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‘That Quidditch Cup’ll have our name on it this year,’ said Wood happily as they trudged back up to the castle. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if you turn out better than Charlie Weasley, and he could have played for England if he hadn’t gone off chasing dragons.’

Sorcerers Stone, chapter 10

Can you imagine Charlie reading in one of his letters from home that Ginny has been practicing quidditch plays nearly every day? How, the moment she’s done with her lessons, Ginny is out the door and borrowing his brothers’ the old brooms in the shed? Not only that, but she’s good. Shockingly good for her age.

So Charlie starts writing her. Letters telling Ginny about the dragons in Romania and occasionally dropping hits in how to balance better or pull out of a risky dive. When his parents and Ginny come to visit him that Christmas he gives her his old copy of Quidditch Through The Ages for her gift. Molly scrunches her nose as Ginny reads hungrily, asking him about with the notes and doodles he’d scribbled into the margins from his time as the Gryffindor seeker and the team captain. And when they get home Ginny practices even harder, until the blisters on her hands turn to calluses

Then years later when she earns a spot on the Gryffindor team as chaser Charlie demands a play-by-play of every game. Between her, Ron, and the twins he jokes with the other wizards and witches at the dragon sanctuary that he almost has a full quidditch team.

When the war is over Charlie gets an excited letter from Harry explaining that the Holyhead Harpies are trying to recruit her. Halfway through the letter he whoops with joy and announces to anyone that will listen that Ginny will be the next Gwenog Jones. Whenever the Harpies have a game Charlie checks and double checks that a wizard wireless nearby to hear the game.

Not even the dragons are enough to shut him up when his baby sister is mentioned scoring a goal (although several disgruntled dragons try).

Charlie and Ginny talking quidditch whenever there’s a family meal and he’s in attendance, even after she retires as a professional athlete. Because Charlie’s joy and excitement in regards to Ginny’s success as a quidditch player is second only to Harry.

Let’s think about this shall we…

There’s an 11-year old boy who has never known love or affection or anything good really. He’s an outcast in his own home, made to feel like he’s worthless

…but then this great thing happens…he’s a wizard, like what the…? An entire new world is opened to him and he gets to leave this horrible place, there’s a world out there where he’s…a hero? That’s crazy! And he gets to go to school with other wizards, kids just like him…he’s so excited… but he’s so nervous too…he just wants to matter, to someone…

…and he meets this boy - with red hair and dirt on his nose - a boy who just wants to be noticed for once…he wants to be good-looking, like his big brother Bill, and brave like his other big brother Charlie, and clever like his brother Percy, and funny like the twins…he doesn’t think he’s any of those…he’s going to shame the family name and be stuck in Hufflepuff - or worse, Slytherin! How is he going to ever live that down?!?!?! He’d never be able to go back home…! 

…he just wants to matter to someone. Looked to for guidance, like his opinion was important. Like he wasn’t the runt of the litter, that all the good qualities were passed liberally among his siblings, but he got the very least of it….toad? No, he hadn’t seen a toad…hey! He didn’t know that wasn’t a proper spell! Why that little know-it-all….!

…she didn’t mean to embarrass him really but much better tell him now before he embarrasses himself during lessons… Oh, she was so excited…! Magic was real! And there was a school about it, can you imagine…?!?!?! Oh, she was finally going to be accepted…! She was sure no one at Hogwarts were going to call her names like at her old school… She was going to make so many friends here! Friends that looked beyond her big teeth and crazy hair…

…she just wants to matter, to someone. To be seen as more than just a brain, to be valued for who she was. She’s seen the way the other kids would share secrets during recess. She wanted to share her secrets, too…oh, they were here!!!!

Three kids - coming from different worlds and backgrounds - met on a train, going to a magical new place. They didn’t know what lay ahead of them, didn’t know that together, they’d face down the greatest evil that their world had known. They were just kids - babies, to some - who wanted to matter. Bogged down with their own personal insecurities and wanting to just…belong



What they each longed for before they got on that train to Hogwarts - they found in each other. Harry found family in Ron & Hermione, the siblings he didn’t even know he was longing for until he found them. Ron wasn’t just another Weasley…he was Ron. He mattered. For himself. Hermione found a sibling in Harry, the love of her life in Ron. She wasn’t some annoying know-it-all to them - she was…important

How amazing is it…to find two of the most important people in your life…on a wizarding train headed to Scotland…? 


