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I’ve been thinking a lot about Mac and Charlie pre the Reynolds. Like, all they had was each other. I bet Mac was very protective of Charlie- and Charlie was accepting of it. He didn’t make fun of Mac for his ocular pat downs, in fact, he still doesn’t. Before Dee and Dennis came along, neither of them had anyone to impress. They just cared about each other. Then, all of a sudden these competitive, destructive rich kids were hanging out with them and they felt the pressure.

Take Charlie’s scene in The Gang Misses the Boat when he tells Dee he only bullies her because he feels pressure from the guys. I think it’s the same dynamic with Mac and Charlie. Mac obviously wants to impress Dennis/get his attention, so he makes fun of Charlie. Charlie wants the same from Mac, so he gives it back and goes after Dee. (You could argue that Dennis is root of all of it.)

But in CharMac team up episodes (Mac and Charlie Die, Dennis and Dee Go On Welfare, Chardee Macdennis ect.) Charlie and Mac aren’t at each others throats. There’s a much more genuine, tender care for one another. 

So I think about them as kids, or in high school before they met the Reynolds. They spent their days throwing rocks at trains, avoiding their shitting parents, wrestling, and just taking care of each other. And I love the gang’s dynamic as a whole. I love CharDee MacDennis, possibly more than is healthy. But I can’t help but wonder where Mac and Charlie would be if they’d never met Dee and Dennis. Probably just living in a shitty apartment, maybe owning the bar, maybe not, and still taking care of each other. 

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Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, & Rob McElhenney practice their choreography for season 12 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (x)

the autistic charlie kelly (sorta) masterpost:

  • trouble controlling the pitch of his voice, yells a lot but doesn’t always intend to
  • good at setting routines for himself, and following them, even though other people view them as strange or bad
    • his mail system w/ burn/send to himself/deliver
    • the cat food/beer/glue system when dee spends the night
  • trouble interacting with people outside of the gang
  • auditory processing issues
    • may account for some of his trouble reading and writing
    • can lead to problems following directions or like distinguishing between similar sounding words/sounds
    • it can also be like hearing what someone says but not understanding any of it
  • has a restricted diet bc of sensory issues
    • hasn’t eaten a lot of fruits (not necessarily bc sensory issues)
    • tries a pear and has an immediate sensory reaction (i.e. saying it tastes like sand, because even if it wasn’t ripe most people wouldn’t have that adverse of a reaction to it)
    • eats foods that he knows are good sensory-wise frequently (i.e. cheese)
    • also creates foods that are pleasing sensory-wise (milksteak)
  • also likes dark places bc sensory issues
    • sewers n stuff like that
  • stims by shaking his legs, tapping his feet, tapping on things with his hands
  • stims when happy vocally (shouting things) and by clapping
  • stims when angry/upset by shouting, pulling at his hair, and sorta cupping his hands over his ears, touching his face
  • bad at regulating his facial expressions (maybe)
    • ‘the gang solves the gas crisis’
  • talks with his hands all the time 
    • sometimes to try to get across what he means when he has trouble communicating it verbally
  • special interest in musical stuff, writing songs/music
  • gets really stressed out about major change
    • leaving philly for the first time
    • frank moving in w/ his mother
  • doesn’t own many shirts, maybe bc sensory issues?? idk
  • misinterprets what other people are saying (maybe auditory processing stuff)
    • ‘the gang gets analyzed’
  • echolalia
    • repeats what people say a lot (also ‘the gang gets analyzed’)
    • also communicates in movie references or tries to communicate how he feels using movie characters

uhh that’s all i can think of right now!! feel free to reblog n add stuff y’know! i’m always happy to see other ppl’s headcanons etc. :D

  • mac: </b>brushed my teeth with toothpaste that's making everything taste far too effervescent
  • dennis: </b>im constantly googling words you say to find out what they mean
  • charlie: </b>teeth r the sharp things in your mouth and toothpaste helps to keep them clean and strong