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Moondoor Newsletter:

Hello, my dearest subjects! An amazing quests awaits you for our Christmas get together!

We’re striking an allegiance with the elves of Sapphire Mountains and they have sent us their Princess!

Brave knights! Help your Queen protect her from the Shadow Orcs and maybe one of you will be lucky enough to get the Princess’ affection!

Until we are united in Moondoor!

Your loving Queen.

December 13: Castiel and Charlie

This was fun~ 

I could of course not resist making Castiel’s LARPing persona a princess, but I’m sure she’s a great warrior (imagine Castiel trying to speak with a high voice, we know that’s funny.)


Bunker Family

It’s a bit late but this is the end of the advent calendar!

I know you could add way more people, but I pulled Adam out of the cage, revived Kevin, got Emma and Benny out of Purgatory, invited Gilda into the human realm, made Charlie come back from Oz, worked cupid magic on Sam and gave Cas and Dean a baby.

I’m pleased.

I hope you enjoyed the calendar and Christmas! ♥♥

P.S. Let’s imagine Adam’s got a partner too and they’re currently getting the champagne ready.

Advent Project!

I’ll be doing another SPN Advent Calendar for which I’ll draw pairings that aren’t only DeanCas! Surprising, right? But I need your help!

Until the 28th of November you can send me Team Free Will centric pairings (or friendships etc)! I’d appreciate it if you would also send me a prompt in case I can’t come up with something good.

The pairing should include either Sam, Dean or Cas. I might make exceptions!

I think pretty much anything goes, from past experience I’m fine with RPS, sex changes, cross dressing, lots of blood, lots of fluff, Mpreg and some oddities that I wouldn’t usually do. (I will stay mostly safe for work though.)

There are of course only 24 days so I won’t be able to do everything and I might not have time to draw a pic for every day but I hope we’ll get a nice variety as well as the usual ships you’ll find on my blog! ♥

I’ll be reblogging this a couple of times so you have time to think until the 28th! So, send me an ask with your pairing and prompt idea!

Happy November!

Uncharted Advent Calendar

So the long post was maybe more of an info dump than a good introductionary post.

I’d like to do an Uncharted Advent Calendar for December to celebrate our favorite Franchise and our favorite ships and characters, be they more popular or rare pairs. For this everyone can participate in this event if they want to. :)

The infos are here:

The prompts are here:

The event would be mostly anonymous (unless of course you want to sign with your name), so everyone gets some surprise they can enjoy and everyone can participate by submitting sketches/drabbles/edits/gifs/icons and so on until the end of November over on

Postings would be starting on the 1th of December. I know we still have Halloween and the Elate Week currently. But I wanted to give you all enough time to think on joining and creating things for your fellow fans during the Christmas month :)

Have a lovely day!

Please signal boost for everyone :) If you have any questions leave them over on ucadventcalendar