Darry has a fight with Ponyboy’s new English Teacher…

You had a long night ahead of you grading paper that were due the next day, the whole week you had been awful sick and you just hadn’t gotten around to it. You sat in your classroom, it was way past 7, and you should’ve been gone hours ago. 

So, when a loud knocking sounded at your door you had to stop yourself from screaming. 

“Come in” You breathed, you looked up the moment the door opened and right before you, you saw the most beautiful set of pale blue eyes staring back at you… if he was the ocean he’d have swallowed you whole, and you weren’t sure if you’d mind. 

“Mrs Y/L/N, I presume?” He stated in a stern voice, he folded his arms and it seems as though he was sizing you up. Uh oh- confrontation- the last thing you needed. 

You assumed it was another Soc’s big brother wanting nothing more than to yell at you for giving their sibling a bad mark, maybe he’d even try to buy you off with money that you didn’t want. Maybe he’d threaten you like Charlie O’Brien’s big brother did last week… the possibilities were endless. 

“Yes, is there anything I can do for you, Mr…” You trailed off, waiting for the last name so you knew just what you were dealing with. You got up from off your chair and you extended your hand. 

“Mr Curtis. Ponyboy is my kid brother.” 

“Oh.” You said in surprise. “Is something wrong? Is he okay?” You were feeling slightly panicked, had something happened to him on the way home? Was it another no good Soc picking on the younger greaser kids? Did he get beat up? 

“He came home upset the other day, because of you!” His voice was raised and you involuntarily took a step back from him. “He said you accused him of plagiarism.” 

“Mr Curtis, please-” You tried to explain yourself. You felt horrible, you hadn’t meant for him to take it that way. 

“What you think that because he is a Greaser he is stupid? I’ll bet you’re one of those Socials that look down your nose at us. I’ll bet-”

“First of all, Mr Curtis” You yelled, closing the distance between the two of, so you were looking directly in his eyes. (or up at them). “Don’t you dare belittle me, you don’t know me.” 

“I know you’re a snobby soc that likes to take the credit away from the likes of my kid brother-”

“I’m a greaser, just like you, just like Ponyboy. I grew up on the East Side, my parent’s were so poor that they couldn’t afford to feed me and my three little brothers and sisters every night. We were so poor that we almost lost our home. I worked three jobs to help my parent’s keep our home and to feed us. You know how I got here? Pure dumb luck. I got a scholarship that probably shouldn’t have been given to me in the first place.” 

For the first time this afternoon Darry was silent. He didn’t know what to say to you. He was beginning to feel foolish. 

“But you know what I see when I look at your brother? A goddamn genius. He has something special Mr Curtis and it’s your duty to make sure he doesn’t lose that gift. He writes beautifully, he talks beautifully. One day he is going to make something of himself, he is going to leave us all behind. And let me tell you, I don’t know a single kid who deserves it more. And that is the truth.” 

“He said you accused him-” This time he was speaking softly, all suspicions of malice was lifted from his voice. 

“He took what I said the wrong way. I asked him to stay back after class and I asked him if he wrote it. And do you know why I asked him? Because it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s poetic, it is something you could never expect a young 15 year old kid to write. He writes of loss and tragedies… and he turns it into a masterpiece. I couldn’t comprehend someone so young writing something like this. So yes, I did ask him, but I never said I didn’t believe him.” 

You walked away from him, your heels clicking on the cold, wooden floor. You made your way to your desk and opened the draw, pulling out a 15 page document. 

“Read it, Mr Curtis. You’ll be lost for words.” 


Favorite Sibling relationships

“You were with me the whole time.”

“You’re my brother, Jer, that’s all that matters.”

“Your job Charlie, is to never let go of Danny’s hand.”

“That’s my job right, take care of my pain in the ass little brother?”

“She’s your sister, She’s your responsibility.”

Creepypasta #981: A Different Kind Of Ghost

Length: Super long



It all started when we were kids. Charlie was five years younger than me, my kid brother that meant just about everything to me. I wasn’t afraid to admit it; that kid was my world. Ever since our dad passed him to me, ruffled my hair, said, “He’s yours now, Sammy,” I knew that I would do anything to protect him.

