charlie blu


So. Sadly I couldn’t find my camera, so here are just some blurry iPhone pics of the limited Blu-ray. The steelbook is in a slipcase. On the back of the slipcase there’s the card with the number of your limited edition. I don’t know if there are different cards but I am very happy that I got Harry! Inside the slipcase is the steelbook and on the steelbook is a huge lenticular magnet (as big as the steelbook) so that’s the reason why that one pic (next to Charlie posing like a young god) is so blurry.

Also in the slipcase: character cards (sorry, I forgot to put Roxy in the pic, but she’s included - of course!) and a booklet with pics. Some of them were totally new to me (the one with HARRY AND EGGSY WAS NEWS TO ME), so I made some pics. (And I never noticed that one of the recruits is wearing a velvet suit. Aren’t you sweating like hell, dude??)