charlie barnum

SHARE TO WIN! Well tumblr casually informed us this morning that Grateful Dead Notes turned one today and we are hovering around 2000 followers too! So hey we are walkin’, a talkin’ and shakin’ the hands that shook the hand of PT Barnum and Charlie Chan! Last month we dropped 25 copies of our zine plus cds documenting the first 8 Dead Notes columns on Aquarium Drunkard to a slew of friends and folks who helped shape the column with suggestions, additional notes, thumbs up … etc. Not to toot our own horn but folks flipped their shit! We have often teased about breaking down the wall between the internet and you folks at home along with tipping our hat to the good old days of tape trade lists, hand typed newsletters … etc. So this is our ode to the past and our nod to the future as we are going to continue doing this with another one due in the late fall. 

So hey long story short - we have one copy left to share with you folks. So share this image and tell us some more heavy shows we should check out from ‘65-'74 and we will pick a lucky winner sometime next week! 

Thanks for being cool fellow Dead freaks! #deadfreaksunite


My name is Charlie Barnum and if there is a god this may very well be my last will and testament.

Think of the innumerable things you privately yearn to do. But law, morality, conservatism, wives, children, parents, even strangers, tell you everyday that you cannot do those things. What happens if you’re given the complete right to abdicate all responsibility? What happens if you tempt fate to find out if this is what you should really be doing with your life? If this is who you should really be? Now that, that’s power.