That didn’t mean I wasn’t a typical older brother. Yeah, I played my pranks and hid under his bed to scare the shit out of him, put itching powder in his underwear drawer, but nobody was allowed to mess with him but me. And nobody messed with me but him.

“Did you hear that?” he asked one night when he was eleven. He was sitting up straight in bed, staring at the window. I rubbed my eyes, annoyed. I wish I didn’t have to share a room with him, I was sixteen and so ready to live out on my own.

He got up and checked the window, looking around with wide eyes. “I see him. I see it.”

“Dude, there’s nothing out there,” I muttered, pulling the pillow over my head. It was just another prank. I would go to the window, look around, get spooked by our creepy backyard in the middle of the night, and Charlie would grab me from behind and make me piss myself. Not that that’s ever happened. Ever.

“No, I see him.”

“Your ghost? Again?” Charlie’s been claiming to see this ghost every since he was six and saw Poltergeist. He kept describing it has an old man. The description got more detailed as he got older. He was wearing robes, was all white except for black, black eyes. He had chains around his ankles, no now his wrists, wait now there were chains around his throat. He was bleeding, sometimes he wasn’t. 

I was the only one Charlie told this to. I felt kind of special, being the only one who knew, but not now in the middle of the night. “Dude, I am in no mood to see your ghost.”

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe him. I believe in the paranormal, I always have. I’ve had little brushes here and there, creepy things that I didn’t quite understand, that there weren’t clear answers to. Our mom always said we had a lot of empathy; we could pick things out in the dark that others couldn’t.

Charlie looked out the window for a little bit longer, then went back to bed. “Think that ghost will ever talk to me?” he whispered.

“Maybe. He’ll just say that you’re a fag.”

“Goodnight, fat-ass.”

“Goodnight, you piece of shit.”

The internship was killing me. No, for real, it was killing me. I moved out on my own into a shitty little apartment, infested with roaches and a toilet that backs up at least twice a week, to make no money doing bitch work for a company that probably won’t even hire me after it’s all over.

My girlfriend was over and made some quick spaghetti, listening to me rant and rave about why the universe is clearly against me, when I got a phone call from Charlie.

“Hey, what’s up?” There was silence on the other line. “Hello? Charlie?”

There was a crackle. “Hey, Sammy.” He sounded tired.

“What’s up, dude? Something wrong?”

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Just an ordinary day in Jason DiLaurentis` life...

CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte: *abducts and drugs Jason*

…a few moments later…

Jason: wth, what is happening, why can`t I move??  and who the hell is dragging me?

Jason: oh, black hoodie, it must be Charles! hey Charlie, Charlie, it`s me your little brother, I have waited so long for this moment, look at me, I love you so much, I know we have a screwed up family but we can still be the best brothers that ever walked this earth, oh god why can`t I move

Jason: *catches a sight of long blond hair*

Jason: Charlie??

Jason: *sees that it is in fact CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte*

Jason: ok, so no Charlie :`( just my ex-girlfriend…wait, is she psycho now, too? I guess you can`t trust anyone in this world  :`(

Jason: oh, hi “dad”, my favourite person in this world…at least I am not alone…

CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte: *starts talking*

Jason: *listens*

Jason: Now, that makes total sense.

Jason: So just a quick summary: my big brother Charlie, WHO I thought my whole life was just my imaginary friend because my father sent him to a  nut house to protect me and my sister(well done, mr D, well done) is actually my sister WHO is actually my ex-girlfriend, WHO broke my heart when she without a reason, unexpectedly broke up with me and WHO is in fact the psychopath that blackmailed, abducted, therrorized half the Rosewood, but mainly my other sisters and their friends and WHO almost killed me in an elevator. Yeah, quite logical.

Jason: wait…





Jason: OK, I need to find something positive in this. Well, it`s not like it was an actual incestuous relatioship - she is just my HALF-brother/sister. And incest is now kind of trendy in TV anyway. And she was so kind that she didn`t sleep with me, I mean at the time, I thought that there was something wrong with me, but it was actually her being considerate. And she didn`t kill me!!! I am actually quite lucky that I have a sister like that… And his/her story is so heartbreaking :`((

Jason: ehm…NOPE…not helping..i need some alcohol



Jason: *finally, after hours being left at Radley, because everyone cares just about Charlotte and her heartbreaking story and not poor Jason, starts to move*

Jason: *runs as fast as possible* 

Jason: Ashleeeey! The only one, who gets my troubled soul in this town(ok, let`s not mention that you also broke my heart by choosing a pastor over me)! Prepare some wine!

