Let the Challenge begin

Hey guys, the sign up for my friendship and relationship challenge is over. It’s time to be creative and make us either cry, sad or happy for everyone who have sign in to write. 


  1. Fic Must be between 600-3000 words 
  2. Use the tag SPN F/R Challenge. (Friendship and Relationship)
  3. Tag me
  4. The challenge ends November 15th
  5. Pairing under the cut

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ntepie  asked:

Fuck, marry, kill: a) with the characters Jai has portrayed and b) with fictional characters in general. ^_^

I’ve had to take a day or two to think about this. You beautifully evil goddess.

A) FUCK-Boomerang. I know he’s going to rob me but he looks like a dirty good time. Is anyone really surprised by this answer?

MARRY-the two obvious choices are Varro or Jim Melic. While I live Varro I’m not sure I could take the chicken flavored ramen noodles he calls hair seriously so that leaves me with Jim. He’s a good guy and quite attractive in a suit. I’m sure I could convince him to use those hand cuffs eventually ;)

KILL-Charlie. That bastard is just straight up cold and there’s no soul in there.

B)FUCK-Harry Hart from The Kingsmen. Sure he’s a gentleman but he’s also a dangerous killer. There’s this one scene where he’s in a church. I’ve never been so turned on by so much blood in my life.

MARRY-Seely Booth from Bones. He’s handsome and a stand up guy. I promise I don’t have a cop/detective fetish. It’s just coincidence.

KILL-Vee from Orange Is The New Black. I’ve never hated a character as much as I hated her. She was deliciously bad. I cheered when she died even though I miss her.


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im gonna start tagging going wild stuff as going wilde

funny pun because charlie’s last name is wilde, also the going wild tag is…. full of horrible things i wish to unsee