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Terfs can fuck off, this ain’t for you. 

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Here’s why I think “Girls” by Rita Ora feat. Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX and Cardi B is not a bi anthem (or a wlw anthem), but rather a Katy Perry-esque exploitation of bi sexuality in order to appeal to male-centered, porn-y stereotypes of love/sex between women.

And guess what? The lyrics were written by 3 women and 6 men.

Now I’m going to break down the lyrics.

  • “I ain’t one sided, I’m open minded”. Being bisexual =/= being open minded. Bisexuality is not a political statement in any way. It is what it is: a sexual orientation. Also, that basically implies that homosexuality is close minded (which is frankly disgusting).
  • “I’m fifty-fifty”. That’s another stereotype. Bisexuals are not “part gay, part straight”. Bisexuality is a whole new orientation.
  • “Just rollin’ J’s, kush lovin’” / “Red wine, I just wanna kiss girls”. The wonderful Hayley Kiyoko (who is a lesbian) already addressed those lines. Bisexual women (and lesbians) are not sexually or romantically attracted to women only when intoxicated.
  • “I’m the hunter and she’s the prey”. Umm… this is such a male thing to say. Love between women is nothing like that. We’re actually afraid of being predatory while chasing girls. I don’t think I ever heard a bisexual woman or a lesbian refer to women they like as “preys”.
  • “Have her down with the scissor”. I don’t even want to comment on that one.

Tldr; this song is trashy. It’s not good, honest representation, but rather a marketing stunt. Go listen to Hayley Kiyoko instead.