charley jones


I’m sick of losing people.
Look at you with yours eyes, your never giving up.
Your anger and your kindness
and one day, the memory of that will hurt so much that I won’t be able to breathe.

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@books-and-cookies Read a Cookie-a-thon Day 3 update: Last night I got home from work and promptly read 236 pages all in a single sitting. I started at page 120 and read to 355, finishing my first book, Sixth Grave On the Edge by Darynda Jones.

Overall, I loved it. The storyline is picking up and we’re finding out more about Charley and Reyes and their powers. The break from the family drama was refreshing but I kind of missed it. While I missed the drama, it was incredibly fun to get a look into the mind of one Reyes Alexander Farrow! He’s dreamy and I adore him! I give the 6th installment a 3.75/5 stars.