charlie agron

Charlie never got along with her sister Quinn. And she hated her even more when she perfectly understood her plan …

There was a girl, Rachel. Charlie had always loved Rachel and she loved how Charlie dressed!, she always were praising her, til now.
Charlie knew that she was quite attracted to her sister, Quinn, and vice versa.
Charlie and Quinn always had competed for her love, and Quinn never had the courage to talk to Rachel…
And, well, at least she had a few more points, while Quinn didn’t have the courage to talk to Rachel, she and Rachel would be all right!, because Rachel hated that Quinn’s horrible cheerleader uniform  …
“If it wasn’t for that uniform, your sister would be perfect!”, “she looks totally hot with that! but… I don’t really like it”” “How does it Quinn looks in her pajamas?” “Do you think she likes my hair?… bah, It doesn’t matter, we never talk” she used to say to Charlie.
She had always been jealous of her sister, and hated it when Rachel began to talk about her, she couldn’t bear to know that Rachel wasn’t attracted to her even a little!, Quinn and her were exactly the same! Why Rachel couldn’t feel at least a slight attraction?
When Charlie saw that Quinn had come to school that day, her world was destroyed, Quinn began to dress exactly like her. Oh, no! shit. she had lost Rachel.
She was going to ‘kill’ her sister.