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I READ FOUR BOOKS IN JULY!!!! I’m so happy, the last few months it’s been either zero or one. They were all great books too. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a reread. I have non spoiler reviews on my blog for the other three books all of which I loved! What books have you been reading lately?
⭐️The Names they Gave Us 5/5
⭐️Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 4/5
⭐️My life as a Hashtag 4/5
⭐️Queens of Geek 4/5

Me at Wolfcon 3!


Soo… after the “Howl At The Moon” in Paris, this was my second Teen Wolf convention ever. But it was very interesting to see the differences.

I think it was very very well organized. I remember in Paris, when the autographs began, everyone was rushing to the tables to get theirs. But at Wolfcon, it was very good that all activities (autographs, meeting rooms, photo ops) were on a different level of the building, so they could easily control the access by the elevator. This way it was much more relaxed and it was never too crowded. This was great during the autographs, I remember in Paris it was incredibly loud and you really had to shout at the guests - at Wolfcon you could talk normally to them.

The staff was extremely helpful, well informed and always friendly and I was so happy that they were interested in my comic stuff too, I really felt welcome and I’m just so thankful for their kind words and this great time! And there were so many helpers! You never had to look long for one, every few meters you could find someone to ask for help. Also a big plus: They all were speaking English very good, so everything was so easy and uncomplicated. So I really couldn’t tell what to improve here.

I’ve read the report from someone who complained about the staff and had bad experiences with the organization. I can’t and won’t judge it, I was not part of this. But my personal experience was very different and 100% positive. Part of the problem was that if you had the autographs at the beginning of the first day it wasn’t easily possible to let your photos get signed if you had them later or at the second day. I don’t know how to solve this problem though without blowing up the whole schedule. But I considered the price of the photos for the autographs very fair. They were so large, A4 and for this format, the price was quite good.

I also have to add that the hotel was very good as well! The location was good, I liked the fact that the activities were on a different level and there were special, cheaper dishes for the convention attendants. Best french fries ever!

So yes, I really can’t think of anything to criticize. Maybe that it took a bit too long in the morning for the convention to start but well, this depends on the actors too and the traffic, so…

The best thing for sure was the Saturday evening activity. Actors coming by to your table and spending some time for private talks with only a few people, this was dope!

Ian Bohen

This time I had a meeting room with Ian and I loved it. First off, I was happy that he remembered my name and what I was doing. Ian is a very funny guy and you could see that he had fun meeting the fans too. I have to say from convention to convention, I like him more and more. I asked him if he had some influence on the character development of Peter: “zero”. And he admitted that he disliked some of the stuff that was written for Peter in Season 4. And damn, he is really competitive but this pushed his team during the Saturday evening activity forward. Loved it!

Ryan Kelley

You really can see how much fun Ryan has attending conventions. Always in a good mood, friendly and open to fans and not shy at all, you just have to like him. I made a special book with only my portraits and the hearts for signing and he repeatedly said he loved the pic of angry hellhound Parrish and that he would love to repost it. He even remembered that he already got a business card with my info on it. During the party, we talked about life in LA and how different the life of an actor is with months of not having any job and then earning a lot when you got roles. Wouldn’t be something for me, I prefer having a monthly salary ;)

Casey Deidrick

Awwww I liked him so much. He hasn’t any star attitude at all, he’s so down to earth and incredibly friendly and lovely to all fans. He’s just the guy I would instantly invite to my board gaming group and play Catan and other games for hours. He also seems to be good friends with the other actors like Ryan and Froy, the chemistry between him and the others on stage was great. Too bad he seems to be just in some episodes though.

Froy Gutierrez

Ohhh Froy. This never ending energy of his! He was so excited to be at the con, it was his first one. Whoever he met got a huge smile, a super cute “Hiiiiii!!!” and a tight hug from him. He was so excited to meet his fans, to get to know them and you could feel it was 100% authentic, he loved being here, enjoyed the atmosphere and wanted to give the best for the fans. He was there with his parents who accompanied him to the photo shoots and the meeting room but definitely not in a controlling way, I think they just were interested what was going on and wanted to support him. The meeting room with him was quite special. I was the first or second one to ask a question and a friend of mine really wanted to know what mental issues Nolan (his character) suffers from. Froy said it’s depression, social anxiety, and paranoia. I asked if he tried to prepare himself for these mental issues and he then said that he suffered from depression as well and knows how this feels. Then a girl raised her hand and asked how he managed to get over his depression… she wanted to say more but she started to tear up. Froy immediately jumped up from his seat and went down on his knees in front of her and gave her the most amazing hug ever, hold her in his arms for a long, long time, comforting her. It was so touching, half of the other people in the meeting room got emotional too and everybody really wanted to give them some time. For the next minutes, we talked about depression and Froy and other fans talking about their ways to get along with it. I think this shows how loving and caring Froy is to his fans and as I said, this feels very real and authentic.

(picture see above)

Carver Twins

In Paris, I didn’t get to interact with them because there were so many guests and it was so crowded that I decided to focus on the other guests. But this time, I had autographs with Max and Charlie and got to know them at the party. And I understand now why they’re invited so often by conventions. They were both so excited about my comics, Charlie even took a photo of it and wanted to get a book. During the evening party, Max and I were talking about our ages - him being 10 years older than most of the fans and me being 10 years older than him. But yeah, they’re so natural and uncomplicated, it was just great to have them around.


Hell yeah, Gid. He is so special and incredible. Charismatic as hell with a great presence and in such a good shape, even Ian was jealous! Of course, after having met the Theo half of Theo&Deuc I was very excited to meet Deuc now! Apart from the opening panels, the first time I’ve really met him was during the group photo but since there isn’t much time to talk, we just shook hands and exchanged some smiles. This changed of course during the meeting room which came a bit later. Gid stood up again after he sat down to shake my hand and thanked me personally for my work, he introduced me to the others. Gid is such an entertainer, he can do amazing things with his voice and has such a sense of humor and a keen sense of funny situations. He told us about the scene in which Deuc was sitting in the chimera den, talking to Theo (the one with Scott’s eyes on his claws) and how he couldn’t see anything because of the lenses he had to wear. He was repeatedly looking directly into the camera, something that was not wanted of course - but he was practically blind.

And finally, during the autographs, Gid signed my very personal Theo & Deuc book. With the signatures of Cody AND Gideon it’s finally complete now and I couldn’t be happier about it. Gid also has drawn a little comic Gideon into my fan book and it doesn’t look so different from my comic Deuc!

I also had the pleasure to be in team Gideon during the evening activity! Huge shoutout to team Gid! We were good AND civilized ;) We did perform very well, of course, thanks to Gid who managed to draw a Berserker (!) in a way that we could guess it within 20 seconds! We also got the point for “Time of Death” during Charade. And if Gid wouldn’t have messed up “Beacon Hills High School” by using the word “school” during a round of ‘Taboo’, we maybe would have won! But hey, at least we got 'Oni’ right. Thank you so much Wolfcon for making all this possible!

Finally, after my solo photo shoots with Gid, it was time to say goodbye for now. Again, Gideon was so sweet and thankful and so was I!

After all, I was very happy to have met Gid, like Ian said about him: his quick thinking is amazing and so is his charisma and humor. Hope to see him again anytime soon!

In general, Wolfcon felt somehow private and cozy compared to Paris. Both conventions were very good but different in atmosphere. In Amsterdam, you got more into personal touch with the actors which is a biiiig plus and everything felt more like a big family. I think this is because of the crew and of course Patricia, Franklin and Annette! If there’s a Wolfcon 4, I’ll be there!