“For it is plain as anyone could see we’re simply meant to be.”

We got Corpse Bride with Ed and Cece now we get The Nightmare Before Christmas with William and Charlie.

TOOOOOOOOOOOOONIGHT-on Cartoon Network!(10-20-17)

On Teen Titans Go, NOT ONLY do they do some legitimately funny parodies of old movies, NOT ONLY do they slam how bullshit award shows are-BUT-they also acknowledge how much it sucks that Green Lantern was cancelled! Ya get a point for that one TTG.

OK KO has their very version of the Laughalympics, where KO teams up with two rejected Hello Kitty mascots and Raymond inspires a lot of STEAMY fan art on Tumblr/Deviant Art because those artist knew what the fuck they were doing. Also Colewort’s the kind of guy to ditch his friends the MOMENT he realized his steam power didn’t suck.

The Amazing World of Gumball does a HILARIOUS episode parodying the Star Wars fandom…that…would’ve been a LOT funnier two years ago, but fuck it animation takes time and what-not.

And finally one We Bare Bears, Charlie saves the bears from a wild John Dimaggio, and Panda saves a space-invading spa owner from a faulty steam room! Seriously, he should’ve gotten MORE than a free spa day, I’d sue the CRAP out of that place for such a crappy door.


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