charlie and zoey

Open character question box!

A small list of my characters, you can of course ask them questions if the heart tells you! (≧▽≦)

This includes questions Nsfw! („ಡωಡ„)

This is the rule: you ask your questions to one of the characters by indicating their names. (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ

It’s open to everyone! (っ˘ω˘ς )

Natacha, Girl, Inhumain, Shaman.

Zoey, Girl, Humain, Mage.

Nil, Girl, Hybrid (Elf-Humain) , Druid.

Jeff, Boy, Humain, Thief.

Dean, Boy, Inhumain, Hunter.

Candy, Girl, Inhumain, Hunter.

Celestine, Girl, Undead (Banshee), Invoker.

Kendra, Girl, Inhumain, Assassin.

Meiva, Asexual, Golem, Warrior.

Line, Asexual, Unknown, Unknown.

Voodoo Doll, Asexual, Alchemist.

Charlie, Boy, Undead, Assassin/Invoker.

Japeur, Boy, Undead, Warrior.

Sally, Girl, Undead, Assassin.

Sylla, Boy, Undead, Thief.

Gemesis, Girl, Undead, Assassin.

Ying/Yang, Girl/Boy, Thief.

Ahcatan, Girl, Inhumain, Shaman.

Cha, Girl, Inhumain, Shaman.