charlie advent calendar

Advent Project!

I’ll be doing another SPN Advent Calendar for which I’ll draw pairings that aren’t only DeanCas! Surprising, right? But I need your help!

Until the 28th of November you can send me Team Free Will centric pairings (or friendships etc)! I’d appreciate it if you would also send me a prompt in case I can’t come up with something good.

The pairing should include either Sam, Dean or Cas. I might make exceptions!

I think pretty much anything goes, from past experience I’m fine with RPS, sex changes, cross dressing, lots of blood, lots of fluff, Mpreg and some oddities that I wouldn’t usually do. (I will stay mostly safe for work though.)

There are of course only 24 days so I won’t be able to do everything and I might not have time to draw a pic for every day but I hope we’ll get a nice variety as well as the usual ships you’ll find on my blog! ♥

I’ll be reblogging this a couple of times so you have time to think until the 28th! So, send me an ask with your pairing and prompt idea!

Happy November!