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This was supposed to be my drawing for Halloween but my laptop for some reason wouldn’t connect to the internet, so I didn’t get to post it in time, so now it’s a drawing of Jaya cosplaying their supposedly favorite characters.

I imagine Jay as a Peanuts fan and Nya, of course, as a LoK fan :3

I’m posting the original drawing as well

huntresswarlock submitted to fairysharkmother:

hi momma and sea fam! a bit of a late submission, but this year i dressed up as Lucy Van Pelt! i made the sign myself, and i’m gonna donate the money that i got from people looking for psychiatric help

My goodness, how wonderfully appropriate for our blog! I’d say the only thing missing from this costume is a football, but the implications of such might be a bit mean-spirited. (Sorry, insider Peanuts-talk)

A lovely costume and a very shark-like move donating your night’s pay! Thank you for the submission, dearheart!

As for the rest of you, submit your costumes from last night and we’ll upload them for the rest of our Babbles to see! This coming November will be cold, miserable, and not-at-all-spoopy, so let’s get one last hurrah in to tide us over until next year!

- Engineer Dave

shenkuchan  asked:

Hey Jax can I ask why do you Love Halloween the most? Nothing wrong with that but usually most people love Christmas the best. So i was just curious why it was your favorite

No problem Well as a child my favorite Holiday was most definitely Christmas but as I’ve gotten Older I realized how much 


The Costumes I make each year

Getting all this Candy for myself

The Horror Marathons

Actually Horror is LITERALLY ONE Of MY FAVORITE GENRES!! I Can Name Practically everyone in this Picture because HORROR has been my Love ever since I was 7 years old 

The girls dressing up in scantily clad outfits

the Halloween cartoon specials

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HELL My Favorite Horror movie of all time is Based on Halloween

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And A BONUS this YEAR ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL I am Having a MONTH LONG HALLOWEEN SPECIAL I wont spoil but its a TON OF FUN I had to start filming yesterday so they’ll all be ready OOOOO I CANT wait so be sure to subscribe if you are into that Stuff :)

And its almost that time of year again :) I cant wait!!