back and forth between the Land of Oz and Charlie’s flat in Kansas. They were going to stay in Oz full-time but Charlie couldn’t manage without wifi and her favourite shampoo, so they compromised. Mostly they coordinate the war effort in Oz 9-5 on weekdays - as Charlie grows up she’s finding herself disconcertingly attracted to the idea of a regular work day.

- A boy who woke up one day in a cemetery in Kansas with no memory of himself except that his name is Adam. Power shimmers under his skin, perhaps immense power, but it seems that he can’t quite access it himself. There are rumours that the angels put him there; but some nights he wakes up screaming his throat raw. (Claire thinks this is rather an argument for than against.)

- And Gavin MacLeod, a rather self-centred lad who calls himself the Prince of Hell when he’s drunk, likes to show off the fact that he can read, speaks with a Scottish accent that is a few centuries out of date, and swaggers far more than somebody as clueless as he is ought to. He is road-tripping around America, because he is absolutely thrilled to be here in the New World, and the fervour with which he calls it the land of opportunity is a little bit disconcerting even for the most patriotic singers of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. For some reason, even though he’ll mend his clothes and even his boots for years rather than buy new ones, he only drinks the most expensive craig.

an obiyuki playlist

//Run to You Pentatonix//Winter Song Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson//When I Find You Joshua Radin//The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack Liars//Experience Ludovico Einaudi//Lost Boy Ruth B//Siberia (acoustic) Lights//Where’s My Love Syml//Run (cover) Katherine McPhee//All Mine Little Red//2 Atoms in a Molecule Noah and the Whale//Hold Me Tom Odell//The Thief Brooke Fraser//Skinny Love, I Will Follow You into the Dark, Demons, Charlie Brown (acoustic covers) Gavin Mikhail//The Lightning Strike Snow Patrol//Staple it Together Jack Johnson//So Long, Lonesome Explosions in the Sky//Amie Damien Rice//I Bloom Blaum Coldplay//Arrival of the Birds/Transformation The Cinematic Orchestra//Bet My Life (Riot Games Remix) Imagine Dragons//