Jason: *after several bottles of wine* Oh, wait, I`ve completely forgotten the fact that I kissed my other sister, too. 

Jason: …

Jason: There is not enough alcohol for this…

I think that I would watch this episode just from the Jason`s POV. I swear, this guy has the most screwed up life in Rosewood and that is something to say. And funny, how some people thought that the Jason/Ashley hookup was weird/inappropriate.

Right now I would actually rather watch a pll spinoff with him, the moms, tippy and pepe than the actual pll. 

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What if one day, Hiro’s home from school, it’s late at night, he’s bored and doesn’t want to go to sleep so while he’s doing his web surfing, he sees that people are trying this “Charlie-Charlie Challenge” and he watches a couple videos. 

Of course he thinks it’s dumb, but he’s so bored that he decides to give it a try. He doesn’t think it’ll work and it’s not like he’ll tell anyone. 

So he divides the paper into the four corners, writes “yes” and “no” in two of each and places the two pencils where they go….

“Charlie Charlie, are you there?”

He waits for a pencil to move. Nothing happens like he predicted. 

He tries again…nothing. 

But before, he picks up the paper to throw it away feeling like the whole thing was a waste of time, he thinks about something that could work. 

He grabs the pencils and paper and walks over to the area that separates his room from where Tadashi’s room is and places the paper in between both rooms. 

“Tadashi Tadashi….are you there?”

Nothing happens, but he chants it again anyway….

“Tadashi Tadashi….are you there?”

After about five seconds, the pencil moves and points at the “Yes”.

Hiro is shocked and backs away at first, but when he looks into Tadashi’s room, he knows that it was his brother that moved the pencil and that he shouldn’t be afraid. Hiro laughs it off.

“You got me, nerd.” 

Hiro keeps the paper and pencils there for the night.

Tadashi is here

Of Sucker Punches, Tooth Fairies, and Fuzzy Caterpillar Feelings, or, Roland Visits the Principal’s Office

Prompt from @regal-believerxrizzlexaddict from (almost) a year ago: Hood-Mills Family. Roland is being bullied and Henry protects him. 

Long post is long. Read on ffnet if you’d rather.

Takes place after Roland Registers for Kindergarten but before Roland has the Flu.

Roland hasn’t been going to school for long, but he’s pretty sure it’s a bad thing to sit in the principal’s office with a bag of ice pressed to his mouth. Of course, the jeering oohs from his classmates clued him in, too, as his teacher hauled him, Henry, Charlie, and Charlie’s big brother off the playground. Roland shifts his grip on the soggy paper towel wrapped around his bag of ice and pulls it away, frowning at the red specks of blood smeared like watercolor paints over the pink flowery pattern.

“Hey,” Henry says, nudging him with his elbow. “Keep that pressed on your gums. You’re still bleeding a little.”

“So are you,” Roland lisps, tongue probing the gap where his two front teeth should be, but he raises the ice back to his mouth.

The older boy shrugs and readjusts the mass of bloody tissues he’s holding to his nose. “It’ll stop soon.”

“We’re in trouble, aren’t we?” Roland whispers, swinging his legs, the toes of his sneakered feet skipping across the linoleum.

“You’re not, but I am. Mom’s gonna kick my butt.”

“Which one?”

“Both, probably.”

“Is Regina gonna kick my butt?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Henry says, his voice sharp like the tip of a pencil as he crumples his bloody tissues and slings them into the metal trash can by the door. He presses his fingers to his nose a few times, pulling them away to check for blood, and sniffs. “It’s my fault you’re here in the first place anyway.”

“You were protecting me,” Roland insists, switching his hands on the ice pack.

Henry shakes his head. “I should have been more careful. Still got your teeth?”

Yes, he does. Roland grabs the other plastic baggie from the empty chair next to him and dangles it proudly, his two front teeth clicking together inside the bag as he shakes the container. “Does the tooth fairy still come if your teeth get knocked out in a fight instead of falling out by themselves?”

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