charli xcx fc


This is Alice Hendricks she is Nineteen and looks like Charli XCX, she is Pan sexual and she is OPEN.

“She lives in a world of magic, because her real life is tragic”


past: Her whole life, Alice was the odd one out; she never quite fit in anywhere or with a specific group. She found herself to be a loner simply for the fact that nobody understood her— and she’d rather be by herself than be around people that didn’t get her. When she got into highschool her free-spirited, give-no-fucks personality was shot down by her peers; but it’s not like she expected anyone to like her, anyways. She was quickly labeled the school “freak” for her dark choice in fashion, loud personality, and odd sense of humor. Only to add fuel to her peers fire, she was never quite academically smart, being held-back her Junior year in school. From constantly being picked on, she grew a thick skin; she bullied the bullies right back, something that a lot of the other kids considered to be “misfits” didn’t dare do. The only person she tolerated and even remotely liked was Wendy, who went to the same school as her. Wendy never treated her like she was a disease like the other kids did. Alice was a bit of a trouble-maker as well, being caught multiple times smoking in the girls bathroom or doing graffiti on the school walls.

Life in Wendy’s:

 Alice never fit in in the real world, so to her, being moved to Wendy’s Imagination was almost like a blessing in disguise; she was glad to be rid of the people who tormented her her whole life. She still continues to stir up a bit of trouble for fun so she gets along well with the Lost Boys and Lost Girls. She doesn’t particularly like many of the pirates simply because they don’t like Wendy, and that bothers her.