charlie amber gunn

since then

since april 9 ive entwined with a heart so divine and found a girl i call mine

half the time i stupidly treated her like a swine, but from now on its me not clouded by ‘erbal vine

im in love and thats the truth, i’ve cut lose my mother’s chains

and now im rearranging life so that it’ll never be the same

no longer forced to feel pain im free in my thinking

thoughts processed with logic and beats are transmitted by brain leaking

out onto a page and its strange how it just comes to me

i didnt appreciate talent and how to show decency

now frequently i remember i was cold like in december and it was her that helped dismember a tragic, fucked up closed-ender

opened up like a treasure chest im warm like a thermal vest, not torn like a chicken breast, no thorns like a cactus bed

i love her, shes my angel, dont want to treat her like a devil. my demons shunned by un-guided missles guided by our vessels

sparks are shared and fire blaze as opposed to sharing love for the haze and behind forgotten days leaves a path that lights my way

i see a future, i see fields, i see marriage, my broken heart is sealed by a beauty so profound you get jealous of the fact-

that ive got what you want and we’re not turning back, the past is the past so i dont give a fuck about that.

you are the stars in my eyes, you are the one that defied and questioned my mind and confronted a front that wasn’t mine

and i care when i stare into your eyes, i smell your hair, all my senses are so sure of the flare that killed despair

i love you Charlie Amber Gunn i know you see and feel, lets get silly together until the end and roll with it because ITS REAL!