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i cant believe ive drawn so many philadelphia girls today

Supernatural! AU

Wasn’t going to post this until I actually made something for it (fic or moodboards or something) but idgaf now, I like it too much

Woman of Letters! Amy
Hacker! Kathryn (basically she’s Charlie, she’d be such a good Charlie)
Hunter! Mark
Werewolf! Tyler
Siren! Ethan
Witch! Signe
Demon! Jack
Vampire! Felix
Vampire! Marzia

- King of Hell! Darkiplier

@sinjamones tagged me to surround myself with characters that I identify with.

1- Vegeto from DBZ because he’s a mixture of goofy and an asshole.
2- Hannibal King from Blade III because he’s basically Deadpool but not as intense.
3- Michelangelo from TMNT because goofy and pizza. Need I say more?
4- Daredevil because I look like the actor from the new series and I fuck with the whole semi ninja thing.
5- Troy Barnes from Community because he’s like not a nerd but also a super nerd and just incredibly ridiculous.
6- Luffy from One Piece because DO EVERYTHING FOR YOUR FRIENDS.
7- Nick Miller from New Girl because I’m a less stubborn version of him.
8- Klein from Sword Art Online because he looks out for his own and I dig the samurai style choice.

I tag @thewalfofwoodstreet @adv3nturelust @theblack-titan @jthenak @j-liftcookies @catalytic-catastrophe


Daredevil Posters Vol. 1 

It’s ok to have doubts. It’s ok to have questions. God wants you to find your own way. But sometimes every now and then, God gives you a job to do. And when that happens you have to drop everything and just start walking.

                                       Fr. Tomás Ortega (The Exorcist).


I made another ASL makeup video! The support I got from the last one was overwhelming, and I sincerely thank you all